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Bellingham man rescues dog from Gulf of Mexico

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posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 02:46 AM

Rory O'Connor - a tourist from Bellingham, Wash. - was kayaking and fishing near Siesta Key when he spotted a dog swimming about a half mile offshore in the blue water."I pulled him into the kayak and he was really scared," said O'Connor. "He was shaking a lot. Had a bunch of wounds on his leg and was bleeding." O'Connor captured the rescue on a video camera that he uses to record his fishing adventures.
O'Connor took the dog ashore. His sister, who was on the beach with her family, identified the canine as a Vizsla and suggested the dog might have a microchip. The family then took the dog to a nearby vet.
The dog did have a microchip, and the veterinarian's office contacted Chen's family - and learned about the accident. It's still a mystery how or why the dog ended up a mile from where the crash happened and in the water. ning-bellingham-man-rescues.html

"Sometimes when you're fishing, strange things, dogs swim up to you"

Poor baby. In this case the microchip came in handy.

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posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 03:27 AM

Poor baby. In this case the microchip came in handy

yeah, humans should get this chip, too. best right under the forehead skin.... (something rode me to say this)
but more seriously, the dog was like an "item" to an "owner". on the other hand, if someone is found in a bad condition, without identity papers, it could be good to know, if this person was a organ-donator or not.

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