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Head of consumer protection agency received $40 million from Wall Street

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posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 03:43 PM
And NOW you know why Obama has violated the constitution to put her into position.

Wall Street money for Warren

But it turns out she may be indirectly accepting Wall Street money. The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, which is helping the Harvard Professor, has taken over $40 million from Wall Street during the last 7 years according to records from In fact, Wall Street is the biggest contributors to them. They beat lawyers and labor union. Just during this election season the DSCC has already received $1.5 million from Wall Street.

If Lizzy Warden is truly opposed to Wall Street money, then shouldn’t she reject the DSCC’s money? Otherwise she is just using the DSCC to funnel in Wall Street money.

So keep believing that Obama wants to HELP YOU... so as always, Obama does something that ``looks good`` but really, you dig deeper and what do we find? More Wall Street money.

The republicans blocked her because they don't want anything to happen to their friends the big corporations screwing the consumers, then you have the democrats, appointing another Wall Street crony to head the consumer protection agency... Surprise surprise.
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posted on Jan, 8 2012 @ 06:27 AM
A couple of questions first considering the complex financial implications for all US government agencies.

1. Did this money go directly to the general operations of DSCC or Elizabeth Warren as a 'Bonus'?
2. How has the performance of DSCC been in regards to these sponsors?

Conflicts of interest are a very important issue for all decision making processes. Sometimes they cannot be avoided and does present a very difficult challenge for those involved. Would the capabilities of DSCC diminish if these funds where not available? Is DSCC generally operating effectively with potential or another oxymoron?

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