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ATS- Do You Know WHO This Reporter Is?!- The First to Ask Huntsman About "China Jon" YT Video

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posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 02:27 AM
ATS- Can You PLEASE Help Me Find Out Who This Reporter is?!

I'm working on a report and have searched high and low to find out who the reporter is who asked Jon Huntsman (in his town hall meeting in Concord, New Hampshire this past Friday) about the now infamous Youtube video, "John Huntsman's Values"

Here is a video clip in question from the C-SPAN coverage of the meeting:
The first part is the controversial 'anti-Huntsman' Youtube video in question;
the reporter I'm trying to identify is the woman shown staring at 1:23.
I cannot find anything about this chic- nor what news company/organization she represents.
If anyone knows this info, or even just HOW I can find out, PLEASEEE let me know.

The reason I'm trying to find this out has to do with a project I'm working on regarding the gross irresponsibility of media/journalists.
The peculiar thing about this woman is that she already knows about the Youtube video, though it had only been uploaded the previous afternoon- and tweeted to Huntsman and his campaign the following evening.

I find it highly suspicious that she already knew about the video, seeing as it had not yet been brought to the media's attention- and by all accounts,
THIS WOMAN is the media's GROUND ZERO for this scandal.

The Huntsman team said that it was BECAUSE of this reporter's question, and her follow up WRITTEN report (WHICH I CANNOT FIND?!?!?), that they chose to bring the issue to the MSM.
Any insight is much appreciated

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