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Liberty Broadsides; Posters Designed with Liberty in Mind

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posted on Jan, 8 2012 @ 01:36 AM
Liberty Broadsides are posters created by myself in order to spread the idea of Liberty. Many of them feature Dr. Ron Paul or are simply propaganda pieces against his rivals. I posted the links to all the broadsides currently created. Feel free to use them on Facebook, Twitter, Etc.

Liberty Broadsides

Ron Paul VS Obama in 2012

Principle Over Politics

Wall Streets Prettyboy

New Frontrunner Ron Paul

Beware Phony Tea Party Conservatives

The Original Tea Party Candidate

The Only Candidate That Can Beat Obama

Second American Revolution

Moneybomb & Promotional Broadsides

11/11/11 Veterans Day Moneybomb

December 16th Tea Party Moneybomb

Rock The Revolution Tour Flyer

Liberty Broadsides Gallery

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