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Bill Daley out. Insider predicted this months ago. Read WHY he is out here.

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posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 07:37 PM
I read this story months ago folks and wanted to post it when I heard that Bill Daley was out but couldnt remember which story it was. This is a fantastic site that most brush aside as being BS folks but the stories are always proven correct months later. If you want the inside scoop you have to read this. STAY INFORMED BEFORE YOU VOTE.

Today Obama White House Chief of Staff William Daley made official his resignation and return “back to Chicago”. In light of this development, we now take our own look back at the related words of Insider spoken months ago on the possibility of this very scenario…

So inside that White House, you have these little sub groups right? Each of those groups reports to Jarrett. She oversees everything. Everything. That is, until Bill Daley arrived. Bill started to assert himself. He’s the White House Chief of Staff for -expletive- sakes! He started to bring power back to the first floor of the West Wing, and leave Jarrett more isolated in her second floor office. Jarrett pushed back. Daley took it. Jarrett complained to Michelle. Michelle stood down. She got word to back the -expletive- off and that is what she did. So this situation finally reached a climax recently – Valerie Jarrett lost it.


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