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Ufology 101, Consequence and Awakening

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posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 03:21 PM
The previous times and cycles long ago, when another type of human was throughout the solar system, having bases on the moon, pyramids on mars, earthlings were space age, and we had advanced technology. And I remember/have glimpses of this time and a connection between Mars and Lemuria ever so long ago, far before Sumar and the annanuki labs. I never understood frequency or gravity realms, I'm not sure what is meant by frequency, for example, we say higher frequency, and I'll use that too, but it not necessarily that kind of thing, Radiation is a higher frequency too. Perhaps, and maybe its a different thing, maybe its like in the Electric Universe, the twin magnetisms, creating differences in gravity.

However, I have a feeling, that this was a "higher frequency" or higher state kind of existence, where people came from various systems and knew/remembered more, and were longer lived and more intelligent and far more lived the equality, than the pyramid fascist abuses of the annanuki group. Which is why I'm not sure that it was corporal as we understand, but it may very well have been, simply not corporal in a Fallen State as earth is now.

Something occurred that gave permissions/access to the negative side to cause upheavals in land masses, to create crustal displacements, to depopulate and to rebuild a control system, a matrix within a matrix, a shorter lived, lesser intellgent human model and the current situation that spanned from over 200 000 years ago (combining annanuki labs and sumar with out of Africa theory).

The bible, which is not a 6000 year old document but has some lost information and very ancient myths, and they speak of humanity living hundreds of years at one point, ad then being downgraded to lesser lifespans.

That probably came from the Atlantis/Lemuria cycle. Possibly due to radiation, not just lab work, for I imagine what we call cro magnon man and various groups that had survived the cataclysm in Europe and throughout the world, the red haired and blond haired mummies, So not just the annanuki, Elohim in the bible, downgrading, but radiation, stresses, lowering life expectancy and intelligence all over the world.

But DNA is changeable in real time, that means in our daily lives, not just a code at birth, and not just subject to harmful substenances and environmental pollution/stres. We can speak positive, think positive and change it according to Russian research. Even setting the intention can create more cohension between right and left hemisopheres and more awareness.

posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 01:19 PM
Im looking through my threads to find somewhere to put this. Because not up to starting another thread, especially anything related to ufology, as there are two equally depressing reactions to them. One is skeptics and slurs, innuendo's, also just lack of understanding what ufology really is. What the spiritual nature of ufology is, with the most common belief in a spiritual ufology being demonology, due to fundmentalism, which is childhood, its wanting to be babied in a concrete prison without questioning, or noticing even , passages that don't agree with the fundamental perspective. Glossing over details to stay the course on something that is very personal and cannot be viewed in one way. The other is just ignoring good info. Walk on by. How many really are searching and reaching with their energy? Not as many as should be.

But we all are Spirit. And as much as people want life to be this concrete plane they're in only, and everything to interact from this concept, its not so.

Just found some interviews of James Gilliland, on a site that I don't frequent, but if anyone is so closed minded not to realize that this site has large numbers of people who are waking up, some experiencers themselves, then they're missing alot.

Here in this video he talks about his concept of ascension and the ground crew. As for the ascension, I know energies are coming in to wake this planet up, and that we have choices, alot of healing of nature and the world can still take place if humanity does stand still, and start to realize that everything is a distraction, all the politics, wars, and events, traumas, are distractions because TPTB via their large corporations believe they can bring about the end of the world, and force the cycle, or make the worst happen in a known cycle coming.

Destroying the natural world and nature, and resetting, because they know there is a universal consequence, so dumping this on humanity who is barely managing to keep their heads above water with all the trauma dumped on them, and sabotaged in their own awakening where they could bypass this system that does not listen or give them a voice, and draw in their own spiritual empowerment and help from on High. So its a lot of cheating the passive rules of the system and sabotage that is being down by this thuggery that is mismanaging everything and they'd rather it was destroyed than humanity progressed or freed.

So I have no idea about ascension, but do know we are being awoken and there are cycles and they don't have to be lions, we can change them into positive progression instead.

Also I'm aware that many of us are the ground crew, but not how to be more effective. I would love to attend the classes at the ranch, but as it is, just hearing him share his experiences, knowledge and the frequency that he's at, I feel so parched and water is trickling in soothing and nourishing and I' so grateful for this.

So I'm sharing. We need to become more effective as the ground crew and rise above the traumas and difficulties in our lives and respond to mother earth's call for healing and to everyone in need from humans, to nature/animals. I'm not speaking to a few, or group that is privileged. But to every single person on earth, rise to the occasion,not with ego engaged, but just with faith, joy, and Love, to help. Seek answers.
this radio blog interview as well.
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posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 09:48 AM
OK, so I took notes on this video and also found it on Youtube. I took notes from a certain point on.

Episode 6 - Soul Adventure TV - James Gilliland

Episode 6 Soul Adventure TV – James Gilliland

Energy Incoming-

Apex of this is around the 21st (Dec 2012). I don't think its an exact date, everyone holds hand, and ascends,.....I just think its individual. People are going to go when they've chosen to go, they're have their own contracts, their own agreements that they came to fulfill. I think some people totally chose to shift, to ride the planet through, and take as many people as they can with them, and other people chose not to. The chose just to come down here and work a few things out and that's all they chose to come here and do.

When the interviewer says “a cosmic light wave coming from the center of our galaxy”:

--There are so many things going on, so many sources that are coming in. I think its Susan Rentin, but she's an astrophycist ….she says the earth is getting hit with over 500 hits a day of cosmic energies coming in, gamma rays, xrays, we're just getting totally bombarded right now. Susan Joy Renison is her name. There is a huge, looks like a serpent energy going around the planet at the equator right now. And NASA doesn't even know what this is and its cutting off the GPS and its causing trouble with the satellites.

The Rattlesnake Prophecies of the Cherokees talk about this huge serpent rope, this energy that is moving out through the Pleiadies, the Orion Council, or the Orion System, then spins around and comes back and hits earth.

So we're getting hit by so many different things, and also those huge magnetic waves that were coming into allignment with galactic core.....If you study seimantics you know that whenever a big burst of energy comes into the planet everything has to adapt and change and match that frequency or find equilibrium.

(interviewer says that he had mentioned the affect of the energy wave upon the human body would be one of transmutation):

---Well on a physical level our DNA lines all have an attribute and if you look at DNA of lamas and yogi's that have engaged in a lot of spiritual practices. They've gone through DNA changes. It's actually measurable. And the sun itself is actually altering our DNA. And when these lines open up, one of the lines is telepathy. Another line when it gets activated, is the ability to see forward or backward in time. Another line activates where you can do bilocation and teleportation. The other chain is the salamader chain where you can actually regrow a new arm. The scientists use to call this junk DNA and now they're finding out its not junk. Its just not activated. But all of that is being activated right now, so that's one level. And when these waves hit us it affects our bioelectric field around our body. Some people will get really tired and lethargic and they'll be achey everywhere and just want to sleep, other people just get really excited by it. They might have emotional outbursts and old wounds and trauma's will surface for them to deal with....A wave form, high and low, you get really high with it and then you crash.....eventually you'll find equilibrium in that........

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 09:50 AM

---We're responsible for what's in front of us. And how we respond to what's in front of us is individual. One will respond as a victim and one will respond as a god (empowered). But if you keep seeing the One in everything and you keep holding that unity consciousness, and focus on love and joy and bliss, thats the Ultimate Power in the Universe, that's the Source itself, and if you channel this into these situations, you're the one in control basically.

---Every choice you make creates a forward momentum, so that the choices you don't make are just possibilities (instead of timelines) like a deadend. That would be my version of it, but I'm not infallible....

He gives an example of a crowd going off a cliff (7 billion) with momentum and even if you are tyring not to you can still get swept off with them. But you may be the one who is realizing God and Love are overhead and reach your hand up for guidance and help and be able to bring that Power into the equation and change things.

He gives an example of visions he had and others of quakes, and how his visions came true and how he was focusing on people needing to gets groups together and others had visions of San Francisco being completely obliterated. And with more people aware and being concerned and making an effort, and he even saw andromedan ships using green energy down the fault lines, they may have changed or postponed a strong timeline probability, one that may have been in the 70-80% chance range, (THAT IS WHY WE'RE HERE! WE CAN THIS. THAT IS NOT WRITTEN STONE, LION OR LAMB, ITS IN OUR HANDS TOO).

(Interviewer talks about how James has talked about 3 principles, love God with all your heart, honor each individual as a unique expression of God, and finally, behave as if the God of all Life matters.)

---He goes on to say God isn't a little old man sitting on a cloud, that all the images or ideas of God in all the religions are a creation. And if a little old man comes along and tells you he's God, tell him you want to talk to his Mom)

I just see the Source as the Wellspring from which all Life came forth. Its more of a consciousness or an energy, its Nothing and Everythign at the same time. God is Love and Joy and Bliss and he just focus's on those energies......One of the Tibetan Llamas that I studied with, he said: There's so few Christed beings on the planet because its so damned simple. You focus on Love and Joy and Bliss until you become it. You're closest to the Source when you're in bliss.

(the interviewer says: You can't hold yourself in the light while you insist your brother and sister remain in darkness. We're all a part of that unity. And once you accept that there is Divine Love/Energy and Divine Creation in each and every one it sure makes it harder to take advantage and molest them and destroy them. And once you wrap your head around that, because you're in essence doing it to yourself).

--And it unfortunate that we do have a society based on competition and separation and it goes all the way up the top, and the more you go up the food chain, themore separate things are. The more they do the division program.

One of the masters said, “you may believe in love and joy and bliss and unity consiousness \, but that may not be their truth.” You hold your own focus, but you have to realize there are people out there operating from a different truth.

---He discusses something about contact, how it is both in meditation and spiritual or telepathic and it was physical, and what he says here is true of all Ets, even ones close to our level or plain and even the ones some call neutrals. In the beginning and to catch your attention and begin your wake up journey it will become quite obvious through sitings, memories and even physcial checkups and missing time of family members and greetings from crafs, even some chases, via choppers, that its real, its got a physical component, but ET prefers to contact in meditation, in telepathy in spiritual ways, in dream or astral, where its safe. There are dangers from the shadow black ops and they don't really want to engage in these skirmishes or even be near them.

The black ops and military like to spread rumors that they have a working relationship with ET, on good standing but thats not true, they may have been given messages and warnings but they only deal with the astrals and lower frequencies .....................................

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 09:56 AM
..........Last Part:

---They really want us to focus more on the heart and feeling and develop our sacred senses psi. and rise to the occasion rather than them having to come down and baby sit us all the time....The major group is the pleaidians. Meyers says there are no pleaidians that there are only plejarens an they only talk to him, but unfortunately for him many native cultures talk of the pleiadians and the Mayans say they even got their calendar from them. Phillipnies and Native American people, they point to the Pleaides and say, those are our ancestors. Those are the skygods and the star nations. So there is a long long history in that program, but when you try to create an exclusive and capitalize on the exclusive....He says the feline are Sirian. But they're all over the place, they're in the motherships, they're benevolent protectors. In india they called them nar shringa. Which means the benevolent protectors. In Egypt they call the sekmet and the statues of sekmet, she's smiling, she has this benevolent smile on her. She's very loving. He says the Dome of the Rock footage was a feline group that did that.

The pleiadians have more stock in the earth than any other group. They're the terrafarmers, and did a lot of genetic tinkering here with the plants, and the animals, even humans. And they set up the first major colonies that we can remember, which were Atlantis and Lemuria.

There are other groups that came here. There is the Orion Group, from the Orion Council of Light. Adromedans. Acturians. And many others coming and going. Because of universal law, they've had meetings and kind of passed the scepter to the pleiadians. They're in charge right now because they have kind of a karmic and genetic connection. They're taking the helm right now but are with a lot of other groups that are coming in to help earth with its transition. They really want to restore the planet and the consciousness and bring it up to fifth dimensional consciousness which it once was.

There was another group, and he's not even sure where they came from, but they did a lot of manipulation, a lot of DNA manipulation.... He is not afraid of the annanuki he says a race that has been snorting gold dust for 450 000 years is probably pretty enlightened by now. (Dolores Cannons info on the annanuki is they were the second group that wanted people to mine gold for them and more or less subverted the original goal)

James says its been going on for over 600 million years as far as he knows, (some fossils and metal gears or things have been found that are over a billion years old)

He has such a high frequency, and the biggest idea is that God isn't a little old man, or a creation like all the names in our religions, God is the energies that unite that all souls that are advanced live within, of Love, Goodness, Equality, Bliss, Joy, a Living Spirit of Infinite Great Wisdom, the Light connecting All Soul.s

Walking this path, we can be swept along with the momentum of 7 billion souls, or go within, and seek, do the work, with meditation, questioning, clean up the life around us, our family relationships, start to problem solve and reach up to the hand of love reaching down.

And shine into this world a Far Greater Power of Love and Goodness, to solve the problems around us and encourage, nudge and awaken those around us.

That is what life is about and the big test we're here for really. Can we be a part of the solutions.

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 10:35 AM
Here is one of the most critical aspects in the awakening process Another term would be, becoming more aware and not just living unconsciously, giving our silent agreement to all around us, but starting to notice what's around us. Awakening is on many levels, the world around us, and the world within us, the spiritual aspect. No two on the journey agree really.

But within this search no one is going to be isolated from hearing, the concept of Ascension. The Earth Changes, and many doom based ideas, often supported by the media and articles put out by scientists and NASA.

But we cannot live expecting the world to end, and expecting this magical ascension will save some of us, counting all around us as irrelevant. That is not how we're meant TO DEAL.

The elites are pushing this end of the earth idea.

All souls vibrate on a level or frequency of Love and Awareness, and there are many frequencies here on earth. Many lessons people are interacting with.

What we need to do instead is operate as if there is a future. Generations will come and pass on earth. What do we wish to pass on as legacy to our children and grandchildren?

The world has been hijacked by mobsters, and dark hats, but we are still far more than our bodies. What problem solving, Higher Energies of Love and Goodness, can we bring into our current situatons, and transform them with.

Problem Solving. Not passive acceptance. Bringing in the Light and Love. Cleaning up our messes. And reaching with faith for inner healings, to take place, in order to reach further, so that we transform the current stress's in our lives, our jobs, our families, our living arrangements, and then start to create pockets of enlightenment beings.

You can't force others to see, there is a better way. Ie. the Venus Project, or citizens committees and groups that create grass roots businesses, clean or free energy, heritage foods, creative clean ethical products and businesses. Many just walk away and vote one of the baddies in and call you new age, or hippies, or idealists.

You have to live this. Create an example, interact with your communites, and show problem solving, show alternatives.

Live with a Future, and have goals. Do work within, on your Faith, to turn away from the current ERROR of being stuck.

We have to see a future, hold a Good One for everyone, and start taking charge of the world around us, by the things we can do easily here and now in front of us and grow our boundaries, our world larger.

We're to be examples, if there are pockets of people demonstrating free-er, yet still responsible, paths, hard working yet compassionate to those who can't be, a path of integrity, then things change.

There are many ways of opting out. Being the change you wish to be with like minded people is a big way to demonstrate, there is always a better. I see Doom On concepts as cop outs, laziness, and its really a negative lower frequency.
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posted on Nov, 8 2012 @ 10:30 AM
link two pages of this an all I can say is you've traded negative thought patterns for another crutch. This whole ''they are here to assist us thru the transformation'' stuff is just another ''screen''. Congrats for jumping in whole hog.!

This whole visitation thing you describe is nothing more than aggression. Years of it BTW. Using this type of ''love and light'' screening is just another way to keep you compliant. More appalling is you telling your kids they need to work on themselves thereby rationalizing the victimization they are going thru.

In not running them off....the ET' have abdicated your humanity and in effect ''sacrificed'' your family to the whims of some off world aggressors. Nice.

While I respect your right to do as you wish, there is very much an alternative to your path and I'm only posting since if you fail to recognise just another form of screening others will too. In the last 20 yrs many have taken the same path as you, and in 20 yrs nothing has changed. They are just as ''caught'' as you in this endless loop of transformation that in reality doesn't exist as it's just another false screen.

You were born human...for cripes sake there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

posted on Nov, 8 2012 @ 12:25 PM
I agree with you Caver78.

Unity, Holding out for something (Channelled aliens) other than Humans to change the world is lazy and wrong. Until we all get up and do it ourselves, things will never change. People passing on their problems and hopes to imaginary aliens does nothing for mankind!!
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