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Why I am voting for Ron Paul...How I Got To Be A Supporter.

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posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 03:03 PM
I wanted to create this thread as a personal account of how I got to be an avid supporter for Ron Paul and how it has changed my life.

I'm 37 years old. I remember since 18 years old I always thought that the two party system of (R) and (D) seemed somehow 'wrong'. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but even since a young age I had a bad feeling about what seemed to be a monopoly on our lives as Americans. I remember the first time I could vote Ross Perot was running. I was telling people about him at 18, railing against the 2 party system, as all my friends were touting the 'usual' candidates. I remember registering as "Independent' and feeling like I washed my hands of something just by that act alone.

Since then I hadn't really felt like I fit into any party line. I always felt like the guy running was not for me, always a lesser of two evils scenario which I never could get behind. It was always, "Well that guy isn't as bad as the other guy". My social and world views changed since then going back and forth sometimes like a lot of 'young people'. I leaned left some years, right others. Into my late 20's I was still of a "moderate" mind.

Then 911 happened. It jolted me into a mindset closer to Neoconservatives far more than ever before, without even realizing it. I cheered on the war when we invaded Iraq, I remember when we were doing 'Shock and Awe" I cheered literally at the bombs. I believed all the BS about "Al Qaeda", War On Terror, Mushroom Clouds, Etc.
I was swallowing every line the MSM and Bush Regime sold us, well most of us.

One day around 2003 when I finally joined the "Internets" I came across a few blogs about 911. It started a journey for me into places at the time I didn't want to go. I became a researcher into 911 and the Mid East situation. For once in my life I was actually waking up to the crap I had been spouting all these years with NO knowledge of what I was speaking. It was humbling to realize just how ignorant I was, when all that time I thought I was a "smart guy".

I researched things like Neoconservatism, Straussianism, Trotsky, PNAC, Pentagon, Military Industrial Complex, CIA, and almost everything related. It was all a new paradigm for me and I was probably angrier more than any other time in my life at MYSELF. I read everything I could find obsessively like I discovered the world for the first time at 28.

Ron Paul Comes In

Through my research I came across the name "Ron Paul" in a chatroom. I never heard of him until then (2003). Someone linked me to a YouTube video on Neoconservatism. I read everything about Ron Paul because something about him spoke to me in a way no other 'politician' had. Whenever I bought up his name then NOBODY had heard of him. Maybe 1 out of 20 if I was lucky. More people knew about Dennis Kucinich, who I was also starting to follow.

2008 came around. I heard he was running for President after not really paying much attention to him for a couple years. I was excited at the thought. I started posting online about him in multiple chats, linking to his articles, trying to 'get the word out'. It was then I started looking into his policies at a deeper level. Till I knew them back and forth.

It was at that time I went further into what he really believes. I started venturing into Economic Philosophy, Libertarianism, Anarcho Capitalism. Reading things by Von Mises (who I heard about through Justin Raimando) Hayek, Rothbard, Friedman, and other Libertarian minded writers and Philosophers. I was blown away what I didn't know. I started researching Socialism, Capitalism, Economic History and Movements of economic policy.

I was settling with the thought that I had always been inside a "Libertarian". The more I read and researched the stronger the feeling was. I started to compare the policies with the Status Quo understandings we mostly tout in this country. Issues of the Federal Reserve, Keynesian models, currency, bubbles, Monetary Policy, Constitutional Law, War, Social Engineering. My mind saw the world differently. Disappointed and sad, but relieved I was discovering and seeing patterns for once in my adult life and help explaining the things I couldn't put into words before.

So today I sit here in 2012 and this man once again is running for President. I think about all the lies we've been told. War on Terror, Mid East Issues, Economic Policy, Banking, Wall Street, Interventionism, our history as Americans, the Corruption, the Unconstitutional laws passed, Civil Liberties, The Founders, "Crony Capitalism", Corporatism.

All these things we as a whole really know NOTHING about but should. And I think of ONE MAN willing to speak about and challenge it all. How many children and innocent civilians must be kill in the name of "Freedom". How long must the banking Elite run us like Serfs? How much Government is enough? When does the corruption stop?...where does it stop? What happened to our Constitution, separation of Powers, our currency, inflation, spending? How far can this go until we implode?

There is only ONE man in the field today willing to honestly address this for the first time I have seen in my short (but long enough) 37 years. At 37 I have seen this nation fall apart in front of my eyes since I was little............... by Neoconservative-Neoliberals-Status Quo (R) and (D)-Meglomaniacal-Warhawking-Sociopath-Corporate-Lobbyist-Banker-Fed Crony-AIPAC-Union Gangster-Top To Bottom Welfare-Interventionist-Fascist-Oligopoly-Cartel-Federal Power Grabbing-Big Brother.....HACKS and MAGGOTS.

I've had enough of it all. I choose to support the man that has at least a hint of a chance to finally shake this monster we've ALL helped create. I may not agree on everything he says. I may find some faults here and there (rarely). But I truly believe this man is the only SHOT we have, and at minimum will change the national debate, discourse, discussion on where we need to go.

It's not HIM that I support, it's the idea that comes with HIM, and those that follow his views or are in mostly agreement about his overall message.

To me it's his WORDS that represent a 'revolution' of sorts. For once in my 37 years I can say I will vote with confidence because 76 year old flight surgeon, Obstetrician, Congressman is asking the questions I've always asked and saying the things I can't say directly to the SYSTEM that needs to hear it.

It may sound hyperbolic and fanatical, but I honestly feel this is our only shot in a long time to have 'change'. It might be uncomfortable at first, it may be a hard road, but we have so much reversing to do to get back to what we are supposed to be about and I feel this one man can at least point us in that direction.

I don't know if anyone will come along in my lifetime with this vantage point like Ron. Someone who is THIS close to power with this kind of "new thought". But I cannot support anyone else logically or emotionally when I consider all the outs, the variables, the hypotheticals, and simply going by the numbers.

He IS to me the only logical and sensible choice, for once in my 37 years of life on this spinning rock.

posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 03:33 PM
Ron Paul is the man America desperately needs to win this election. DESPERATELY needed!!

The current Congressional Job Approval rating shows that the American citizens [color=limegreen]OVERWHELMINGLY DISAPPROVE of the job that these BUMS are doing to this country with a HUGE percentage of 84%.

If this country has ANY brains, Ron Paul should WIN by 84% being that, WITHOUT doubt, all these BUMS running for election are [color=limegreen]EXACTLY the same BUMS that 84% of Americans are SICK AND TIRED of.

WAKE THE [color=limegreen]BLEEP UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

This BS has to STOP.
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posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 03:55 PM

Originally posted by PaxVeritas

Then 911 happened. It jolted me into a mindset closer to Neoconservatives far more than ever before, without even realizing it. I cheered on the war when we invaded Iraq, I remember when we were doing 'Shock and Awe" I cheered literally at the bombs. I believed all the BS about "Al Qaeda", War On Terror, Mushroom Clouds, Etc.
I was swallowing every line the MSM and Bush Regime sold us, well most of us.

I'm 38... i bought into that as well and also in 2003-04 I started thinking something wasn't right. There is more than meets the eye here. It also got me searching for answers. I have hope left that Ron Paul can make changes too.

What I hope is that even if he doesn't get the nomination he will get enough attention that it will bring out the curiosity in people. They will start there own searches on capitalism, socialism, liberalism ect... and find something they like instead of just being told they have to vote for there favorite republicrat.

Ron Paul would have nothing to lose if he were POTUS. Knowing this I think he would call out Congress and there BS acting they do. (You know the act that they can't get along [for the public] while they are raking in the dough from lobbyist.) The longer they draw things out the more money they make from the lobbyist. It keeps the public dems hating politcal Republicans and vice versa. So everyone is busy hating and nothing gets done, while the rich get richer.

posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 04:55 PM
reply to post by PaxVeritas

Paul Levinson on Media Misreporting Ron Paul

posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 05:00 PM
Voting is a crime and you should not be voting for anyone, it is by our voting that keeps the defacto (not of right) in power, and keeps the citizens in slavery.

Look up treason by design, as well as PACs patriot mis-belief on ATS.

Thank you.

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