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Occupy are Decentralising

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posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 08:45 PM

A new tactic is the occupation of foreclosed and/or abandoned buildings. As a semi-homeless (or at least mobile) person myself, I completely support this development.

I consider this a much more useful activity than the Zucotti Park and other, more conventional protest attempts. The occupation of derelict buildings achieves a number of useful goals.

a] It re-houses people who had previously been homeless, allowing them to resume their lives.
b] As a result of the above, it massively increases support for Occupy among the uncommitted public.
c] Any form of decentralised tactics makes the lives of the police more difficult, which is a blessing to just about everyone else.
d] With peak oil looming, the traditional supermarket system of food distribution is facing imminent collapse. Because of this, it isn't enough to merely have a source of fiat currency. You need to be able to grow your own food in order to avoid starving; and as someone who does not own land, this is a problem of my own.

This new pattern of activity will potentially make Occupy become a much more elusive and slippery target for the police; and the support of the otherwise uninvolved majority, is also something that is strongly needed, and can be used to more effectively resist police tyranny and brutality.


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