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A new ATS member with a troubled past and some strange stories. (Introduction)

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posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 05:26 PM
Hey everyone first of all my name is Colby and i figure since i will be posting here for a long time i might as well write a very detailed introduction of myself so if you're not up for reading a long story this may not be the intro thread for you, okay fair warning now i'll begin.

For the sake of not making this TOO long i'll just put this into a very simple catagories. First, Childhood. As a child to put it bluntly i dealt with more than anyone should, my mom had me when she was only 13, i dealt with a lot of abuse from both of them the first few years of my life and basically never knew my father. As i grew older around the ages of 5-6 i started noticing that i would dream about things, wake up and still see the things that i was seeing in the dream. For example i once had a dream that there were four men in biker clothes messing things up in the hallway infront of my bed. I woke up, and saw these men standing in the hallway, woke up my grandma who was in the room with me and told that i saw this, seeing how shaken i was she got up and looked, and nothing. Could not have been anyone in there.

As a part of my mothers mental condition (too many conditions to cost) I was never allowed to go to public school and was homeschooled my entire school years. During this period i spent a lot of time studying alone in my room and i would always feel watched, now i'm not a paranoid person and i'm completely healthy, yet i would always feel watched, especially when i would be about to sleep, it was so bad that it caused me to sleep with my head under the covers for my entire life thus far, simply because i feel like someone is right next to my head behind me, it's extremely unsettling and something that i can't just shake.

A bit about what i'm like now, i'm a bit of a skeptic now because i lost my religious faith a while ago due to just a rough life and some serious contemplation and years of debate between religious and non religious people, but i am a supporter of ghosts and the metaphysical, and i would define myself as very loosely agnostic. I have a thread planned to post as soon as i am able about a few serious paranormal experiments i will be doing with me and my girlfriend at one of the most haunted places in the world i've heard. So expect to hear more from me!

I suppose that's it for now as an introduction, it's not a fraction of the strange things that have happend to me in my life but those are threads i plan on starting sometime soon when i'm able to. That's it for me, look forward to some replies and thanks for reading this.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by ColbyNathan

Welcome to ATS ColbyNathan, and thanks for that intro.

Hope you dig it here.

See you on the boards.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 06:04 PM
reply to post by ColbyNathan

Hi Colby, welcome to the folds of ATS. Caring, wanting, cold and unfeeling. You can find it all here and more. I'm sorry to hear life hasn't been too kind to you so far, hopefully that is going to change for you now. Now it's gonna get weird and conspiratorial.

In all seriousness, be welcome, be yourself and be have. Er...behave!

Have fun and see you around. I think there is at least one paranormal type forum on here, they seem to have most bases covered. You need 20 posts before you can start a thread of your own but a Moderator will be along shortly to give you some helpful links and show you a few ropes.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 06:58 PM
Hearty welcome! Hopefully you will have more good to great experiences on here than not! It takes strength to endure as you have. Congratulations. Enjoy the boards. Some folks on here are gonna crack you up, those are the best times.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 07:09 PM

The part that caught my attention was your dream as a child.

I had crazy dreams as a child, some not even describable, quite a bit of sleep walkiing too, which I don't do at all anymore.

I remember though, that one night I did awake during one of these dreams, I could still see what I was seeing in my dream, and the craziest part for me (clearly remember this) is that I closed my eyes, opened them again and I could still see it. That was roughly 24 years ago. Just caught my attention. Again welcome.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 07:42 PM
I always appreciate a good intro. Also the honesty. Glad you could join us.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 10:49 PM
Hey ColbyNathan
Welcome aboard.
I too did not have the greatest of childhood!
My mother died when I was nine was raised by my grandmother I was horribly bullied in grade school improved a little in high school but left me with not alot of confidence in myself to this day.
I wish I could've been home schooled. So you sound like you turned out o.k. despite it all.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 10:51 PM
reply to post by ColbyNathan

Sound like a nice guy!
But your story isnt nearly as bad as some people have it. Did you know taht the dude who shot the Arizona politician supposedly posted on ATS??
Just dont turn out like him and you still be cool in my book!

posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 08:50 AM
Jazz87. It's interesting you'd mention the sleep walking, when i was a kid i had a combination of sleep walking and night terrors that basically caused me to randomly start screaming at the top of my lungs under a table usually or some of the weirdest places you'd imagine, i remember one time laying ontop of an old box TV. Sleep walking sucks

posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by ColbyNathan

Hello...welcomes to ATS! I look forward to the threads you will create. I have had some paranormal experiences too. I enjoy reading about others experiences. I am glad you joined.

posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 10:36 AM
Welcome to ATS Colby!

In my early childhood I used to sleep walk, in fact as a toddler, just as I was learning to talk. My mother caught me sleep walking, she would have conversations with me while I was asleep. She asked me what I was doing and I told her, that I was trying to find a way to return to my family that they must be worried about me. She told me that, she is my family, I said family before. I re-stated the same story back to her everytime until I was about 12 and then it stopped.

I always had dreams, which I still do. I went to a therapist and under hypnosis found out that I was reencarnated from a man that was at Masada.

Maybe, if you can, try finding a reputable hypnotist as to maybe discover hiden things inside of your mind.

posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 10:41 AM
Welcome aboard. Sucks to hear you had an unfortunate upbringing. But what a heartfelt and sincere introduction that was to read.

Allow myself to offer you an electronic laurel, and a hearty handshake.

Again, welcome aboard brother - may your stay be as enjoyable and as enlightening equally!

posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 11:10 AM
the devils f-cking with you. you didn't lose your faith, you're just not using it.

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