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False Flags; Iran; ATS...what happen???

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posted on Jan, 10 2012 @ 08:29 AM
" Harder for the Jackals to get my money "


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posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by LadySkadi

I will say this one more time because I like to hear my self type :-)
Those pirates do not leave the coast without a mother ship because they are going a long way out from the coast.
The mother ship locates a target then they launch the skiffs, then the mother ship drops or drags nets to look like they are fishing.

Yes they are fishing for human lives and money, now with Iran being a no-nonsense country you would think that should be a deterrent.

Some have said here on this thread that the pirates do not want to die or even fight......hogwash and I will provide video proof that they are killers and armed to the teeth.

Please remember that this Iranian fishing boat was in very deep sea ( Deep Blue) and by the looks of the boat is was not worth a whole lot of money.

But the pirates decide that a war zone loaded with all kinds of nations navies is a good place to attack an Iranian vessel whom just so happen to have Russia for an Allie, not to mention China as well with their very stealthy rubber submarines.
I stand firm In my belief that something is wrong with this whole story because the pirates have never acted like this before, as in attacking a small fishing boat in a war zone loaded with very powerful attack ships and air force.

The following links offer a very good idea of what Russians do to people whom screw with them.
WARNING.......graphic material in the links with blood and death, please don't view them if you are easily upset.
Please view them if you want to get my angle here on why this story is crap.

These pirates do shoot to kill and do fight to the death and they are drugged up as well, this I will show you too in one of the links below.






Let us not forget those pesky Chinese rubber submarines either as we all know the Chinese have a major interest in Iran.


Now you will notice in that second last link that they don't go anywhere without their mother ship, especially while you are hundreds of Nautical miles off of the coast.
Translation is that if you have no gas or no way to get home you die, there is no way a skiff is going 2-3 hundred Nautical miles off of the coast and returning.

My point here is those pirates are murderous and my links show this, they are also very smart as in having a support vessel at hand.
They cannot get home without one so in this story here are my faults with it.....
The missing mother ship for the pirates, much bigger than that fishing boat they found without a problem.
No Russian or Chinese navies to be seen or heard from.
No shooting just a surrender after spending a supposed month at sea waiting for millions in ransom for a 15k at most boat.

No Iranian Navy to be seen or heard of.
When successful these pirates do get millions in ransom and they do know what kind of ships to hit for the most money.
They do not hit fishing boats with a load of fish and a owner who probably was the captain judging by the size of the fishing boat in the picture.

I live right on the border with the US and they have installed camera's all along the river here.
If I feel stupid enough I could hop in a boat and try to cross over the river but I would not make it shore.
Camera's , drones, a real dead zone and I am talking US/Canada.

Now Imagine me taking a vessel hostage here on the river and it takes a month to find me.
Now Imagine this same thing in a war zone and it takes a month to find me with all that high tech Navy stuff not to mention the drones.

That is my perspective on this and please feel free to change it.

When I smell fish I smell fish
Regards, Iwinder

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