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The Entitlement Conspiracy: Giants, Gutians, Medians, Mountains, Mongols, Angels, the Garden of Eden

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posted on Jan, 10 2012 @ 01:05 PM
When we speak of the 99% versus the 1%, it's important to know the upper class is still greater than 1%. The 1% are exclusively the ruling/ownership/controller class. Together with the upper class they own the majority of our capital and support the same agenda (the upper class doesn't want to lose their fortune either). Some even believe they are in or near the same 'league' as the controlling class. If it ever comes to it, it might be difficult to tell them apart. Imagine an innocent man who happens to be 'cursed' with the last name Rothschild getting beaten by a revolutionary hoard while the real men behind the curtain are laughing, waiting to crown the victors and use them as puppets to continue their centuries-old controller agenda.

Where did this agenda come from and how come so many people fail to acknowledge the truth? The truth hurts, and admittingly I know nothing. I mean well and I would like to share what I know. Perception is holding too many back, fraid to divide a movement over perceptions regarding taboo and uncomfortable truths. Well IMO you aren't truly awake until you are ready to discuss and speculate outside the box, don't dismiss things out right without doing your homework or because of pre-existing bias.

What do we really know about history and how much of it is accurate? You do accept that Christopher Columbus didn't discover the Americas, right? I would hope you answer yes. But if you answer no, you won't like anythingI have to say, still inside that box and still asleep. Besides Vikings, the Moors and Berbers had trade routes to the Americas. Columbus used their maps after the Muslims and Jews were sacked during the Inquisition. Tthese maps were used by 16th century cartographers and show odd features which today are dismissed as myth. What happened to the originals? How doe we know those areas aren't flooded and the originals ancient? It's not just West Africa and Iberians visiting the Americas, the Chinese did, black and whites were already living there, and there were Phoenician artifacts. Nobody discovered it, it was always there and everybody knew that. Western Civilization has tampered with the history to support an agenda.

Studying the details in history, you'll come to conclusions outside of consensus. That doesn't mean you're wrong, it just means scholarly consensus has established history and moved on. You'll notice common themes, identical scenarios attributed to same-named or different people centuries apart. Scholars know this. And whose to say word definitions today didn't mean something different back then? Husband/wife and brother/sister often represent duality of the self, especially in mythology. I'm sure some of this was accidental going from word to paper and language to language, copy to copy. I'm also sure somebody tampered with it. If people do that in the modern day, it would be a heck of a lot easier back then. They even destroyed libraries in the dark ages, so how do you know? You could sarcastically say "I've never been to X so how do I know it's real?" but you can hop on a plane there. You can't hop on a time machine.

Anatoly Fomenko invented a mathematic formula and came up with some controversial conclusions. I am certain many of them are true (and some of them not so much). He isn't a kook, he was and still is pretty respected. It's just people get offended by these things because of perception. Just an fyi, his method didn't work with Sumerian Annunaki tablets so he left them out. You're probably familiar with Angels/Watchers/Nephilim pro-creating with the 'daughters of man' and making hybrids and giants and the whole fall from heaven thing (along with Adam and Eve kicked out of the garden). Some are probably familiar with the Gnostic Archons and the demiruge. Just keep in mind that part of the problem in history, science, and perception is biblical text. History to some, mythology to others with distorted truth.

The controller agenda's origin is in Asia and Western Europe (including the Near and Middle East). Specifically we're looking at the Caucasus Mountain area, a portion of Anatolia, and Norther Russia bordering the Nordic states. Related peoples lived in Northern Italy and Switzerland.

Major Emphasis on the mountain areas. I believe we are looking at a group of people who 'fell from grace (or Eden)' and had their land destroyed by either an impact or a flood (or both). My personal theory, the 'ring of fire' underwater volcanoes that make up the Pacific Rim are the result of an impact or intense tidal forces. Perhaps (going by the Vedas) even primitive nuclear weapons. The the ocean floor and the ocean itself did not always look like that. This probably created a desert and destroyed the Kingdom of Amaru, the survivors fled to the mountains. These survivors, Amorites and Hittites, probably had something to do with Aryanism is a previous era. They were also conveniently blonde hair and blue eyed.

Ur-Namma, Hammurabi, and Gudea are just three possibly Caucasian "law-bringers" who conquered Mesopotamian civilizations of a different race than theirs and ruled them with laws recevied from divine authority, a sun god. Sound familiar? Is there a relation from Gudea to the Gutian people? Probably. But there is hardly any info about the Gutians, no artifacts, nothing. The Guteans were probably the Medians. The Medians never gave up their Paganism, always practicing in secret. Sound familiar again? The Chinese Manchurians used to be known ad Jurchens (Jursens). Phoentically similar. At least one 500 year old map labels Asia and the Americas (which are attached in the map) as Judea Fusperioz. I'm starting to notice a pattern. Genghis Kahn in some cases may have had a Jewish teacher. The 13th Tribe story about the Khazars was referring to Turkic tribes, one described similarly to the Gudeans. Who dominates Mass MEDIA, MEDIcal and MEDIcine fields? Are these just phoentic similarities? Doubtful. What about the Jutland Penninsula? The Jut people of Northern Germany and Denmark? Could that somehow be related to the Jotun giants of Norse mythology? Do Norway trolls look like they have sterotypical features of a certain group of people? Angles and Saxons came from here too.

Finally back to the Khazars, Byzantine Emperors eventually had a relation with Khazars and took Khazar wives. What if that's a title? Like Tsar or Caesar? Because history has very little about the Khazaria, just info about Khazars. Constantinople was called Jerusalem. Now, what about the RH Factor thing.. seems the Swiss and Basque, related to these barbaric tribes, seem to have it too. And to a lesser degree many Anglo-Saxons possess it too. So what went on? I think the world faced a disaster. In the aftermath, civilization arose and the mountain 'barbarians' descended to take control. Not all of them, but a lot of them. Out of envy and jealousy. They tampered with history, deleted records, faked history,and created monotheism to control you. When a system was failing, they started a new one and used Mongol/Ottoman hordes or in recent history genocidal revolutions like in Turkey. The people we call Jews are always close to the money supply and buddy-buddy with leadership all over the world, even during times they were being persecuted. I'm not saying they are all bad, but the controlling ones are and not all are Jews. Part of this is whitey's fault too!

posted on Jan, 10 2012 @ 01:17 PM
I was under the impression that the Hittites were light-skinned, but with dark hair and brown eyes (potentially slightly slanted). Isn't that how they're depicted on Egyptian images?

I thought I read somewhere how the Hittites might have fled east to join up with their kin, the Sinites to develop what is now China. Hittae being modified to sound like Khittae, hence the term Cathay from visitors on the Silk trade routes.

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