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A Global Plot

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posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 08:47 PM
I'm gonna start this thread by saying that any information posted within is not to signify any bias or hatred towards any individual or group. It is just an assessment and analysis of events which transpired over the previous year, upto the current moment.

Throughout the post I am going to use material and threads I've posted, to break-down and scrutinize, in order to develope a status report, or a hypothetical analysis based off of past information. This will be the first one.

First we need to have a look at the Asian Century and Global wealth in Asia specifically, and what this means in reference to our current situation. I'm going to leave out the US meltdown and any information regarding Europe, although a wealth analysis is available for each.

This shift in Policy by the Obama Administration and the State Dept has significant clues about entities or global agencies, conspiring to push a takeover and undermining of colonial status in the world, at least that's the conspiracy.

Anyways, the above portion isn't the Global plot I am referring to, just information regarding the transformation happening around the world today and why the current Administration is focused in the area (part of the reason.) Okay now this is where it gets good...Today I started a thread called "120 World Countries Condemn Assassination of Iranian Scientist, " which can be seen here.

If you read the thread I just posted a link to, you will see a organization called NAM or Non - Aligned Movement. This organization is made up of 120 member states whose purpose is to defeat:


The purpose of the organization as stated in the Havana Declaration of 1979 is to ensure 'the national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of non-aligned countries' in their 'struggle against imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism, and all forms of foreign aggression, occupation, domination, interference or hegemony as well as against great power and bloc politics.'

Which I thought was interesting. So I cross referenced the member States with those who are U.N. member States, and low and behold everyone of them belong to the United Nations.

Here are the countries that belong to the U.N. that you won't see as a NAM member State, in no specific order.

Poland, Netherlands, Monacco, Kazakhstan, Israel, Estonia, El Salvador, Canada, China, Denmark, Dominica, Italy, Japan, Paraguay, DPRK, Iceland, Fiji, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Haiti, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, New Zealand, Norway, Nauru, Montenegro, Kiribati, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Korea, Lesotho, Libya, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Liechenstein, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau, Romania, Russian Federation, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Solomon Islands, South Sudan, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikstan, Tonga, Turkey, Tavalu, Ukraine, US, Uruguay, U.K.

The last NAM summit was in Bali last year in May. And then in November the same year, President Obama made his Asian Pacific tour to Indonesia visiting Bali, and coincidentally where he grew up in the early years of his life.

Another interesting aspect which draws me to consider the U.N. and NAM complicit in a front to battle the U.S. and colonial powers, is not only the purpose of NAM as quoted above, but the condemnation of the assassination of the Iranian scientist, which in the Bali final document it includes such an attack is terrorism, and the reason for the condemnation by all the 120 countries.

It also can be questioned as possible support for Islamic States specifically in the affected areas, which garner support through NAM and the U.N., to defeat the West, and the reasoning behind the empowerment of Islamic groups throughout the ME and Africa.

This so far is the only document I found that brings the U.N. and NAM together as a global team:


4. We take note of the efforts of the Coordinating Bureau in establishing the Working Group on the Plan of Action on the Role of NAM to formulate a Plan of Action in fulfillment of the request by our leaders as enumerated in paragraph 19 of the Final Document of the XIII Conference of Heads of State or Government of the Non-Aligned Countries, held in Kuala Lumpur from 20 to 25 February 2003. We request the Coordinating Bureau to continue its deliberation on the Plan of Action on the basis of the concrete measures contained in the Kuala Lumpur Declaration on Continuing the Revitalisation of the Non-Aligned Movement and decide to further consider the matter at our next Ministerial Meeting.

Here is a more recent document...

(pdf) NAM

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