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Strange object over Vegas strip! (two nights in a row)

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posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 09:29 PM
reply to post by mutatismutandis

How about that, I guess Aliens gamble, too.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 09:39 PM

Originally posted by jaws1975
Your dead on about the chemtrails! I was talking to my wife about how crazy the skies here have been looking lately, I saw 3 jets side by side the other day leaving chemtrails that did not go away. The effect has been a lot of hazy days that is not normal for this area. And yes I know that Vegas has a lot of air traffic and an air force base, but I have lived here for 14 years and never seen the chemtrails like this before.

Bah! You've lived here that long and don't know the Thunderbirds when you see them? Chemtrails? Double bah! It's just the smoke the T-birds use during their show and while training. Hazy days. Come onnnn. It's been clear and still for days.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 10:09 PM
I also live in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas actually, near the Base! One thing I have noticed about this city since I moved back here, is that there many strange things in the sky at night, once I witnessed an object in the sky that looked ike a shooting star in apprearance, but it was zig-zagging unnaturally until it just vanished...Also, a couple of days ago, I was looking at the Chemtrails in the afternoon sky, and a sudden thought came to me, that chemtrails are used in order to mask certain objects that are flying in our sky during the day that 'they' dont want us to see...I could be crazy, or I could be wrong...(;

I will be watching the skies tonight...


posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 05:49 AM
just bumping this up, hope you managed to catch something on camera

posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 08:21 AM
Thanks for the input guys! Was a no show last night unfortunately, I'll be watching again tonight though.

posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 08:32 AM
reply to post by zorgon

Yeah, I've seen this blimp before. When its out its always low enough that you can obviously tell its a blimp though.

I'm not saying what I saw wasn't a blimp, but if it was it would have to have been covered in lights to the point you couldn't even distunguish features on it. At the time of our second sighting we distinctly saw other helicopters and planes in similar airspace that were even further away than this object, and we could still see exatcly what they were. I've even seen the "m" blimp from our same location and you aould still read the signage even on the darkest nights.

It would also have to be one quick little blimp as well because when this took off it was pretty quick. I wouldn't. I wouldn't say military jet quick, but definately faster than a blimp.

Part of the reason this has bothered me so much is from our distance we should have been able to see some form of structure on the craft, but really appeared as just a light. It was obviously being controlled in someway by the way it moved through the air.
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posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 08:41 AM
reply to post by wookiee

Please understand, what I was discribing were not the normal trails that are seen crossing over the valley from nellis. These I'm very accustom to. What I'm discribing went straight up, spiraling into the air, like some sort of launch. These are most certainly not left by any plane, military or otherwise.

We can see the military trails near nellis all the time, but I've seen these spirals all around the surrounding mountains. Another reason I'm hesitant to say it could be military is because a lot of these spirals I have seen more along the west/south west mountains, not north east where nellis resides.

I have seen these quite frequently so I'm pretty certain I should be able to get a pic up shortly...ill be keeping an eye out when I'm driving.

posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 09:03 AM
Definitely get a tripod or some kind of stabilization. It is so difficult when the adrenaline is flowing and you're outside in the cold holding equipment aiming at the sky and shaking with excitement.....need I go on? I tried to video some strange sighting and my hands were shaking like mad. It was crazy bad video. The more prepared you are the better your images will be and gee, you'll get great s&f. Also, try and make sure that whatever recording device you use, it shows date and time on images.
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posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 10:25 AM
reply to post by Gridrebel

The cam I have is hd, but no tripod. I should be able to rig something up to cut down on the excess movement though. I'll have to take a look down fremont street, if I remember correctly they have the a booth selling the fold up mini tripods.

posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 07:28 PM
looked last night n didnt catch anything, just for $hit$ n giggles ill take another stare tonight

posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 08:53 PM

Originally posted by mutatismutandis
In the past days leading up to these events, we have seen some very odd chemtrails. They seem to spiral up into the sky like a badly build rocket.
Any ideas?

have a picture of one such trail taken in Friday, Sept. 20, 2002. Made the news as it was so awesome. I have seen several myself looking west at sunset..

i suppose you could call it a chemtrail but in this case it was a Minuteman launch from Vandenburg several hundreds miles west. I will have to look on the web I know several more made the news over the years. Just hard to find the reports

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