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I now believe in the fluoride conspiracy.

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posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 08:45 PM

Originally posted by minor007
reply to post by MagnumOpus

aaahh the ramblings of someone who wont concede the fact that there is no conspiracy with fluoride. So he pulls out straws and goes off on tangents that are neither here or there


Minor's extensive vapidity of chemistry that spread many lies is now an Internet Legend. Minor's inabilty to do Internet searches to find ALCOA sold Sodium Fluoride makes him look ignorant of the issues and even the original ALCOA process information with cryolite.

Minor's ability would make a Special Education Functional Illiterate look like a Genius in comparision to himself. Advertising that you know science is a lie. imho

Likewise, Minor's lacking honesty can't tell that the IG Farben people told the US Military people of the effects of fluorides on human's mental fortitude. It became part of the record at that point that the US knew about these powers of fluorides to damage people's brain functions, and each time people are not informed of the effect on the mind, the Pineal Gland, the Aeorta effects, and the rest to hide National Security issues, it becomes an extensive cover up, by conspiracy.

Everyone in the Manhattan Project knew the dangers of fluorine systems and an official "Program F" studies proved those dangers and recognized the CNS effects on the brain. Everyone that worked in the Manhattan Project around these fluorine loss systems could tell the effects. That the Program, F data from the Manhattan Project is still covered up just due to the CNS and health effects is basically a crime and one involving many conspirators under a guise of National Security that no longer exists these days. The only reason to cover up these issues now is to protect the many polluters that the Manhattan Project used for the fluoride processes.

It is obvious there was and still is a large conspiracy to keep the public in the dark on the CNS issues of fluorine and Program F needs to be released to the US Public in total:


Declassified documents of the U.S. atomic-bomb program indicate otherwise.

An April 29, 1944 Manhattan Project memo reports: "Clinical evidence suggests that uranium hexafluoride [UF^6] may have a rather marked central nervous system effect.... It seems most likely that the F [code for fluoride] component rather than the T [code for uranium] is the causative factor."

The memo --stamped "secret"-- is addressed to the head of the Manhattan Project's Medical Section, Colonel Stafford Warren. Colonel Warren is asked to approve a program of animal research on CNS effects: "Since work with these compounds is essential, it will be necessary to know in advance what mental effects may occur after exposure...This is important not only to protect a given individual, but also to prevent a confused workman from injuring others by improperly performing his duties."

On the same day, Colonel Warren approved the CNS research program. This was in 1944, at the height of the Second World War and the nation's race to build the world's first atomic bomb. For research on fluoride's CNS effects to be approved at such a momentous time, the supporting evidence set forth in the proposal forwarded along with the memo must have been persuasive.

The proposal, however, is missing from the files of the U.S. National Archives. "If you find the memos, but the document they refer to is missing, its probably still classified," said Charles Reeves, chief librarian at the Atlanta branch of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, where the memos were found. Similarly, no results of the Manhattan Project's fluoride CNS research could be found in the files.

After reviewing the memos, Mullenix declared herself "flabbergasted." She went on, "How could I be told by NIH that fluoride has no central nervous system effects when these documents were sitting there all the time?" She reasons that the Manhattan Project did do fluoride CNS studies --"that kind of warning, that fluoride workers might be a danger to the bomb program by improperly performing their duties--I can't imagine that would be ignored"-- but that the results were buried because they might create a difficult legal and public relations problem for the government.

The author of the 1944 CNS research proposal was Dr. Harold C. Hodge, at the time chief of fluoride toxicology studies for the University of Rochester division of the Manhattan Project. Nearly fifty years later at the Forsyth Dental Center in Boston, Dr. Mullenix was introduced to a gently ambling elderly man brought in to serve as a consultant [and obviously intentionally misleading force and to keep her under surveillance without her knowledge for reporting back to the "floride police state"] on her CNS research--Harold C. Hodge. By then Hodge had achieved status emeritus as a world authority on fluoride safety. "But even though he was supposed to be helping me," says Mullenix, "he never once mentioned the CNS work he had done for the Manhattan Project."

The "black hole" in fluoride CNS research since the days of the Manhattan Project is unacceptable to Mullenix, who refuses to abandon the issue. "There is so much fluoride exposure now, and we simply do not know what it is doing," she says. "You can't just walk away from this."


The fluoride conspiracy aspect is obvious to the rest of the world, but remains a mystery for the vapid brain of Minor's low function mentality. You can't do chemistry, can't find AlCOA ads, and can't read evidently. Perhaps you need to stop whining over your lack of knowledge.

Everyone knows Europe solved the fluoride issues with fluoride salt, it is cheep and even the poor can get it. If you want to get flouride poison in salt, then get some fish and chips and load them up with fluoride salt. It can only make you dumber than you are and age you quicker into the grave. I certainly don't want to stand in your way, so have some fluoride salt ten times a day.

The US doesn't care what the Brits do with fluoride, we don't have any interest there. If you want to poison the Queen and Parlament, then do so. The sensible and well educated in the US won't help you in the effort to fluoride people anywhere. To the US, you are a Foreign Agent of disinformation not intent on good things for Americans. imho

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posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 09:43 PM
The Fluoride History of continual problems:


1939 On September 29, 1939, Mellon Institute scientist Gerald J. Cox plays a major role in the promotion of fluoridation by saying “the present trend toward removal of fluorides from food and water may need reversal. Water engineers had been recommending a maximum allowable fluoride contaminant level of 0.1 part per million (ppm), maintaining a tenfold margin of safety. (When fluorides were eventually added to water through corporate pressure, that safety factor would be thrown out and the level raised tenfold beyond the engineering recommendations in 1939, when fluoride was properly recognized as a toxic contaminant. Note: Mellon Institute was founded by Andrew and Richard Mellon, former owners of ALCOA Aluminum, plagued by disposal problems of toxic fluoride by products. ALCOA also had a relationship with I.G. Farben in Germany)


1942 Germany becomes worlds largest producer of aluminum (and Sodium Fluoride). Fluoride is used in the concentration camps to render the prisoners docile and inhibit the questioning of authority.


1944 “Even at 1ppm, fluoride in drinking water poisons cattle, horses and sheep” (Moules, G.R., Water Pollution Research and Summary of Current Literature, 1944.


1944 Through 1948. Previously classified documents from Manhattan Project which indicate the government knew the physiological and psycho-behavioral effects of fluorides, as a result of studies connected with determining the effect of uranium hexafluoride processing on workers, as well as studies in defense of litigation against the project by tree growers who experienced fluoride damage from airborne pollutants connected with the project. Ref: Declassified documents from the National Archives published in 1997.

1944 An April 29, 1944 Manhattan Project memo, released in 1997, states “Clinical evidence suggests that uranium hexafluoride may have a rather marked central nervous system effect, with mental confusion, drowsiness and lassitude as the conspicuous features… it seems that the fluoride component is the causative factor….since work with these compounds is essential, it will be necessary to know in advance what mental effects may occur after exposure, if workmen are to be properly protected. This is important not only to protect a given individual, but also to prevent a confused workman from injuring others by improperly performing his duties”. Ref: Previously classified SECRET Manhattan Project Memo, 29 April 1944, declassified and released from the National Archives.


1945 An FDA Chief inspector discovers that fluorides are being added to beer by the Commonwealth Brewing Company of Massachusetts (the same state where they did experimental fluoride treatments on institutionalized children). The owner of the brewery was arrested and subjected to a Federal jury trial for poisoning the beer. The indictment charged that the beer contained “an added poison or deleterious poison, fluoride, which was unsafe within the meaning of the statute (Section 301a of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act), since it was a substance not required in the production of the beer, it could have been avoided by good manufacturing practice.” The fact was established that the fluoride was added in the concentration of 0.5 ppm. The jury was instructed that fluoride was established to be harmful and poisonous, and that it was unimportant to show how much beer it would take to demonstrate harmful effects. Beer was classified as a food and fluoride as a poison in 1945. The Commonwealth Brewery Company was slapped with a $10,000 fine, and Kaufmann, the owner, was given a 6 month suspended jail sentence and a three year probation period.


1945 The government does a public test case of fluoridation, comparing fluoridated Grand Rapids with unfluoridated Muskegon, Michigan. The study is to last ten years. After one year, it becomes obvious to the government that fluorides do not conform to their public propaganda, and the study is terminated. The city of Muskegon is then fluoridated in 1947 to conceal the difference in effect. Other experiments are performed covertly on population areas, without the knowledge of the subjects.


1946 Reports from the House Committee on Un-American Activities in the Armed Forces for 1946 and 1947 reveal the dociling effect of fluorides in the water supplies at military bases on American troops.


1947 Forrestal appointed Secretary of Defense. Asked to resign in 1949 after noting forces planning the war in Korea. See 1949. Later murdered. Forrestal was very much opposed to the use of fluorides on military bases to keep the troops docile. (York Daily Times, Letters to the Editor from former FBI agent Wesley C. Trollope, Omaha, Neb., March 17, 1967).


1948 John McCone becomes Secretary of Defense of the United States. McCone gives contracts to Standard Oil and Kaiser Aluminum, in which he already has financial interests. Aluminum manufacture by-products, fluorides, would be added to the population water supplies to induce submission by damaging the brain and stem resistence to domination by global socialism.


1950 The Seventh Annual Report of the Sugar Research Foundation recognizes sugar as the major cause of tooth decay. The SRF furnishes grants to the Harvard Department of Nutrition to “solve the tooth decay problem without restricting sugar consumption”. The result of these grants was the advocating of water fluoridation.


1950 The Seventh Annual Report of the Sugar Research Foundation (130 corporations) expresses its “aim in dental research” : to discover means of controlling tooth decay by methods other than restricting sugar intake. Two institutions most aggressive in promotion of water fluoridation, the Dental Schools of Harvard and the University of Rochester, receive large grants for fluoride research from the sugar industry.


1952 From 1952 to 1956, the cities on the “fluoridation list” began to fluoridate their water supplies. As the process of water fluoridation continued, the cancer death rate of the fluoridated cities began to far exceed the rate of the unfluoridated cities.


1954 Charles E. Perkins, the scientist sent by the U.S. to Germany after World War II to supervise the breakup of I.G. Farben, states, “the real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistence of the masses to domination and control, and loss of liberty.”


1956 Maurice Natenburg, medical writer and managing editor of Regent House, publishes a pamphlet entitled The Fluoride Curtain, in which he states “The AMA endorsed fluoridation just after their successful fight against an Ewing-sponsored bill to introduce socialized medicine in the United States. The AMA made a special assessment on its members, spending some $3 million in the battle to defeat the bill. After the battle was over, the AMA suddenly saw the ‘merits’ of water fluoridation.” See 1961 AMA disapproval of fluoridation.


1959 Fluorides were used as an enzyme inhibitor in a study by J.D. Ebert that was published in 1959 on the metabolic pathways by which organs in an embryo are formed. In low concentrations, he found that sodium fluoride blocked almost completely the regions destined to form muscle, primarily affecting the heart muscle. In higher concentrations, it caused the entire embryo to disintegrate in a clear-cut pattern, starting with the heart-forming region.


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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 02:20 AM
you are rehashing old crap thats already been debunked. talk about being desperate to have the last say

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 04:45 AM
Minor is all about whining, diatribes, disinformation, repeated lies, unfounded science, and cover up. imho
Using the term Debunk is a huge signal for paid disinformation agent working the Internet.
So, one uses the minor annoyances to make the case for Fluoride Conspiracy against America as a case of Foreign Agent Treason against Minor. imho


Some of the most interesting conspiracy history for fluorides stems from the NAZI uses for it, what US military/Govt. assigned person to IG Farben, Charle Eliot Perkins, discovered about sinister NAZI fluoride games and what the US Sec. of State James Forrestal said of floridation. James Forrestal was JFK's buddy and they were both Catholics and both of them toured German just after the war to assess the situation.

James Forrestal came out hard against Fluoridation of US Military bases, as did Charles Perkins, and the Mind Control effects that the military learned from the NAZIs and Forrestal used the term mind control. Forrestal would become the enemy of John Dulles and all his NAZI group beginning to push fluoridation into the US.

Dulles was United Fruit and that was a huge sugar cane business in the Caribbean, and the second push to usher in the wider use of fluoride mind control over Americans came from Dulles trying to prop up his processed sugar business with using fluorides to counter the tooth decay which the process sugar caused. Dulles knew as well as Forrestal, Perkins, and the NAZI war criminals in the US that fluoride would dull the minds of all Americans on which it was used, and the protection of the United Fruit Sugar games could be used to get Dulles NAZI fluoride games all over the US and take over the minds of the country.

JFK's enemy was CIA's John Dulles, who was a big pal with the NAZIs and illegally brought war criminals into the US against the expressed orders from Truman. JFK would know Forrestal's stance on Fluoride and know Dulles would be connected with using fluorides to steal American's Freedom via toxic fluoride effects. Dulles, along with IG Farben, recreated as Bilderberg and PERMINDEX, was the conspiracy behind killing JFK.

JFK was hot on the trail of Dulles and JFK was also hot on the trail of fluoride in America, especially as the case for fluorides making the retention of Sr-90 and other nuclear isotopes in the body worse. JFK shut down atmospheric nuclear testing over Sr-90, and the next thing to fall was Dulles, and soon fluoride poisoning of America by Dulles and his NAZI gang stealing American's Freedom of high function mind.


So what did Perkins do with the information given to him? Like most other scientists who fear for their job, their future or even their lives, he could have kept quiet. Not Perkins. Even as early as the 1940's to 1950's Perkins realised that fluoride could have an undesirable effect on a certain part of the brain - the hippocampus. Before he died, he urged those who would follow him not to let the anti-fluoride cause fail.


The Statement now returns to the ill-fêted Perkins. "In a letter abstracted from "Fluoridation and Lawlessness" (published by the Committee for Mental Health and National Security) to the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 2nd 1954, a Charles Eliot Perkins said:


James Vincent Forrestal, first secretary of defense of U. S.


According to FBI documents concerning the Olson case, detective Mullee spoke with Special Agent Edward A. McShane Jr. about his concerns. McShane, a 38-year veteran with the bureau who died last year, told Mullee that Olson’s death was not only similar to Duggan’s but also “brought to mind” the “recent deaths of three other government officials” as well as the “odd suicide of James Forrestal.”

Former Secretary of Defense James Vincent Forrestal died on May 22, 1949, after falling from the 13th floor of the U.S. Naval Hospital at Bethesda, Md. Forrestal’s broken, bloodied body was found clad in pajamas and a bathrobe. The cord of the robe was wound tightly around his neck. He had been hospitalized due to “operational fatigue” attributed to “excessive work.”

Forrestal’s death was ruled a suicide, but the matter for many people, including members of Forrestal’s family, remained far from resolved. Forrestal’s brother, Henry, told reporters at the time of the death that he “believed that someone threw my brother out the window” and that he considered it quite strange that his brother died “just a few hours before I was to take him home.” Additionally, James Forrestal’s spiritual adviser, Monsignor Maurice Sheehy, told reporters that an unidentified Navy warrant officer at the hospital told him that Forrestal “didn’t kill himself.”

Over the past several decades, speculation has focused on the possibility that Forrestal might have been an unwitting victim of the greatly overlooked top-secret Project CHATTER, operated by the Office of Naval Intelligence. CHATTER was a precursor program to the CIA’s Projects Bluebird, ARTICHOKE and MK/ULTRA. CHATTER was modeled on bizarre Nazi experiments conducted at concentration camps and OSS truth drug programs. The object of the project was to devise the means to “eliminate free will in targeted individuals,” causing them to do anything desired, including assassination and suicide.

At least two of the three deaths of “government officials” noted by McShane to detective Mullee, but not specifically identified in documents, may have been those of James Speyer Kronthal and John C. Montgomery. Both men died under unusual circumstances only months before Frank Olson.


NAZI Hydra Book: hl=en&sa=X&ei=t6cST7uNM8ju0gHarYSJAw&ved=0CDAQ6AEwATgK


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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 05:52 AM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

LOL what a load of fiction for one nazis used chlorine not fluoride. That already blown all ur crackpot theories out of the water

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 09:51 AM
I left off some of the United Fruit details that showed War is a Racket (Smedley Butler) in the days of the US taking back sugar plantations in Central and South America, plus the islands. But one can see how Dulles came to direct the CIA from this connection and how all the CIA games in Central America started, and multiplied globally.

One can see the Dulles Connections to big sugar and why he wanted to not impact the sugar business and ushed in the fluoride deals patterned after the NAZI's of IG Farben that he imported into the US. IG Farben had all the sodium fluoride from their big aluminum production efforts toward WWII, and they found uses for the mind dulling chemical.

IG Farben also found all the fluoride associated Nerve Gases, like the deadly fluoride derived Sarin.

Dulles, who many considered a traitor against the US, started the campaign for teeth, but the real deal was a push into American take over by foreign interests per Globalism and using America's industry, weapons, and power for that effort.

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

Again your copy and paste from fringe web sites astounds me

Among lethal CW agents, the nerve agents have had an entirely dominant role since the Second World War. Nerve agents acquired their name because they affect the transmission of nerve impulses in the nervous system. All nerve agents belong chemically to the group of organo-phosphorus compounds. They are stable and easily dispersed, highly toxic and have rapid effects both when absorbed through the skin and via respiration. Nerve agents can be manufactured by means of fairly simple chemical techniques. The raw materials are inexpensive and generally readily available.


You see its phosphorus thats the main ingredient in all nerve gases.

and every single element and mineral the body needs can and will be toxic to the human body if taken in more than the body needs. Fluoride at 1ppm is enough for the body without it causing any problems.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 01:11 PM
Minor, you are misleading everyone again, as Sarin is a fluoride and why it works so well is because of the electronegative effects of fluorine. Minor nose now extends around the world for his extreme need to tell lies and spread disinformation. imho Minors intentions are to do harm to Americans.


Sarin nerve gas is : (Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl Fluoride). Phosphorus enhances the fluoride effects.


--The nerve-gas Soman (GD) is chemically similar to Sarin (GB), and they both contain fluorine. They are called "nerve" agents because they directly attack and destroy the nervous system. According to an EPA report (following), once you remove the fluorine from Sarin, all that remains is a non-toxic acid. In other words, fluorine--the same fluorine that is in our drinking water--is what gives sarin its "kick".


Most everyone reading this tread has noticed there are many sources of fluoride in the food, beverage, and water chain. Not to mention fluoride cookware, teflon, that gets into the food chain. All these various sources have lots of people getting 10 mg of fluorides a day, which isn't good.

Which means your bogus non-sense on 1 ppm in water is fine is pure adding more insult to fluoride toxic issues in humans drinking fluoride water.

Your game is telling sordid lies to people that cause them harm in various ways from health, longevity, and quality of mind. imho

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 01:51 PM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

You dont need fluoride to make a nerve gas ...YOU do need Phosphorus as i said.

tabun VX are nerve gases that dont use fluoride. Sarin and soman do.

Organic compounds of phosphorus form a wide class of materials, many are required for life, but some are extremely toxic. Fluorophosphate esters are among the most potent neurotoxins known. A wide range of organophosphorus compounds are used for their toxicity to certain organisms as pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc.) and weaponised as nerve agents. Most inorganic phosphates are relatively nontoxic and essential nutrients.[8]

The white phosphorus allotrope presents a significant hazard because it ignites in air and produces phosphoric acid residue. Chronic white phosphorus poisoning leads to necrosis of the jaw called "phossy jaw". Ingestion of white phosphorus may cause a medical condition known as "Smoking Stool Syndrome"

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 02:05 PM
Do I need a reverse osmosis filtratration system to filter out the crazy posts , all good reading anyway , kinda made me thirsty

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 03:09 PM

Originally posted by Droidinvoid
Do I need a reverse osmosis filtratration system to filter out the crazy posts , all good reading anyway , kinda made me thirsty


Absolutely. Less fluoride the better. Unless you are British---then you think it essential for killing brain cells.

Nothing like a little drama to make things interesting. Minor serves a purpose in keeping the drama running and people reading the issues of fluoride. Which isn't just a tap water thing. Fluorides are wide spread and hard to avoid due to bad farming practices and industry games to make a poison into a protected pollutant.

Fluoiride issues in the US is an alliance of Chemical releasess, extreme politics, medical conspirators, and irresponsible polluters harming the public and telling lies to hide the damage and exploit the mind numbing effects.

Everyone knows the Rockefeller AMA medicine is all about never disgnosing a pollutant causing an illness or disease. AMA protects big industry emissions. But Socialized Medicine will soon have them out of business and force the issues back to clean living and keeping the toxics and poisons out of the body.

In the mean time, take your Boron. BTW--check the adult vitamines these days and you'll find many now have Boron at around 3 mg. Guess what they don't have---fluoride anything isn't considered a vitamin or essential.


Fluoride Is Unapproved By FDA
The FDA considers fluoride an unapproved new drug for which there is no proof of safety or effectiveness.The FDA does not consider fluoride an essential nutrient.
Fluoride Is Highly Toxic
The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology has classified Fluoride as an unapproved dental medicament due to its high toxicity.


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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 04:12 PM

Originally posted by Droidinvoid
Do I need a reverse osmosis filtratration system to filter out the crazy posts , all good reading anyway , kinda made me thirsty

If you followed the posts you will find that most of it is fiction with a few facts thrown around to confuse you more. However flourine is needed by the body. It is a trace element needed for teeth and bones

Fluoride also plays a role in the remineralization process, the process of restoring minerals that have been lost due to use or elimination and is especially important to bones. In the case of the bones, fluoride actually helps prevent mineral loss from occurring in the first place. Fluoride actually helps bones hold on to minerals more effectively. It's believed that this function plays a big role in protecting a person against the onset of osteoporosis.

Fluoride is toxic in high dosages thats why the recommended limit is 1ppm and in the US it is upto 4ppm which is way too high. The US government has or is in the process of bringing down the dosage to 2ppm or less.

Most cases of fluoride toxicity have been in areas where people are drinking from natural sources where the flouride content is high. I wouldnt listen to what the others have to say since they dont understand what a trace mineral/element is

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 04:54 PM
Defective British medicine apparently wants Americans to break their hips, foot bones, wrists, and legs. Fluoride is also known for spinal problems and bone spurs, which cause pain and disabilty at the 1 ppm levels in water.

Appears the "Minor" forgot to tell the whole story and has his typical slanted and omissive deceit. imho It appears the Bristish have a problem with explaining how they allowed their citizens to drink tons of fluoride loaded teas, breath all that fluoride loaded coal smoke that makes the poison London Fogs, and all those other fluoride source problems the British forgot to tell, that harmed their citizens.

Want a life with bone spurs on the Spine and lots of pain, and lots higher risk of serious bone breaks? Fluorides make bones more brittle and subject to breaks.

There are better ways to treat bone loss with hormone therapy, Vit D, and supplements other than dangerous fluoride.


As is now widely acknowledged, fluoride-induced increases in bone density are not accompanied by corresponding increases in bone strength. Fluoride-induced decreases in bone density, however, would be expected to decrease bone strength, which may explain the increased incidence of hip fracture in human clinical trials and in populations drinking fluoridated water over the course of a lifetime.


...These reports raise the possibility that fluoride therapy may protect against fractures of the vertebral bodies (which consist of predominantly trabecular bone) but may not protect the proximal femur, and could even increase the risk for fractures of this bone, which is predominantly cortical...Since hip fracture is more catastrophic than is vertebral fracture, it will be important for future studies to evaluate the effect of sodium fluoride therapy on mineral content of the proximal femur."
SOURCE: Riggs BL. (1983). Treatment of osteoporosis with sodium fluoride: an appraisal. Bone and Mineral Research. 2: 366-393.


"living in a community with high levels of water-borne fluoride was associated with decreased bone mass*... a Lordsburg woman (high-fluoride community, 3.5 ppm) had approximately 7% less bone mass than a Deming (low fluoride community) peer of similar weight and years since menopause... The negative association we found between fluoride exposure and bone mass was not an anticipated result, since this study was stimulated by the hypothesis that fluoride may actually prevent overall skeletal osteopenia by increasing cortical bone mass. However, we cannot attribute this result to bias or random error, since the other significant findings were consistent with theoretical considerations and prior research." (*"For this study, bone mass of the distal radius (75% cortical bone) was utilized as the measure of cortical bone osteopenia.")
SOURCE: Phipps KR, Burt BA. (1990). Water-borne fluoride and cortical bone mass: a comparison of two communities. Journal of Dental Research 69: 1256-1260.



Although fluoride in pharmacologic doses has been shown to be a potent therapeutic agent for increasing spinal bone mass (see Disease treatment), there is little evidence that water fluoridation at optimum levels for the prevention of dental caries is helpful in the prevention of osteoporosis. The majority of studies conducted to date have failed to find clinically significant differences in bone mineral density or fracture incidence when comparing residents of areas with fluoridated water supplies to residents in areas without fluoridated water supplies (8). However, two studies found that drinking water fluoridation was associated with decreased incidence of hip fracture in the elderly. In addition, one study in Italy found a significantly greater risk of femoral (hip) fractures in men and women residing in an area with low water fluoridation (0.05 ppm) compared to the risk in a similar population whose water supply was naturally fluoridated (1.45 ppm) at higher than optimum levels for prevention of dental caries (9). Another study in Germany found no significant difference in bone mineral density between residents of a community whose water supply had been optimally fluoridated for 30 years (1 ppm) compared with those who resided in a community without fluoridated water. However, this study reported that the incidence of hip fracture in men and women, age 85 years or older, was significantly lower in the community with fluoridated water compared to the community with nonfluoridated water, despite higher calcium levels in the nonfluoridated water supply (10). More recently, a community-based study in 1,300 women found that elevated serum fluoride concentrations were not related to bone mineral density or to osteoporotic fracture incidence (11).


Safety of fluoride therapy for osteoporosis

Serious side effects have been associated with the high doses of fluoride used to treat osteoporosis. They include gastrointestinal irritation, joint pain in the lower extremities, and the development of calcium deficiency as well as stress fractures. The reasons for the occurrence of lower extremity joint pain and stress fractures in patients taking fluoride for osteoporosis remain unclear, but they may be related to rapid increases in bone formation without sufficient calcium to support such an increase (12). Presently, enteric coated sodium fluoride or monofluorophosphate preparations offer a lower side effect profile than the high-dose sodium fluoride used in earlier trials. Additionally, sufficient calcium and vitamin D must be provided to support fluoride-induced bone formation. Although fluoride therapy may be beneficial for the treatment of osteoporosis in appropriately selected and closely monitored individuals, uncertainty about its safety and benefit in reducing fractures has kept the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from approving fluoride therapy for osteoporosis (19). Combinations of lower doses of fluoride with antiresorptive agents, such as estrogen or bisphosphonates, may improve therapeutic results while minimizing side effects, and thus these therapies are considered worthy of further study (20, 21).


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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 06:10 PM
One of the most interesting things about the British goofer is his "Minor 007 title". Perhaps it tells the deeper story as the real Ian Flemming 007 was said to be the CIA's King Harvey and the 001 agent was Boris Pash, and Pash was a poisoner, killer, for the nuclear projects and connected with the issues of fluoride leading on into the MK ULTRA CIA program. These NAZI inspired programs had to convice their areas that fluoride was good for them, when it was really bad.

It appears this British fake 007 fashions himself as a new fluoride promoter to harm Americans. Poison water, and mass medication that harms kidney patients, the fragile young, the fragile bones of elderly and grandmas. The Fake British 007 appears to be a real disinformation agent paid by big industry to cover up the massive harm induced by water fluoridation.



1) Fluoride’s ability to damage the brain represents one of the most active areas of research on fluoride toxicity today.

2) The research on fluoride and the brain has been fueled by 18 human studies from China, India, Iran, and Mexico finding elevated levels of fluoride exposure to be associated with IQ deficits in children. Fluoride’s impact on IQ is exacerbated among children with low-iodine exposure.

3) The impact of fluoride on children’s IQ has been documented even after controlling for children’s lead exposure, iodine exposure, parental education and income status, and other known factors that might impact the results (Rocha-Amador 2007; Xiang 2003 a,b).

4) In addition to IQ studies, 3 studies (Yu 1996; Du 1992; Han 1989) have found that fluoride accumulates in the brain of the fetus, causing damage to cells and neurotransmitters and 1 study (Li 2004) has found a correlation between exposure to fluoride during fetal development and behavioral deficits among neonates.

5) Several recent studies have found that even adult exposures to fluoride may result in central nervous system disturbances, particularly among industrial workers.

5) The findings of neurological effects in fluoride-exposed humans is consistent with, and strengthened by, recent findings from over 40 animal studies published since 1992. As with the studies on humans, the studies on animals have reported an impairment in learning and memory processes among the fluoride-treated groups.

6) The animal studies have also documented considerable evidence of direct toxic effects of fluoride on brain tissue, even at levels as low as 1 ppm fluoride in water (Varner 1998). These effects include:

— reduction in nicotinic acetylcholine receptors;

– reduction in lipid content;

– impaired anti-oxidant defense systems;

– damage to the hippocampus;

– damage to the purkinje cells;

– increased uptake of aluminum;

– formation of beta-amyloid plaques (the classic brain abnormality in Alzheimer’s disease);

– exacerbation of lesions induced by iodine deficiency; and

– accumulation of fluoride in the pineal gland. Source


Kidney disease markedly increases an individual’s susceptibility to fluoride toxicity.

The kidneys are responsible for ridding the body of ingested fluoride, and thereby preventing the buildup of toxic levels of fluoride in the body.

In healthy adults, the kidneys are able to excrete approximately 50% of an ingested dose of fluoride.

However, in adults with kidney disease the kidneys may excrete as little as 10 to 20% of an ingested dose – thus increasing the body burden of fluoride and increasing an individual’s susceptibility to fluoride poisoning (e.g. renal osteodystrophy).

The bone changes commonly found among patients with advanced kidney disease closely resemble the bone changes found among individuals with the osteomalacic-type of skeletal fluorosis. This raises the possibility that some individuals with kidney disease are suffering from undiagnosed skeletal fluorosis.

As noted by Dr. Edward Groth, a veteran Senior Scientist at Consumers Union:

“It seems probable that some people with severe or long-term renal disease, which might not be advanced enough to require hemodialysis, can still experience reduced fluoride excretion to an extent that can lead to fluorosis, or aggravate skeletal complications associated with kidney disease… It has been estimated that one in every 25 Americans may have some form of kidney disease; it would seem imperative that the magnitude of risk to such a large sub-segment of the population be determined through extensive and careful study. To date, however, no studies of this sort have been carried out, and none is planned” (Groth 1973; Doctoral Thesis; Stanford University).

Because the kidney accumulates more fluoride than all other soft tissues (with the exception of the pineal gland), there is concern that excess fluoride exposure may contribute to kidney disease – thus initiating a “vicious cycle” where the damaged kidneys increase the accumulation of fluoride, causing in turn further damage to the kidney, bone, and other organs.

The possibility that fluoride exposure can cause direct damage to kidney tissue is supported by a long line of animal and human studies.

In studies on fluoride-exposed animals, kidney damage has been reported at levels as low as 1 ppm if the animals consume the water for long periods of time.

In humans, elevated rates of kidney damage are frequently encountered among populations with skeletal fluorosis. In addition, several case reports suggest that some individuals with kidney disease can experience significant recovery in their clinical signs and symptoms following the provision of fluoride-free water. Source


According to the US National Research Council, “several lines of information indicate an effect of fluoride exposure on thyroid function.”

Fluoride’s potential to impair thyroid function is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that — up until the 1970s — European doctors used fluoride as a thyroid-suppressing medication for patients with HYPER-thyroidism (over-active thyroid). Fluoride was utilized because it was found to be effective at reducing the activity of the thyroid gland – even at doses as low as 2 mg/day.

Today, many people living in fluoridated communities are ingesting doses of fluoride (1.6-6.6 mg/day) that fall within the range of doses (2 to 10 mg/day) once used by doctors to reduce thyroid activity in hyperthyroid patients.

While it may be that the thyroid in a patient with hyperthyroidism is particularly susceptible to the anti-thyroid actions of fluoride, there is concern that current fluoride exposures may be playing a role in the widespread incidence of HYPO-thyroidism (under-active thyroid) in the U.S.

Hypothyrodisim, most commonly diagnosed in women over 40, is a serious condition with a diverse range of symptoms including: fatigue, depression, weight gain, hair loss, muscle pains, increased levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL), and heart disease.. The drug (Synthroid) used to treat hypothyroidism is now one of the top five prescribed drugs in the U.S.

As recommended by the US National Research Council: “The effects of fluoride on various aspects of endocrine function should be examined further, particularly with respect to a possible role in the development of several diseases or mental states in the United States.”Source


The great wealth of information is against fluoridation, but paid disinformation agents keep covering up the obvious, Fluoride is Poison. Nobody needs mass medications of harmful fluoride. Except exploiters of the people and the cover ups of polluters.
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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 08:50 PM
I think one can see the British Pro-Fluoride type, their need for the American Public to remain dumb, is really worried. If suddenly all of America wakes up and says we don't want fluoride and we want high function of mind, then they'll have a world full of high function Thomas Jeffersons that will kick out these big banker games for NWO and fluoride of Americans. American's recall will go way up and they'll remember history and think in complex terms. America's controllers don't want that to happen.

They'll have more Ron Pauls running for elections and saying lets dump the Foreign Aid. Lets dump the Federal Reserve and take control of the money and put the massive profits in the US treasury. The US won't be milked by these Foreign Banker games to promote their own NWO with endless wars,

That is what this big panic coming from Britain trying to sell the US on Bogus claims for fluoridation.

So far, minor007 has gotten caught trying every untruthful game in the book from telling false information on ionic solutions, to telling ALCOA and Germany never made NaF. Those obvious lies are a despiration move, as that information is extremely easy to find on the Internet. imho It has never been a mystery.

Now, more bogus half truths on fluoride builds bone mass, when the actual important pattern is fluorides weaken bones and promote broken bones of the hip, feet, wrist, and etc. Such prolific disinformation has intention to deceive. imho

Anyone can beat fluorides effects on the mind with Boron, magnesium, iodine supplements. Do those methods for 6 months and most are amaized at the differences they feel. But the untimate is to cut all the sources and drink pure water and eat less polluted food. I don't make a thing from telling anyone this, but I might get my country back from a bunch of treacherous traitors. Lots of stores sell Boron supplements and I use the 10mg type in a little capsule. It is inexpensive.

When everyone ditches the fluoride effects on America-----there will come a much higher understanding of the world and a rush back to real freedom that will send the money pirates into the streets. imho

Most Americans have lost the abilties of clear thought at high levels of intelligence and extensively deep memory functions. Returning that function is the key to Freedom, real Freedom and not Fascism.

The EU is about to fail and the world is about to come unglued due to these banking schemes that the world is going to move to resist on a massive scale. Britain's feeble attempts at NWO Empire are about to fail and their entire system is going to fall in near time.

Don't be so duped to fall down with them and their fluoride games.


It damages the liver and kidneys, weakens the immune system, possibly leading to cancer, creates symptoms that mimic fibromyalgia, and performs as a Trojan Horse to carry aluminum across the blood brain barrier. The latter is recognized as a source of the notorious "dumbing down" with lower IQ's and Alzheimer's effects of fluoride.


Avoiding Fluoride Contamination

As always, the first step in detoxifying is to curb taking in toxins. Purifying water by reverse osmosis or distillation in fluoridated water communities is a good start to slowing down your fluoride contamination. Distillation comes with a bit of controversy, as all the minerals are removed. A great mineral supplement such as Fulvic Acid (not folic acid) or unsulfured blackstrap molasses is recommended if you distill your water.


Boron was studied in other parts of the world with pronounced success for fluoride detoxification. Borox, which contains boron, has a history of anecdotal success for detoxifying sodium fluoride. Yes, this is the borox you can find in the laundry aisles of some supermarkets. It needs to be taken in with pure water in small quantities.

As little as 1/32 of a teaspoon to 1/4 of a teaspoon in one liter of water consumed in small quantities throughout the day is what has been demonstrated as safe and effective. Around 1/8 of a teaspoon with a pinch of pure sea salt in a liter consumed in small quantities daily has been reported to have dramatic results. There is the possibility of a food grade version with sodium borate, if you can find it.


Therapeutic Dosage

To treat arthritis and other deficiency symptoms that may be linked to other health conditions, Dr. Rex Newman recommends 10 mgs. Some populations have as much as 30 mg a day in their diet will only good effects, in most western countries the soils are grossly deficient.

We include Boron within our Capra Mineral Whey, Each 16 grams of whey contains Vitamin D3 450 I.U. Boron amino acid chelate, elemental weight of Boron 10mgs.

1 Diesendorf M. The Health Hazards of Fluoridation ; A Re-examination. Intern. Clinical Nutrition Review. 10-2.1990.p304-321


The Wonder of Boron

By John Claydon D.Hom with extracts from 'Beating Arthritis & Beating Osteoporosis’ by Dr. Rex E Newman Phd.

We supply Boron in two formulas:

Colloidal Minerals & Trace Elements with Boron and Vitamin D, this product aids calcium metabolism and gives an anti arthritic mineral source.


Relationship of Daily Boron consumption and incidence arthritis

Studies have shown a very clear link between Boron and the incidence of arthritis

Country Boron Consumption Arthritis Incidence
Jamaica Less than 1mg per day 70% of the population
USA, UK, Australia, NZ, South Africa 1 to 2mgs 20% of the population
Israel 10mgs 0.7% of the population


Note: Borax works and is extremely inexpensive, but it doesn't taste too good. To get a 5 mg dose of Boron from Borax, one has to take about 50 mg of Borax. This is 8used in little 3rd world areas, and it really can't be taken away from anyone in the world due to availability.

It is much easier to take one of the 10 mg Boron supplents in little pills that are becoming available in lots of health food stores, as the word gets around. Lots of the Senior Vitamins are putting in Boron now. So, join the club and free your minds for higher thinking and improve health

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 10:30 PM
Since fluorides have become a huge problem in society, one can't avoid them all. So, perhaps the best tip one can learn to battle against fluoride is use Boron techniques. They also help bone thinning by removing fluoride from the bone mass.


Research Overview

A review of animal and human research on boron yielded the following information which points to a much more comprehensive view of boron.

Deficiency in boron has been shown to contribute to:
1. Abnormal embryo development
2. Decreased sperm count
3. Ovarian deterioration
4. Damage in reproductive function
5. Decrease in electrical activity in the brain
6. Sub optimal mineral metabolism
7. Poor manual dexterity
8. Impaired hand-eye coordination

Boron supplementation was found to:
1. Increase steroid hormone levels (testosterone) and therefore may be of interest to athletes
2. Increase bone growth and strength
3. Augment estrogen function and therefore may help prevent atherosclerosis
4. Improve brain function and cognitive functioning
5. Reduce HDL cholesterol
6. Affect thyroid hormone levels
7. Alleviate harmful effects of vitamin D, magnesium, and potassium deficiency in postmenopausal bone loss
8. Play a role in the prevention of osteoporosis
9. Be of benefit in the treatment of arthritis
10. Prevents calcium loss in postmenopausal women

Some information about Boron:
1. Dried prunes are a good source of boron
2. The bones of humans using boron supplement are harder to cut
3. Research indicates that areas of the world with highest intake of dietary boron have the lowest incidence of arthritis
4. Boron increased life span in animal studies
5. Boron works synergistically with calcium and magnesium
6. Boron balances vitamin D3 deficiency
7. Boron contributes to growth cartilage maturation

Boron Citations (38)


Signs of Boron deficiency
Deficiency of Boron has been linked to:

Kidney stones
Decreased mental alertness
Potential uses for Boron
Research indicates that Boron may also be useful in the treatment of:

Calcium loss
Broken bones
Bacterial infections
Mouth ulcers
Eye infections


More about Boron
Boron is a trace mineral found in plant sources — while an essential mineral for plant growth, it is under debate whether or not it's essential for humans. It is, however, vital for the metabolism of calcium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and Vitamin D and may be important for the optimal health of bones and joints.

Shown to reduce the loss of calcium in post-menopausal women, boron may combat arthritis and osteoporosis. Some research has also revealed it may reduce the pain and swelling associated with these conditions.

For all boron does, what may be most interesting, especially if you have been watching the field of performance nutrition develop, is that it does not have any ability to increase testosterone levels nor muscle mass in men. Those were the beliefs about a decade ago, when boron was all the rage among bodybuilders who thought it would replace anabolic steroids. Fortunately, this hope for natural alternatives has driven science to uncover effective supplements, like creatine and HMB.

Strong bones and joints
As you might notice while watching an NFL game, athletes can place unbelievable stresses on their joints and bones. Boron may help athletes maintain optimal joint and bone health — "help" being the key word here. Of more interest may be its importance in helping broken bones heal faster (most likely faster than they would in a slightly boron-deficient person).

Increased testosterone?
While some reports have indicated boron may increase testosterone levels, this has only been shown in postmenopausal women. It does not have the same effect in healthy male athletes. Nonetheless, boron's effects on hormonal balance in post-menopausal women were shown to enhance the positive effects of estrogen. Conclusion: Great for post-menopausal women. Try something else if you are a man looking for muscle mass.

Boost brain power?
Experts have recently suggested that boron may help enhance brain functioning and mental alertness. Unfortunately, again, details are not yet known as to why boron may be beneficial for mental functioning.


More reports on Boron:

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 01:04 AM

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posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 06:22 AM
Now that the fluoride disinformation non-sense person has been exposed and these Fluoride Mafia persons shown to be liars about mass medication that harms America, the conspiracy is exposed. imho

The Fluoride Mafia types, like Minor007, even lie about the existance of a Fluoride Conspiracy, but everyone has seen how easy it was to confront and expose their lies. imho

Everyone can see that even reputable EPA doctorate scientists know of the Fluroide Conspiracy.

Check the following well written discussion on the issue:


The Fluoride Conspiracy

Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century.
~ Robert Carlton, Ph.D, former EPA scientist, 1992

The history of forcing fluoride on humans through the fluoridation of drinking water is wrought with lies, greed and deception. Governments that add fluoride to drinking water supplies insist that it is safe, beneficial and necessary, however, scientific evidence shows that fluoride is not safe to ingest and areas that fluoridate their drinking water supplies have higher rates of cavities, cancer, dental fluorosis [click for pictures], osteoporosis and other health problems.

lots more on the URL


With all of Europe confronting the lies on Fluoride, the time has come for American's to be liberated from the mass medication fluioride crime. imho

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 06:24 AM
no need to buy boron supplements.

If you live healthy and have a rich fruit and veg diet which includes raisins almonds hazel nuts, you are giving your body enough boron for the body needs. In fact 100grams of raisins by themselves gives 4.5mg of boron.

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 06:43 AM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

What on earth are you babbling on about? You have provided nothing but pseudoscience half truths and lies. There is no fluoride conspiracy save that what exists in your head. Admittingly from an american point of view there may be some concern because of the high recommended limit of 4ppm. However in the areas where fluoride toxicity have been reported it has been through people drinking NATURAL sources of water containing high fluoride amounts. The human population has been drinking fluoride since we came out of the water.
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btw who is Robert Carlton, Ph.D, former EPA scientist, 1992. I have googled his name and found his name linked to many fringe sites dating back to 95.
For someone who is against fluoride in the water he is certainly hard to find. This guy dosent even have his own webpage telling of the dangers. So again who is he?
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