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i dont even know what to write here ...

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posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 04:48 PM
hi , i hope everyone had a happy and peaceful new year

im sick and tired of constantly seeing nothing but violence and evil around me .
now , the definition of things such as "good" or "evil" is nothing more than a definition .
you decide what you believe is good and you decide what you believe is evil .
it's as simple as that .
i do NOT claim to be special in any way because i hold the firm belief that we are all special .
with "we" i mean us humans .
we're all different , we all have our strenghts and weaknesses but in the end we're all the same .
you decide whether we are all just random molecules , or children of creation .
you decide whether you put life (of any kind) before profit or the other way round .
this "us against them" mentality is the root of so much suffering .
it breaks my heart to see people are still fighting over such petty things as territorial disputes in the year 2012.
haven't we learned anything at all ? now please go ahead and tell me , where exactly is the difference between "turf wars" between rivaling gangs in a city and armed conflicts between nations ? except for nations usually having more financial means ? the concept is the same : "this be my turf . this be your turf . you cant step on my turf because its mine" . it could also be applied to preschool children fighting over their "turf" in a sandbox .
human egos fighting each other . its so boring and dull and senseless and im simply disgusted at how people still hurt each other just to get richer .

money can not buy happiness . mens sana in corpore sano .
happiness should be free for everyone and not exclusive .
i wonder how the people in favor of war can sleep at night ?
in my opinion they lack a character trait called


what happened to free speech ?
what happened to the usa ?
when i think of america i think of native americans , how they lived in peace and harmony with mother earth .

i am not part of any religious system , my mind body and soul are free and belong to my creator .
i don't know anything i can only make assumptions based on what i read .

various religious institutions have taught us to be afraid of the death of our physical body but
what if life after death does exist ?
what if life is just a journey ?
what if fear or even physical pain are merely illusions ?
what if every ill man woman and child could be healed free of charge ?
what if in another time and in another place positive or negative karma manifested itself through good or bad luck ?

sometimes the young ones forget that they will be old one day and
sometimes the old ones forget that they will be young forever

i am against any form of violence , be it on a physical , emotional or spiritual level

a bird told me : "don't be afraid for the illusion of guilt is just the psychosomatic manifestation of remorse"

some people apparently lack remorse because they think they're somehow superior to other people because they have lots of green paper with numbers printed on them .
or because they illude themselves with the idea that they are powerful .

i wish i could just laugh at all this but people suffer everyday because people want to get richer and that is the reason im stressed out sometimes .

what i feel right now is sadness but i couldn't look at myself in a mirror knowing i intentionally caused harm to anyone .
i don't brush my teeth everyday because im stoned and lazy but most of the time i do and i dont have a problem with mirrors .

i would like to express my deepest gratefulness to you .
i dont know your name and i dont know your intentions but you can NEVER strip me of my faith in love .


posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 05:06 PM
if there wasn't evil or bad sh*t than being good or making right choice would have no meaning


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