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Santorini - seismic activity going on

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posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 05:02 PM

It seems that the seismic activity on the main faults and below the active volcanic island Nea Kameni is still going on. Is this a sign of moving magma? Perhaps. It could also be caused by small tectonic movements caused by changes in the hyrdothermal system. The earthquakes are still small (mostly 0,5-2 R), but they are increased in numbers and concentrated at Nea Kameni. The last eruption took place in 1950. Maybe we can see the evolution of an new eruption circle in a near future? Most likely, no. At least, that's the most realistic answer now. In most cases, seismic swarms whether caused by magma intrusions or not, are not followed by an eruption.
Volcano Discovery

Santorini explosion could be biggest disaster of century. It would cause Tsunami reaching every Mediterrean country. Its ash cloud could block radiation of sun and cause nuclear winter for years.

Current activity around Santorini

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