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I have finally joined to discuss the subliminal messaging on the comedy channel

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posted on Jan, 6 2012 @ 10:16 AM
I have been a long term lurker and have finally joined, so here is my first post. We were watching the MIB movie last night when the following subliminal messaging came up for about 2 secs:

2012 we have arrived. The new year is upon us, bringing with it hopes and dreams for the future. Well lets put a stop to this new years eve resolution guff right now. Its not going to happen. Why do we put ourselves through this ridiculous charade year after year after year? The misguided attempt to set new goals for our lives just because we have reached the end of the twelth lunar cycle since the last time we promised ourselves the same lofty plans of self betterment. The worst part is that we know that its not going to happen, our hopeful naivety is matched only by our self delusion, the vows to eat less will vanish in a cloud of cake by the end of the week. The promise to give up alcohol will be broken the first day you have a stressful day at work, which by the way you will not quit, after all its not a good time to be looking for work, right? But its not all doom and gloom, if we shift our attention away from such unattainable targets, stop denying ourselves the things that make us happy and focus on just doing the best we canin any given situation then things will, slowly but surely get better. Thats our new year resolution anyway and we're sticking to it.

Please note that the words: 2012, new, hopes, plans, broken, shift and from are all written in red text, the rest is in white.

[due to personal info, image removed]

The second message reads:

Well this is it 2012 the end of days, the apocalypse, ragnarok, armageddon.Apparently the world will end and there is no escape. Even Kim Jong-il would rather shuffle of this mortal coil than see in the new year knowing that there is a chance that the mayans goit it right, so what can we expect from our last year on Earth? Riots? Earthquakes? Volcanoes? The dead rising from the grave? Well maybe not that last one. What is certain is that the press will do something utterly unconscionable. Celebrities will behave appauling and there will be outrage. We will still have no money, some important people will die and we shall moan about the weather. On reflection maybe the end of the world wont be so bad, so let us go gently into this year together as one , safe in the knowledge that if the world does end, at least we shall be ready. Build a concrete bunker in the garden, stock up on that ham in a tin and stick on your best jumper, because 2012 is going to be interesting. Happy new year.

Please note that 2012, year, grave, celebrities, moan, weathergarden and happy new year are all in red text.

So tell me guys what are your views on this
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posted on Jan, 6 2012 @ 10:18 AM
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