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posted on Sep, 11 2004 @ 11:12 AM
i had the strangest dream last night, i had just gotten home from a party and i fell asleep almost straight away along with a few mates who had also come home to my house. in my dream i had woken the next day and realised in the dream that it was Valentines day (weird eh?) and that i had forgotten to get something for somebody ive had my eye on, haha. it was very strange, then i woke up and though "CRAP ITS VALENTINES DAY IVE GOTTA DO SOMETHING FAST" and then realised, oh wait, its nowhere near valentines day what the hell am i doing? and went back to sleep.

most of my dreams dont require me to look into symbolism, but does anybody know what Valentines day would symbolise? lol. thanks for any help.

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