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My paranormal experiences

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posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 07:19 AM
Let me apologize for not sharing these earlier on , i was scared and stressed .

When i was 8 years old i saw something i cant explain because it is out of my means of comprehension .
It was a new year's night and i saw a sort of light in various colors flying above our house .
I only saw it for a few seconds and i still dont know what it was .
However it didn't give off any creepy vibes , it was more of a wtf just happened thing .

On another occasion , roughly two years ago , i was chilling with a friend whom is also a passionate stargazer , lets just say we weren't quite sober and there was an orange dot traveling in the night sky , it was moving in a way which didnt resemble any kind of aircraft i was familiar with . We were both scared , my friend said he heard weird sounds as if said craft had landed somewhere but i didnt hear these .

Same location , a few months later i was in an altered state of mind and said friend told me to look up to the stars , there was what appeared to be a white dot moving across the sky .
Then what appeared to be several regular commercial aircraft but the navigation lights were very odd ,
now this might have been due to my own perception playing a joke on my mind , i dont know but i was firmly convinced for a certain amount of time that some sort of alien invasion would be imminent .
That scared the #%/? out of me .

Around a year ago i've had various vivid dreams of dark entities attacking me .
These dreams were beyond scary , terrifying beyond words would be a better way to describe said experiences and i really dont feel like talking about these .
I would wake up screaming with my heart racing , hyperventilating and covered in sweat .
I am grateful for i haven't had this kind of experience in a long time now and i feel it is now a part of my past .

About a month ago i met someone whom i had never seen before , but i felt an instant spiritual connection to said person . I was offered a "fishhook" , free of charge , i "ate" it and felt my mind , body and sould being cleansed from negative energies . Ever since , my perception hasn't been the same . A few hours after that happened , i saw or was led to believe by my perception that i saw what appeared to be people altering their visual appearance . I was utterly baffled and in awe as to wtf just happened .
A few seconds after that , for a fraction of a second , i saw a silhouette of light , it was beautiful .

A few weeks ago i saw creepy things again : people with very weird eyes radiating pure evil and people whose eyes appeared to lack the pupils .

A few days ago i was visiting a friend of mine , he's also a herbalist and he also enjoys videogames .
We were playing "dead island" on ps3 and at some point i just feel asleep while he kept playing .
I had school the next day and when i woke up i was like "shiiiiz , what time is it ? i need to go to school man"
I was convinced that i had slept for at least a few hours , turns out i was asleep for just a few minutes .

On another occasion , also just a few days in the past , i was riding my bike and saw a white delivery truck with a dude in a suit sitting inside , as i looked closer it just wasnt there anymore .

No personal , communal or other profit intended .


posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 08:28 AM
reply to post by BoB420

ya know, BOB420, it IS possible to smoke TOO much

posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 10:20 AM
reply to post by hybridkate

i agree , my nasty smoker's cough reminds me of it everday .
some smokeable substances cause bronchodilatation whereas others cause bronchoconstriction .
it's a good thing lung tissue can regenerate itself

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i meant soul not "sould" as in "sold" in my other post .
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