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"Ron Paul's Values" - NEW ANTI-PAUL Attack Ad [VID] - VIA Huntsman...?

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posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 09:45 AM
"Ron Paul's Values"

Just in case you didn't catch the satire...
Here's the video description:

The Constitution is stupid and never did help out America do anything.
Vote for Jon Huntsman, because he hates the Constitution!
More bailouts!
More control from the government!
I trust the government because politicians don't lie.
Every time Jon Huntsman says he wants more government, my heart melts for him.

Followed by a link:
Huntsman Complicit in "False Flag" Video

And here's the Uploader Comment at the top of the Comments section:

Hello mainstream media! As you can see by my screen name, I must be affiliated with Jon Huntsman in some way.
Therefore, whatever I have to say must mean it's coming straight from Huntsman's mouth!
You see how this works?
Read the article at the bottom of the description of this video to understand more.

YEYEAHHHH like a boss baby

There's also already a thread here on ATS on that linked article:
Huntsman Complicit in "False Flag"- Style Dirty Trick Against Paul

This is a video that someone made to prove a point because the MSM is STILL reporting a bunch of lies and disinformation about the "China Jon" video.

i.e.- This Bloomberg article:

Specifically the last section of the article:

‘Dangerous’ Foe

He also distanced himself from a television advertisement his backers are running attacking Hunstman,
which calls the former ambassador to China someone with “Chinese values.”

“I understand it’s an ugly ad and I’ve disavowed it,” Paul said.
“Obviously, it was way out of order.”

Television advertisement?!?!

I emailed both the reporter and the editor about this, so they better damn well 'GET THEIR STORY STRAIGHT' soon.

Here's the info if anyone is interested:
in source

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