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Responsible reform.....amazing document written by disabled people!

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posted on Jan, 10 2012 @ 06:50 AM
If the goverment are listening, then for crying out loud listen to these folk. These are the people who are actually affected by the retarded,anti people decisions that you make. And they have a clue, an idea, and a plan. Why don't you listen, oh goverment of the people (LOL)

I know a few people involved in this, and yesterday, at one point at least, it was the most twittered thing of the day.

here is the PDF, diary of a benifit scrounger. (that's an ironic turn of phrase, if you're one of these "everything is literal" types.
) oris

If you want to know more, then googling the PDF title will give you loads of results, and considering that this was only put out yesterday, that's not 'alf bad
(go the people!) Anyway, I told one of the guys involved in this, that I'd help spread the word, and this is what I'm doing here. If you think this is also worthy of spreading, then please do so.

Other links of relevence...

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