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Skill Testers for the kids and Poker machines for the Adults(Australia)

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posted on Jan, 6 2012 @ 09:48 PM
Just noticed my local pub that has Gaming(poker) Machines/Punting/Keno, now has two skill testers for the kids and no other normal arcade type games, just these money sucking skill testers.
Now I'm under the understanding that this is some kinda teaching for the kids to gamble, would I be correct to say that this is their ambitions.

As now they are forced to have gambling problem pamphlets in their bathrooms that promote do not gamble and tv commercials they have the same message about gambling.

Is the government just trying to make it look like they care? Are these kids getting the message that gambling is bad, when there is a skill tester that rewards you if your good enough?

This is happen in a small town in Australia, Tasmania, this pub has the highest rate of gamblers in the state. makes the most money excluding casinos.

anyone in Australia notice this or is this just old tatics?

edit:made the country more pacific
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