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The nature of the debt crisis

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posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 09:34 AM
(Another) one hour podcast from the "the survival podcast" :

Why merely "balancing the books" is not going to fix the U.S.economic"problem"

Join (TSP) today as we discuss…

How the middle class is the back bone of a nation’s economy
30 Signs the middle class is dying
How the nation, states, cities and people are really corporations
When push comes to shove at the state/city level what will be cut
Why balance the books can’t fix the economic problems at this point
A look at a few states doing “good” and doing “not so good”
Why even those “doing good” are on the way to major pain
Why preparedness is the only viable solution at this point

Jack explains the "nature" of the "economic situaton" focusing on the "middle class"..

"Govt regulation and more state power is needed to keep the"workers"safe"....Its working! The " "Workers" are "safe" because they don't have any gawdamn jobs!"

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