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West Wind My Love - YWC

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posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 01:34 AM

beautiful nakta

black nyx

there is nothing

like the sparkling veil of stars

she sways around herself

with dark and mysterious attitude

even the moon gets tangled up

and the east wind glides through her dress

the tender web of life itself

a network of meaning

with airy affection of truth and love


the west wind stirred

with reverent anticipation

as the first of the heavenly horses

pulling the ashvin pair's chariot

crossed the horizon

carrying the brilliant

glorious goddess

daughter of heaven

immortal mother of all

victorious and undefeated


his love

i am here


to catch you in my arms

and you arrive


my queen

my purpose


every time

the east wind cries in pain

when nakta

turns her back on him

fighting my arrival

i escape

to fly into your embrace

west wind

no matter what you do

whether you hold still

to allow aditi's dream to unfold

or whether you raise your demands

in burning passion

it is in your heart

that i find my expression

west wind

i'm yours



the west wind was blowing


to greet usha

auspicious lady of the light

divine promise

appearing there

in front of him

dawning on the dark sky

with determination

as she emerged

the west wind stopped

in amazement

as not to ruffle her silver gown

woven by twilight

he blew her a kiss

the softest of a kiss

sweet and gentle

from the depth of his devoted heart

remembering the hidden night

they had spent together

in secret


not today


you will not win today


I am more powerful than you

thief of lime light

the nagas are on my side

they will kill you

they will drive you back

from where you came

and keep you there

just see for yourself



beloved sister

you have no chance

you will fail again

as you have always failed

when you operate from the dark of your heart

nakta, my sweet

faithful sister


those snakes are opportunistic

you will find

they already have left your side

love always conquers

what is unlike love


there is nothing as powerful

as love

the womb of cosmic origin

has it in mind

to keep the balance

between growth and decay

tipped in my favour

just a touch

until you

sad sister

envious one

with ambitions of your own

will find it in your heart

to be still again

you are scary

when you obscure the way

missing the point

to guide through the night

in the light of the moon

and by the stars

those with open eyes

searching to find the way home


dramatic sister of mine

you keep yourself in havoc

you will not be one with yourself

nor with your own opposite

let alone with me

or mother and father

and until then

there will be no day

that I will not find a way

to rise above your spooky battlefield

in triumph



after noon

radiant princess of the morning

great shining goddess

ashvavati gomati

my love

my life

long after you had allowed

your daily message of trust

to be spread all over the sky

the sun was blinding and burning

i encountered a butterfly

gleaming with golden light

your light

sparkling on her flapping wings

i chased her

mistaking her for you

i enjoyed the chase

my love

i nearly caught you

but then

the butterfly turned on me

to shift her shape

a naga appeared in her place


and started to eat away

obvious signs of lashes growth

in the garden of my bliss


thank you


for not flattering me

but honouring me with naked love

posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 02:03 AM
reply to post by bestintentions

Beautiful imagery and a great story bestintentions; and a damn sight longer than I expected when I first started reading! SnF

edit on 13/1/2012 by 1littlewolf because: (no reason given)

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