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Radiation Leaks, our weapon against "alien attacks!"

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posted on Jan, 6 2012 @ 05:38 PM
looking around the threads, bored, i noticed that ATS is lacking the good old sci-fi/sci-fact that pushes critics and inspires people.

guess its time for a doozy, old school style! lol

ok ...the title....what do you rekon?

lol, i bet.. well...where do i start...the pacific!

the pacific and:

the australian floods
new zealand earth quake, beached whales
japanese earthquake, and tsunami and reactor melt down

so the pacific ocean has been very "active" this last year, with intense geological activity....plate techtonics, deep ocean trenches ....blah blah blah...ok, but did you realise - "The Marianas Trench is 36,000 feet below sea level - the deepest known region of the world's oceans" . Take note of the ocean floor near the infamous pacific "Ring of Fire."

Circling the Pacific Basin, on the bottom of the sea bed, lie a dramatic series of volcanic arcs and oceanic trenches. The zone - the 'Ring of Fire' - notorious for frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, coincides with the edges of one of the world's main tectonic plates.
More than half of the world's active volcanoes above sea level are part of the ring.

the area in between east and between days...inbetween the ancient western/eastern mountains where the sun sets and rises.....

In the past 25 years, scientists developed a theory called plate tectonics explaining the locations of volcanoes and other large-scale geologic features.

now i want to quickly mention haarp .... if the shoe fits!

i was wondering if HAARP was being used to induce earthquakes and other weather anomlies....

to cause earthquakes, the theory of creating waves which "upset" the techtonic plates...i dont want to go on about inducing quakes...but inducing floods!

the theory of heating an area of water....the colder water moves away from the hot water and builds up on the coast....

apparantly haarp works by emitting rays which are "bounced" off of the ionsphere, to hit a target
but how would haarp collect data, aim, concentrate an electronic wave to hit a target ? ...

which brings me onto...GOCE

operating within the ionsphere
using xenon fuel to keep its low orbit, with an ion propulsion system
the LOWEST orbitor in space..The satellite's arrow shape and fins help keep the GOCE stable as it flies through the wisps of air still present at an altitude of 260 km...

packed with key never-flown systems, and operating in an orbit — about 255 kilometers — that no science satellite had ever used before.

GOCE has the following scientific instruments:
* Gradiometer: 3 pairs of 3-axis, servo-controlled, capacitive accelerometers (each pair separated by a distance of 0.5 m)
* 12-channel GPS receiver with geodetic quality
* Laser retroreflector enabling tracking by ground-based lasers...this is what makes it suspect

he lowest orbitor out of all of the sattleties, it was sent to look and map gravity using E&M tecnology...imediatly showing a link between E&M and gravity....its physical makeup looks like a cannon..pulse of the most highest & strongest technological sattelites

goce recently mapped the was sent to measure ocean circulation, sea-level change and ice dynamics – all affected by climate change. - part of ESA's Living Planet Programme

could TPTB be using haarp and radiation to fend off, or to warn a foreign/alien radiation used to keep something or someone away?....

Just months after the attack on Pearl Harbor when the US declared war on Japan the sirens blared in southern California on February 24, 1942 at around 10:30pm. alien craft attacked california!

so this "empty" area of the earth.....seems to be louder than usual......

could it be godzilla trying to make an appearance

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posted on Jan, 6 2012 @ 07:29 PM
I dunno. To produce radiation, you have to be a decently advanced civilization. If I were an alien, with space probes and what-not, looking around the galaxy, I'd probably set up some sort of scan for radiation, or electrical activity, or whatever. A lot of these alien reports happened around the 40s and 50s, when major nuclear testing occurred. Or maybe it was all radiation hallucinations.


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