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The next Ron Paul money bomb is set to go off January 14th.

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posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 07:20 AM
While ATS is replete with stories about how all the other candidates are funded by billionairs and Wall Street Banksters.... Ron Paul is continuing with donations from the "little people".

Periodically his campaign does "money bombs" to raise money, and the next one starts tomorrow January 14th.

The Campaign is sponsoring the first Money Bomb of 2012, Ron Paul’s South Carolina Money Bomb on Saturday, January 14th.

Set You Free News.
2nd link.

He's the only Candidate with a base. Ron Paul is the only guy out the with a real base of people who support him. In politics political strategists talk about a base.

Romney doesn't have a base. His base is fund raising - it's just kind of an air game... All of these people have to recreate their base in every state. Ron Paul doesn't. His base is not just youth, it's Soccer Moms, its's independents of all kinds.

The well known secret of all this is the corporations are funneling BILLIONS into these campaigns and it's not being disclosed.

Here is Colbert explaining how the big compnaies fund these billions with C4's which don't list who is donating and don't report the money untill 2013.

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