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Occupy Silbury Hill - prove/disprove "alien" phenomena in 2012?

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posted on Jan, 10 2012 @ 05:25 AM
I've been thinking about what I've learned over the few years of reading ATS and have concluded that a very good starting point to ending the speculation of aliens and crop circles is to utilize Silbury Hill to its full potential. I'm sure this has been discussed in the many threads (some I've read some I've not) about crop circles, Silbury, aliens and such.

There is a reason this is not posted in the UFO section. The UFO phenomena in my mind is becomming a mire that is essentially stopping ITSELF from discovering what it is really about. It has built up an impenetrable barrier within itself and we need to take the public approach of it to much more practical areas. Simple human participation in real acts of investigation are the only way it will advance, this is just one suggestion, and a theory/idea I cannot prove alone

The video I just discovered (below) proves this is actually a tried and tested method in the past but only under the steam of a few dedicated people. But the next oppurtunity is just months away, it's not a particularly big window either, and the Occupy movements may haved paved the way to finally answering some non-monetary questions about our planet too.

For those who may not have read into it before, I'll explain a little. Firstly, what is Silbury Hill? It's a gigantic conincal mound in the heart of Wiltshire UK that often has crop circles dotted around places near it. There are many other places in Wilts that are often used for crop circle art. What are crop circles? This is the big, on-going debate that many have tried to answer (or deny) and there is still no solid evidence either way but what's more important is where they occur most frequently which is Wiltshire and Silbury Hill in the UK. Even the Queen wanted to know more about crop circles once.

This year is her Diamond Jubiliee - we have the chance to honour that, not as a secretive agency, but as an open collective from all walks of life. The UK also host the Olympics this year, torch bearers passing through nearby places - it's a time for celebration, and that's also been predicted by the Myans.

This magical place is not far from the famous historica Avebury stones amongst other stoney circular things all over the place. There is no doubt our ancestors have some fascination of circular things in this area of the country, so I would assume (but of course cannot prove) that the crop circle phenomena is subliminally well documented here. And of course, we have a giant mound.

Furthermore, in recent years this stretch of road and the field in question (which I will come to) was host to the policeman who saw 3 tall figures floating through the crops. The story gained international attention.

The fields across from the hill are where I come to my "speculative theory". Did you know that every year, a crop circle, usually one of very intricate detail, is produced directly opposite Silbury Hill? And were you also aware that this usually occurs within a two month window. Silbury Hill may not be a portal to another world but it is certainly a good place to start for understanding crop circles and, if some theories hold true, their alien origins.

You may think "Puh, anyone can do this, it only takes 2 or 3 people to go and watch". But that, I feel, is not the case. There are plenty of investigators who have fled a crop circle scene because of the intensity of something strange going on. I myself really want to go out and do this and I know by myself is the easiest option - but I get too frightened because of "how close" the reality of actually being involved in a possible alien experience feels sometimes.

The intensity of an experience of a UFO from the ground even if it is far away is a big adrenaline rush. But if you get a collective, multiple witnesses - even a crowd of people - much more will be gained, and I feel that nervousness and adrenaline can be chanelled into a useful, meaningful purpose for our own disclosure purposes.

Before I go any further, I want to point out I am not suggesting breaking into National Heritage sites or farmers fields because that is totally disrespectful and un-necessary. But certain factors would need to be taken into account such as informing the local council, allowing a segment of the neighbouring car park to be used by Occupiers.

Was the hill created to peek over the ridge the crop circles sit on every year? Are crop circles really fact or fiction? Occupy the local area legally and perhaps you'll find out... With a priority of staying out and monitoring the fence lines of the field we would know if others are trying to break in and create crop art.

But I am suggesting this: With enough interest and a constant risk-free presence for a month or two at or near Silbury Hill (or both) we will get a fresh answer of some kind to the origin of crop circles, fakers, aliens, or just over speculation. Furthermore, it will be fun to be at the heart of crop-circle county in the UK and night-watches will give anyone the chance to turn up and know you are in the presence of people with similar questions and perhaps the desire to experience something.

What do you think? Do you think Silbury holds clues, do you think it can be tapped for this information? Would such an gathering interest you, would official channels help or hinder such a project? But please don't start discussing crop circles, it's irrelevant - we KNOW a crop circle definitely happens at Silbury every year and that alone means it must have an observable beginning and that is all this idea is set out to conclude, a human presence (and account) of just where that damn thing came from!

The oppurtunity does appear to lie there year after year, but I doubt until we take the observations to the next step (as the public) we will hinder our progress to getting some of these important answers. IF anything about the UFO, alien & crop circle phenomena strikes me - it is that the possibility of proving extra-terrestrial/supernatural stuff begins at Silbury Hill.

Here's that video. Not a lot happens.


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posted on Jan, 10 2012 @ 05:34 AM
reply to post by markymint

why not just use HD remote monitored cameras ? they never get scared, bored, drunk or fall sleep

posted on Jan, 10 2012 @ 05:41 AM
reply to post by ignorant_ape

Sure, if you're going to pay for them. Sadly that, along with all technological approaches - is the lazy mire I spoke about that is killing the potential of discovery & the thrill of experience. Fat forum bastards may well want to eat pie and read about it online, but I'm trying to open up the idea of really getting our ass into gear as a species to discover and observe in person (together) a blatent clue in some of the extra-terrestrial patterns going on out there.

Why don't we all come together like the movie Close Encounters, where such a possible real location exists? There is no evidence either way that it would or would not be observed, but the details indicate there is something observable each year. People, I'm pretty sure, come cheaper than HD infra-red cameras. Each camera requires a lot more stuff for them to reach their true potential, especially if you'd want to make them remote. That still means one controller, one person to go and place them, one person to maintain no, that idea is rather impractical.

Of course - a live feed would be hella cool. But remote operation would not be necessary. Why would aliens bother showing themselves to a bunch of cameras on tripods?
There is a much more personal element to UFO sightings, etc. I'd like to think people understand the importance of "being there in person" over "watching it over the net" to progress such a possibility of interaction.

But thanks for speculating with me!

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posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by markymint

I'm up for doing this legally... if I can get down there from Birmingham.

I've always wanted to go there and observe any crop circles or ufo's.

It's just a matter of getting down there for me.

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