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have you ever known a psychopath?

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posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 11:04 PM
reply to post by LoveisanArt

Are you a psychopath?

A great many ills of society can be blamed squarely on the low proportion of us who have no care for what they do. Many more problems can be blamed on those affected by remorseless people, who in turn try to act without emotion. There is a huge mass of people who think it's cool to act without feelings. That's what the corporate world is all about. That's how you survive in prison, etc..

Whole societies have lost faith in the truth. Understanding psychopaths is a key.

posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 11:09 PM
Yes, I attended 5th-12th grade with one. He was a prominent dentist in the Atlanta area up until the time of his arrest a few years ago. He not only murdered his wife, but several years ealier, his girlfriend.

When I saw his story on the news, I wasn't that surprised. I remember him being quiet, but almost too quiet. He was pretty much a loner and absolutely brilliant. I do remember that in his younger years, he cried a lot. I was good friends with his twin brother. A very kind gentle soul. Here is his story:
Dateline msnbc


posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 11:18 PM
reply to post by squandered

I think you've really put your finger on something. Psychopaths have taken control of industrialized societies and have set a standard to which the hitherto manipulated classes now aspire.

American society is the leading edge of the new era of disengaged sympathy, of anti-empathy, of devil take the hindmostitude.

Incidentally, earlier I said that religious life was the catch all for the dregs of society. This is not a criticism, exactly. The religious life is where the "dregs" or people who are at the end of their tether, or who have played out the string, or whom the world has renounced, draw their lines in the sand and start to take back all the moral, ethical, and spiritual territory they lost.

They are heros on the mend, and yes they do relapse from time to time.

posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 11:32 PM
"have you ever known a psychopath?" Yup. She happens to live next door to us. She already has a police record for assaulting her sister. She was known to fight in college and scream at co-workers and little girls (even her nieces), all of whom she thinks is dating her second husband. When she moved to America, she made life a living hell for her first husband, whom she threw into jail because he assaulted her. She'd throw things around in the house and dump wet laundry on the floor. She divorced her husband and then she lost her job but she manages to keep the house while living with her second husband, an illegal ALIEN and his mother. She continues to play games with us by checking her mailboxes, timing her activities in the front yard with ours and staring at us with her DEMONICALLY possessed eyes of blackness.

And the system can NOT do anything about her. Huh.
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posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 12:38 AM

Originally posted by MorpheusUSA
Yes, I work with one. Not the movie kind but the true definition kind.
The checklist on Wikipedia is how I found out why the person I work with is so different than everyone else in the office. Once I started seeing a pattern of these traits I could finally tell myself that they had a real personality disorder.

Hare Psychopathy Checklist
Factor 1
Aggressive narcissism

Glibness/superficial charm
Grandiose sense of self-worth
Pathological lying
Lack of remorse or guilt
Emotionally shallow
Callous/lack of empathy
Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

Factor 2
Socially deviant lifestyle

Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
Parasitic lifestyle
Poor behavioral control
Promiscuous sexual behavior
Lack of realistic, long-term goals
Juvenile delinquency
Early behavioral problems
Revocation of conditional release
Many short-term marital relationships
Criminal versatility


Mhmm I have just about all of those characteristics. I've only been diagnosed with manic depression, and borderline personality disorder, but at the same time I always lie to my therapist. Well I could never hurt another human being, or animals, that's just wrong.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 12:53 AM
I dated a pyscopath for several years. I was young, naive and scared. He was very outgoing, highly intelligent, nice when he needed to be and downright scary the rest of the time. He claimed he "needed marijuana" to behave normally, which resulted in me going out and buying it for him frequently with money I had earned. He wouldn't work because no one would pay him what he was "worth". If he didn't have weed, he would get seriously agitated, so it was safer for me to buy it and yes, he'd make me smoke it so that we'd be on the "same level". I should have known when he was always suspicious of me and accusing me of cheating. I walked on egg shells daily and cried daily too. After awhile, I wasn't allowed to have any friends because he convinced me that they weren't "good" friends. Meanwhile, he was off partying with his friends while I worked, and doing things like taking ex girlfriends out to dinner and a movie with my money, etc. He would blame me for things that went wrong in his life and told me that he just wanted to die and that I needed to slit his wrists in the bathtub since I brought all this trouble on him. I could even have a friend with me if it would help. He threatened to kill himself many times, without ever following through of course. He was very manipulative and so I was scared to death. He was mainly mentally and sexually abusive. He never really hit me, but he slapped, pushed, chased, choked a little, etc. One day, I looked on the internet for help with abusive relationships. The next day he informed me that whatever I did on the internet he could see it. He also frequently reminded me that if I ever left him, he would be able to find me. I'd have to change my name and leave the country several times before he couldn't find me. Needless to say, by the time I mustered up the balls to get out of there I had nightmares for years. There are many more stories I could tell, but that's the jist of it. I don't miss him that's for sure.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 01:08 AM
I had a friend growing up in our young whipper snapper age range that turned into a psychopath in his late teens/early 20s.

Hindsight is 20/20 and looking back at it now, there were bad signs. He was always wanting to torture animals and vandalize vacant buildings and things like that.

When he was 18, he walked into his neighbors home with a 12 gauge and shot him dead while he was sleeping and took his hunting knife and gutted him after he had shot him. By this time, I was no longer friends with him. When I heard about what happened, I was not shocked to say the least. Hes dead now. Death penalty and all. This was in Texas.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 01:15 AM

Originally posted by Parksie
reply to post by needlenight

Psychotic people do not care what other people think and feel. If you care enough to make a post on ATS and expect people to feel enough about caring you are already dismissed. You are not a psycho.

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You may or may not have just been fooled by a sociopath.
Thats what they do!

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 01:17 AM
reply to post by Vrill

Very often the merciless have been shown no mercy. Mob hitman Richard Kuklinski is a classic example of this. Beaten regularly by both parents as a child, and bullied by other children, he finally decided, in his words, "that it was better to give than to receive."

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posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 01:48 AM
Want psychos? Watch fox news, cnn, msnbc, etc. "Kill a man, youre a murder. Kill a thousand, you are a conqueror!". Yes, psychos have been in positions of power throught history including our present time. Sadly, to succeed in psychos' spheres you've got to be a psycho yourself. Your favorite politico? Yup, he rubs elbows with his own pysycho-colleagues or he would not be there in the first place. The elite have no vision of morality or fairness as understood by us "balanced" folks. We are their frogs and fair game. They enjoy sticking firecrackers into us and the moment we stop producing for them, they light em.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 01:52 AM
probably yes.
and if you count these boards as knowing, then, definitely yes.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 01:52 AM

Originally posted by wildtimes
reply to post by Neuron

It's almost like I was born this way.
I can show emotion but it's all a front, I basically mimic the required emotions in a reactional way to the enviroment as I know that's how 'normal' people behave.

Thanks for that. So, .... now you make great money for being that way..... what do you think of those of us who decry and refuse to "toe the line" that you find so easily "toed"?

Nothing. It is what it is.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 01:58 AM
I can sense when a required emotion is required or expected, I then act the required emotion but I neverphysically or mentally feel the emotion I guess like other people would.

For me the above feedback loop has become my version of emotion.

In hindsight I would like to try normality but the way I am seems to bode well in our current society.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 02:31 AM
Psychopaths don't always cause harm to others, sometimes they are just really good fakers and will only let the ones close to them know they are a psychopath. I knew one once, he was one hell of a con artist and never ever got caught. One of the smartest men I ever knew.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 02:50 AM

Originally posted by pasiphae
they fake emotion to fool people

I doubt I'm a psychopath, but after spending the majority off my life as a sufferer of depression/anxiety I can no longer distinguish between real and fake emotions. In my mind none of them have a stronger value associated to them.

It's odd living in a world absent of emotion, but I wouldn't change it for the world. It's who I am now.

I do have to fake emotions sometimes to get what others get automatically, but, again, I wouldn't change it for the world; I don't know how I ever managed to do anything clouded by emotion.

Peace out

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 03:00 AM

Originally posted by pasiphae
reply to post by MischeviousElf

i know but many people don't realize they've ever been in contact with one. i'm asking about people who KNOW they've know or been involved with one.

It is more like Autism then say a viral infection, in that it is a spectrum disorder. And the main thing about emotion is that Psychopath's tend to have the emotional development of a rotten 5 year old. That said, I think Psychopaths don't have a firm grasp on "knowing" right from wrong. And they simply can't feel at all right from wrong. They have no conscience. While sociopaths also can't feel right from wrong, they can however know right from wrong. Sociopaths can also develop a strong sense of knowing right from wrong. I wouldn't be surprised if many of the witch hunters turned out to be sociopaths. You have to understand that a good many people are on the Sociopathic spectrum. Far more then are on the psychopathic spectrum. People who have an irrational, "don't care about the facts" rigid sense of right v wrong tend to be sociopaths to some degree.

Heck the prohibition of the 1920's and the prohibition of the modern era are the direct result of religious sociopaths. And most who support the modern prohibition or extremely fixed gender roles, surprise surprise, are sociopaths. People incapable of feeling right from wrong. All nurture no nature.

Through the benefit of hind site, I feel as if I was only ever really surrounded by psychopaths or sociopaths.

When I was growing up a bunch of the neighborhood kids, I wouldn't call them friends by a long shot, decided it would be "cool" to pour gasoline on a frog and light it on fire. After witnessing that I had never felt such intense combination of shame, guilt and empathy at another's suffering. Sure I have always been empathic, but that took it up a notch. I remember watching them laughing and poking the frog that was just laying there, dieing in severe pain . I remember walking away with a few tears coming down my eyes after a few of it's organs were exposed. I remember picking up a giant rock and ending it the only way I could at that point. And then I remember taking the lifeless body to the woods where I layed it down to rest. I don't think I even talked to them for well over a month after that, and it never happened again.

The memory still brings tears to my eyes and shame to my heart for allowing it to have happened.

When dealing with psycho's your better of simply never backing down, never surrendering and never follow their lead ever. View them as sub-human, because they are not fully human and any humane sentiments or ideals you posse they will only use against you. Read the book "Rules for Radical's". Because the honest name of that book is "Rules for Psychopaths and Sociopaths".
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posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 04:34 AM
reply to post by pasiphae

I've met a few, suffering from depression and mental health issues mean that I have bumped into some when getting treatment but the one I know of the most is my sister in law, in fact I'd say I've met quite a few women who are in positions of power who exude every ounce of psychopathic behaviour, that's not a slight on women in general, just a certain few who I've met that have this issue.

A good friend actually works in a mental health unit, he was alarmed to find out that at least two of the women in charge above him were actually classed as 'service users'. Again, NOT a slight at normal women or stressed women or happy women, just at those few AND of course there's many many males in power who would also be classed the same.

Righty, as to my sister in law, she's the classic example of a psychopath, she's been treated for behavioural problems many times but as with every visit the person to blame is not herself, she's always had this bad side from when she was a teen, her father died early and doted on her, she was spoilt rotten so when he died her poor mother had 3 kids to bring up on her own, a mortgage to pay and hardly a bit of help apart from what her eldest could do (my wife).

From day one (we shall call her MIss X) she exhibited incorrect social behaviour, in her first day at work she balled out a fellow member of staff for being 2 mins late on her shift, she simply was unable to understand that it wasn't the done thing on your first day.

She suffers from incredible self worth issues, nothing bar nothing must interfere with her life even if that means her child's needs, she is able to turn on and off the tears to extract herself from situations like a clamp on the car, she spends day in day out figuring out ways for her special needs son to be placed with care workers rather than look after him herself. As an ex special needs teacher I tried to encourage her to teach her son who suffers from Autism and social skills deficiency but she has from day one refused to citing it being a job for the teachers, the maternal instinct just isn't there but when in view of others outside the family the false charm and child hugging is put on simply as a floor show, once the people are gone the mask is dropped.

As regards to her family now she has her older sister who suffers from mental health issues (agoraphobic, voices etc) and her mother who's 75 now, my wife has little to do with her. We my wife and I look out for the sister and mother because Miss X is a power freak, we don't live close and Miss X uses that to exert maximum fear on her mother and sister, she will shout and scream and then instantly switch to being in tears saying she needs help (trust me, she gets a lot of tax payers help), she will create trips to teen pop concerts (she's 40+) as an excuse to get away from the child, the mother is happy to look after the child as she does not see him often but the mental price she pays is terrible.

We both have tried to intervene but her mother is very old fashioned and does not want rows between the sisters, I have been warned off tackling the situation as the mother is worried about the mental state of Miss X.

Despite being the only person with a car in the family she refuses to take her 75 yr old mother shopping at all, she belittles them on the phone and basically shows vile hatred towards both of them and then will ring back and apologise as if that clears the slate, its almost like she actually believes the apology works.

When her mother had a recent brain tumour removed and was recuperating in hospital the girl actually asked her that on the day she was sent home could she come around and look after her as she needed a rest from the son, she could not see how inappropriate all this was, she wanted a day off and the mother who had lost partial control of her walking and balance due to the severity of the operation was her candidate two weeks after the op.

Oh yes, I've met a real psychopath....She's stopped seeing every councillor who has told her its to do with her directly, she's had screaming fits at them, she's very in control of what she wants and no price on others is too much to pay yet will switch on an instant if a relative she likes turns up...

She fits every single criteria for a classic psychopath and until my mother in law passes on I'm powerless to do any real good as the mother is starting to show small signs of the onset of memory loss and possible dementia and as I saw with my own mother, any stress placed upon a person with these signs seems to speed up the effects of the disease incredibly.

If I start any verbal proceedings with Miss X she will scream blue murder and verbally abuse the mother and sister, my wife and I are in a no win scenario..

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 06:00 AM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

Hi slightly off topic here but done a lot of research on Aspergers, struggling in uk with diagnosis for close family member, interested in new thread with others just on this topic ? Don't feel knowledgeable or informed enough to actually start a thread. Interested in cross overs between disorders, ie manic depressive symptoms and narcistic/ pedantic/ sociopathic behaviour does seem to run alongside asperger type stuff ( so I have read ) could be wrong on this tho ?

Reading this whole thread with great interest, really admiring people who are openly disclosing their situation, especially needlenight. This is such a complex area and I totally agree with what you say about the state of care and diagnosis, feel so sorry for anyone mis-diagnosed and sadly I reckon this is common.

I think anyone who is willing to at least recognise they have a problem and actively seek help and ways to modify their condition has taken a big step in self awareness and trusting the professionals you are working with is paramount. Sadly not enough caring or true professionals left, all too dumbed down.

Very refreshing to see such honesty and also people like yourself who have actual clients with these problems willing to reach out and talk with others.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 07:41 AM
reply to post by pasiphae
Yes, i am said being, what would you like to know.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 07:54 AM
reply to post by korathin

You are so right, but you are in a minority that has chosen a rough road. When psychopaths infect a social milieu and start to influence the dynamics of that milieu, they poison everything and turn the world upside down.

Decent people flee from them because they don't want to do what is necessary to restore order.

It is very important never to cooperate with them in a psychopathic agenda and never to forget who and what they are. They are very difficult to influence. You have to steer them the way a tugboat steers the Queen Mary, with gentle, well timed nudges. They have to think it was their idea. They are very high maintenance individuals who demand tons of special handling.

This problem has occupied my mind for years now. In my life I have gotten a Phd. from the school of hard knocks, in dealing with the mentally unbalanced, crackpots and the ethically bankrupt psychopathic personality type.

What has happened in microcosm in my own life, I can see happening in macrocosm in the world at large. Humanity is in a rough spot.

A very good benchmark or litmus test that indicates what I am talking about exists in the speeches of the last American President (with the exception of Jimmy Carter), who was not a psychopath, John F. Kennedy. Many of his utterances are outstanding in every respect and are infused with a genuine care for his fellow Americans, society as a whole and for the world as a whole.

Today's leaders would pay his nanny to strangle him in the cradle.

I'm getting to the point where I think that nothing can be done to reduce the influence of the psychopaths. One may, in the last analysis, merely stand by like the serfs of the middle ages and let the insanity go to its self-destructive conclusion, doing the best one can to safeguard oneself and one's immediate interests.

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