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Gabriel's Song - part 3

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posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 07:18 PM
Gabriel's Song - part 3

Something beautiful went tragically wrong
Mine is such a shameful song
Sung upon too sad a stage
Where the make-up is all worn away
Gabriel gone mad turned old and grey
Waits for death to come
So that he might run
Into the shelter of her loving wings
To leave behind this brocken heart
That rents my mind asunder

Im my childhood drawings of castles and wild imaginings
How was I to know all that would unfold
Day dreaming the days away
In an innocent haze
Always feeling something wonderful is true
Oh my love! It's you

Grown up, messed up, exiled, sent away
We met once more that fateful day
I knew you, I loved you, though nothing was clear
I was always happy when you were near
How I admired your gentle charm
It hurts to think I have done you harm
You so shy would never say
And I asleep, always saw you as beyond reach

My soul speaks to me of you each day
This sadness wil not go away
This wound, will it ever heal
Don't hide your face from me
Your silence only hurts me now
For we are twins cruel fate has parted
Suffering the dark night half alone
Two halfs of an Eternal Love
True as soul, as stars above

I hear your voice cry out in the night
"All at sea" What am I to do
But pour out my foolish heart to you
Deepest sorrow unconsolable
For I was born to be with you
I have no dream without you

Dont let this world break your heart
I never wanted it to be this way
My arms are always open
I can never turn away
For I have been searching my soul for you for so long now
Oh Soul ! Send love raining down
Wash away all this pain this pain
Grant me grace so she may know
How much I love her so

One last sigh my love
One last bitter cry
One last howling at the Moon
Arise, awaken. sleep no more
For awake is to live your dream
And I am here awaiting you
After all these years

Was I awake while you were sleeping
And when you awoke did you call me a dreamer
Who knows, it does not really matter
For if this is a dream
I take it in both these hands
And mould it so it is beautiful for you
And all the world to truly understand

I see you across the crystal waters of my soul
My soul, my thoughts are wrapped in you
Searching with no place to turn
I feel you weeping in my lonely room
Turning me inwards always searching
Searching for you

I loved you from the first moment I met you
And I always will
Every lovers song reminds me of you
More precious to me than words can say
Hush now, listen to your soul sing

This well cut so deep with sorrow
Shall overbrim with joy tomorrow
It is the promise of the soul
True love shall win the day.


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