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Ufology 101, Consequence and Awakening

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posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 02:03 PM
Due to activity in another thread, I realized how many misconceptions exist in ufology, on some of the basic issues. Now no one has all the answers, but some have come and they're interactive, you see observable effects and they remain consistent. This is not just relating to actual ufo abductions or contact, but also to the spiritual reality we live in and our own lives. And its something you can monitor, observe, record, and keep a record of. Because its a truth.
What Would You Do If You Found An Alien In Your House?

This was the thread. It had some premises, that are totally unrelated to any real ET situation. As an experiencer of both abductions and contact, the idea of an ET being trapped in your home, and giving you an opportunity to choose how to deal with him is not highly unlikely, its impossible. That will never occur, even if you thought it did, it would simply be a perceptional test, OR, they are handing technology over and joining us for whatever purpose it is, be it to work co-operatively with our black ops (so that individual would be a renegade to his group and crossing over), or to hold light frequency, to work with us.

What ET is like, how they operate, how they use the remote to hack the programs in our minds/computer, to give us missing time, to monitor in our own homes, to access us, is way over our heads.

But there are other issues that relate directly to our lives, to our experiences, and they're noteable, mostly consistent (there are exceptions, sometimes a very loving soul does experience something harsh, due to their own soul commitment, and entering this school which is a place of hardships and risk, for a greater purpose than we are aware of and some of our greater growths come from hard lessons). Despite this, overall, there is a consistency.

Our awareness, and frequency, even polarity, negative to positive, all play a role in what can and cannot happen. If we're being accessed, there is no way to protect oneself physically, ie. they can access you anywhere, from a crowded mall, to a movie theatre, from a motel room, to a country farm house, while you're up, or while you sleep. But we have some say, indeed, on the consequences or outcome, the individual situations we're dealing with.

There is a saying, when the going gets tough, or the bullets fly, make sure you have clean underwear on. I believe that I first read that on Lou Baldin/Sleeper's website.

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

R u forgetting about our tin foil hat defense technology???

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 02:29 PM
Consequence and frequency, relates to all of our earth situations. We come in with many challenges and our lives are tailored to what I might call, flaws still, in our souls, or where there needs to be some growth. That one is hard on me, as I can look at my childhood family, know where some really stressful situations stem from, and my current and understand that there are challenges that need to be overcome, in self still, how I relate to stress, and in the family in general, how they interact. Most of all the journey in life should be one of seeking, self healing and encouraging healing in others. When you look at a problem you should do more than find the quick solution to make it "solved" when its only been masked and gone underground. Instead see it from every angle and ask yourself, what would it take in your growth/soul to go beyond this point in a positive way?

Over the holidays, just a few days ago, we had another close up siting. It actually happened over a few days. It also relates to the younger two, and their constant low frequency arguments and rough housing, creating so much stress, and not responding to all the tactics i've attempted, in many ways, from banning sleep overs, limiting games or fun, chores. In fact, whether its due to the learning disability and brain wiring, or due to my youngest being high energy and easily bored like my father, its constant and nerve wracking. I found that the short cuts of finally getting angry myself is the only way to procur, clean ups, and a sink load of dishes being done, and that really made me feel blue and took it back in prayer and meditation. We've had constant discussions on spirituality with the kids and how they entered to shine up some weaker areas, and so its obvious that getting along with another even when its difficult is something they need to work on. I've had my youngest, 10 tell me, thats just too hard.

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 02:29 PM
Now as to consequence. During this time of stress and tension, suddenly out of no where, once again, odd wounds appearing. My youngest crawls into bed with me, and though I awoke facing the far wall, my arm flung off to the side, its very sore and I had a small wound that healed into a boomerang shaped scar. He had the same.

Then after dealing with more upsets and fighting between the two youngest, just after dark, he sees what my 20 year has already experiened, and myself, siting of a grey.

After looking through pictures, this: which is very close to the one my 20 year picked out as well, and similar to my sighting at 4, is what he settled on. He saw him twice, looking in the sunroom. This was late afternoon, and unwelcomed would be an extreme understatement. Negative events in the past had mostly disappeared. And thats the way I like it.

Now, they refused to go back into that sunroom for quite some time and thought the 20 year old would protect them. But I already suspected, due to the wounds and also due to the many sitings of orange and red lights, even by the moon, put down to lanterns, (what a great cover for new years), that rounds were being made, and that for some reason we were on the list.

And I see this as consequence to lower vibrations of anger, arguments and fighting. Anger and arguing, is a lower astral, lower vibrational expression, which is where this danger is truly coming from.

And I was a little hard pressed what to say to them, at all, as in many of the experiences and shared sitings, they had called me out, my 20 year old especially, and my youngest had already expressed fear of being taken in the night and has experienced sleep paralysis. That time also he reported hooded beings prodding him with a rod or kind of cattle prod or wand even, in the stomach, every time he tried to move, until he broke away.
Its easy to see this as astral, you've just woken up, though it was right after another consequence had occurred.

Someone online, had pushed me into reading something against my own recognition of the gravity within it, a channeled work, that in the end I discovered was channeled on a ouiji board, and I had agreed just to end the conversation, which was not being honest, or rather I was honest but he didn't accept anyone to have any views of their own, and threatened lakes of fire, (this is adonaichristbless and that somewhat typical of his opinions). So that consequence occurred the very next morning with my son running down the stairs and throwing his blanket on the floor and crying, very much afraid. And telling me what happened. I ended up on antibiotics with a lump in my lymph gland that made me really sick for roughly a month or more.


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posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 02:38 PM

Originally posted by ElOmen
reply to post by Unity_99

R u forgetting about our tin foil hat defense technology???

Tin foil is probably conductive to frequency, not to mention CME's.

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 02:50 PM
I find it quite consistent that access with wound occurs during times of stress and lower frequency. The times of protection and an absence of all wounds, after many years of experiences, was a result of showing kindness during a checkup, working to overcome anger at them for the intrusion, not acceptance of this, but finally, striving to be the best person I could be with the most unconditional love possible, in that situation. That brought a cease of any wounds until now, and that was roughly Feb to March of 2010. Though other experiences still occurred.

Many consider certain groups in ufology to be evil or negatives, and I can't say one way or another for I don't know except that no benevolent would take you without your consent and inflict in jury of any kind on you. What has been noticed is a consistent level of activity or access increasing or decreasing relating to frequency and awareness. Waking up, doing the work we came into this world to do, or lack thereof.

Faith in Family above, even religions, can be beneficial if discernment is used so that we're not harming others by living the dark squares found in their pages, and know what is Love, what heals, nurtures, helps, assists, outreaches to another, but not a controlling way, but in a helpful way that empowers. But its ultimately just spiritual growth.

How do we awake more, and work at raising the frequency of ourselves and those around us, this is the whole purpose for being here, overcoming problems, growing our consciousness, trying to shine light into darkness, and overcoming it.

I've got quite a few threads on awakening, and spiritual work already.

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 02:56 PM

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posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 02:59 PM
Buddha: "Every human being is the author of his own health or disease."

"Your body is so precious. It is your vehicle for awakening. Treat it with great care."

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." -Krishnamurti

The body is our temple, an its needed for our awakening. So health and the foods we eat even, are an important part of getting connected within to our answers, though I have to also relate to what Christ said about it not being what goes into the mouth, but what comes out. In other words, I see this as something that requires effort on our part, yet its also something that our own Spirit/Soul, especially with Family above assiting, that can be changed or helped/healed, even for those living with less than optimum means to procur good foods.

The Cause and Removal of Disease V 2.0

A very good video. Supermarkets are not healthy places to frequent!

So part of the process is good health. Part of our corrupt system and control of our consciousness is control of the food.

And part of this relates to consequence, in that we havn't done enough to stop this abuse, we continue to get distracted by the 2 or 3 candidates and continue to elect in the same groups, the same corporate control, and passively allow this increasing abuse of our temples to continue.

Some of our food practices also relate to abductions. Being mindless consumers and careless with the suffering of others, or other creatures, brings about Mirrors as well.

We could metaphorically call planet earth experience, being in the realm of mirrors. And what is inside us is truly being reflected outside and in our experiences.

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 03:17 PM
When kindness eliminated on ongoing barrage of negativity having access to us, they were not greys. I have my own opinions about origins of this group, and believe that many different groups operate out of earth, with more arriving, coming and going as they please, throughout human history and prior to our current civilizations here, possibly connected with past eras and even models of humans. The greys from the moon base, are what I primarily think of as negatives, and living with this lifelong situation is traumatic, there are fallouts, similar to post traumatic stress syndrome, sleeping disorders are very common, and my 20 year old exhibits this in the extreme. Not to mention waking up to find your child on the floor beside the bed. There are no traditional avenues to end the program, nothing works. But this thread is being written to give the one thing, that over time does work to some extent, perhaps not limiting all things ufology from accessing, but limiting negative experiences being realized and wounds. Yes, frequency, and how we view each other and the world, is very tied into negative experiences.

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 05:11 PM

Jim Sparks meets Bill Holden : A Project Camelot video

A wealth of information here:

His script:

Along with other scripts

Miriam Delicado on the Hopi - The justBernard Show

Miriam Delicado on Heart-Sharing and 2012

I'm going to include these instead of the project camelot interview, which is easy to find and good. It prompted me to buy her book. As that energy is recognized by me and not just her own. She is wearing her contacts energy.

As was Jim.

I don't even know yet if this information is going to resonate fully with me at all, but they're on to watch list now. So posted.

Jessica Mystic : 2012 Part 3 1/7 How To Be Free From The Illuminati

One of my favorite videos so far by Jessica, though I enjoy all of hers, and know some of the draw backs that first made me discount her on the project camelot interview. She was an actress. Her father had connections of some sort.

A friend sent me the videos roughly a year later, and this time it was one of hers, and I saw her energy. Recognized her, (this is not with details, because in my journey, having the veil lift is a deep soul window, but we have layers, ie. Our greater soul essence knows why we're here, and some of what is going to happen, and even some of what we're to do, when we're on track etc, and then there's the conscious 3d layer under the radar, with our memories inhibited. )

When I reocgnized her, just knew she was from a certain system and what species she had been, knew she was a fairly high level guide that got results, she did it, very effective. Knew she was waking people up and knew I'd shared dream time in her company somehow.

Anyway, they take advantage of all sorts of loopholes to get their message and work out. Some of the musicians are doing the same thing, though she's right out front and targetting the group where many waking up head, the new age, starseed, what I sometimes think of as traps, but she's giving the right directions there.

I'm not interested in a lot of messages from others, as they are so often compromised to me.

Lou Baldins many posts:
Spiritual development, really trying to find out what you're here for is what begins the journey that frees us from this matrix.

One of the things Jessica said in one of her videos that is always so close to the surface for me, because I have never been able to endure this world and since childhood have been traumatized by the violence, starvation, tragedies, corruption, injustices, and the lack of civil relations between people, the lack of sensitivity and compassion, being connected to one another and understanding one another. And I want home, NOW.

So she said to this effect, that many wish to return home. But we're like an apple seed that fell from the tree, and we're growing our own tree, we're here to bring earth to heaven/home, to raise this planets frequency. Its a metaphor but it was a good one.
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posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 05:23 PM

CW11 Shows Alien Footage, May 30, 2008

The news crew makes fun of this entire thing, and even suggest the possibility of a child with a mask, whereas this would be a very costly computerized puppet that just so happens to resemble the real greys at least some of them.

This resembles probably the most typical grey ET, identified by both my sons, and similar to what I saw at 4. But if anything the face is far more delicate and the heads a little narrower, but again, I'm sure they're varied as someone suggested, not all the same, like we vary.

The one I saw end of May 2010, after contact in the morning, was just hours prior to a very unusual dream, a kind altered reality, masked type dream,distorted and obviously hiding the real stuff that went on, but they wanted me to keep and told me to write it down, that night. And my son reported the room spinning and a huge jolt and told me that just minutes before I woke up, at exactly 1 11 am, I woke at 1 17-1 19 am, that he thought he had missing time. Only this was more of an insert. He has had missing time, where the hours were gone and so has my brother his driving partner and the produce truck as well, for it was 2 hours ahead on the road.

Now the one I saw at the door, was similar very much so, but he was not grey, a deep dusky muted rose, with a narrow fine shape of face and head/cranial, though slightly rounded. Very very delicate. An his body was almost twig like. Again very very delicate. Almost a true twig like body. He was there maybe 2 seconds, and then leapt to the side, kind of twisting with his limbs flowing into the movements and elongating like liquid mercury with a kind fluidity we could never duplicate and vanishing.

The fingers are sticky and sap like, by the way, and remind me of plant like dna mixed in, also I suspect cetecean or dolphin.
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posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 06:38 PM
There is another side, relating to Miriam's energy signature, childhood memories and experiences that last few years that lead to reserching Mount Shasta or Telos, its connection to Lemuria, the underground network of bases that go to South America and also up into Canada. For example to the Okanagan Valley and another dormant volcano, mount baldy.

One thing I found really interesting was discovering they had a radio observatory near mount shasta, and they have one there in the Okanagan too. So, this really intrigues me. Because alot of information on Mount Shasta, for example, relates to reptilian type co-operatives with the black ops and one needs to be very cautious and not invite anything negative into our lives. From an earth 3d perspective an lower realms even or related frequencies, I would really discourage exploration of these areas because it won't be the same thing. Again this relates to frequency as realms/channels do.

But the radio observatories are suposed to be studying deep space, not spy on ET bases. And that is what I am now suspecting is their number 1 purpose. Along with surveillancing all crafts coming and going. My own experiences with someone who identified from both Taurus constellation 65 light years away, and Telos, was a very tall couple, the attractive male was 8 foot tall and built like Triple H, the female was the doctor/technician.
Not all that atypical to some things in my childhood.

This was when I gained protection and all the scoop marks, wounds, hijacked meditations, ended. I'd done research after this experience in 2010 on mount shasta, Telos in particular and with the new age trends in ufology was really cautious, but experienced direct monitoring from this group.

I suspect every single radio observatory is located near a very interesting area.

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 08:10 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I can testify that something can stop them.
I have blocked most of the memories, just so that can get on with normal life. But I have had the dreams, the unexplainable scars and the disappearing pregnancies.

Practice lucid dreaming-I have nearly killed a grey with my bare hands in a dream, but I showed mercy, pitiful thing.
The military have been abducting the abductees, to find out what the abductees are being told. (Which is really stupid as the demon/aliens are liars.) They all use similar technology which can be beaten.
I learnt the technique on
You think of someone you love, fill your heart and mind with this love, and say the Name of God=Yehovah and do a long breathe of the last consonant 'H'. I did this while 4 human shaped beings were beaming into my bedroom at 3am. They and their oval green light disappeared.

I have been given information, due to synchronicity, about the use of iron and magnets. Use magnets to disable all the implants in your body. I think that this just disables the military ones, the demon/alien ones, you need to imagine they are in the past, just 2-3 seconds and they stop having an effect but they still get data, you put them in a time bubble in simple terms.

Wear hematite or magnets (like the bracelets for arthritis), and iron keys on you, iron horseshoe on your door. (Sources are the Bible, folktales and Jacques Vallee.)
Wear silk sheets on your bed, this stops the scalar waves ie the brainwashing waves from the military, etc. So I wonder if silk headscarves would work on your head in the day?

Holy water all over your house, get rid of all 'keys'- the negative vibes, ie I will tell you a personal story that just happened.
My husband won a raffle and his prize was (an unopened but secondhand) set of 3 notebooks of Twilight theme. My eldest and I said they are not staying in this house. He said he would send them to a poorer family he knew.
Unbeknown to us, he had forgotten to send them and had left them in a bag in the kitchen.
All through Christmas we have all been feeling very low energy levels and although we have a telepathic bond we were having arguments, very unusual. And one day a smell of decay and death appeared in the front room. I believe in the power of the name of Jesus and I told it to go in the Name of Jesus.
It did but left me wondering How on earth did it get in? We didn't invite it, so there must have been a 'key', something that vibrates negatively that they are attracted to.
We threw the notebooks out, after the dog pissed all over them and their bag (he knew) and then we sprayed holy water everywhere.

Peace reigned again.

Claim the Blood of Jesus over you, if you believe in Him, as this is a protection against the demon/aliens. Personal experience again, helps me to trust this with my life. He left it down here so we could use it for our protection.

I too have insomnia and can't get to sleep till 3am, it has affected my life, but I try to do at least one thing a day, that makes me or my family happy.

Don't lose hope I believe that there is always an answer and a way out.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 11:46 AM
I had contact or communication last night, and though will offer it up, please understand what I thought I remembered is something I'm praying and seeking on, because ET information, and that would apply to even some memories that open up in their presence, because they can hijack the programs in your brain which is like a computer, so, I believe one of the ufo researchers always spoke of the information that contactees give is ET information ie, what they want you to have. So you always search and seek and search some more.

I'm going to have to put in my own ideas, as this is from my perspective this communication. So to me, there is a connection between this information, remembering something and the energies were coming from the M9 flare that contained a cme. I usually have good experiences with CME's.

This was mind link communciation, so overwhelming close, I thought he was in the house somewhere and then he said, no he was above in a craft and allowed me to sense the craft.

Two men were in the communication and they were similar and pleiaidan human type of look, including that the one said pleiadian. Something was said about an organization a kind of collective or federation type joint group. he gave a name that I can't remember. He then brought up rank and the name Janus, now Janus had taken out an implant in August 2009, and had felt good for a few weeks until something was done, and in his presence then, he was young/old, youngish looking but very mature and older in years, and for some reason i had felt I knew him that he was family of sorts, that is not really defined, my soul recognized him. So I asked some questions and he said I would need to ask Janus, so I asked if he was the one who did the surgery, and they said he is on the medical team. So I suggested was he a grey in dsiguise then.

The one man is someone who I recognized from childhood, and they do work with greys at times and at times alone. Blue uniform. Good with children but quite cool. The other felt like close family, very positive and I flashed on a silvery grey uniform with a touch of blue.

And so I spoke up suddenly, remembering something, and said: We're here to get the ground crew out. They need to raise their frequency now, to be kind to each other and every person in their lives and on this planet. I knew it meant no lukewarm feelings, and also the idea kept coming that the chains people wear have to be thrown off. This memory, was opening and I was speaking to the one man, in particular the one who was cooler for I felt he had been working closely with earth for some time and perhaps it was hard on him, I felt people were tired, and felt that much of the ground crew was in human form too.

Also, we talked about the sun, and that the tubes, shafts, what I had seen and traveled through in a vision before, that connects all the stars and planetary systems, and that this was the pathway they took. Also it was more of whole cluster a few words, images and ideas with a memory block so the clusters of information was filtered, and it felt like my own soul was the one keeping me in the dark like a mushroom, that its our own souls that know what information we're allowed to access.
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posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 11:53 AM
This isn't a journey in body. Yet we still have a body. Avatar the movie comes to mind in part here. And its not as ET as some think, as it is more spiritual/et. Also had been surprised at how clear a bit of the communication was, when normally its not so straight forward and there is an altered state involved and it seemed to be because a bit more memory was coming with, I beleive the energy from the CME. Usually involves something happening at night. And I really hope it didn't. No permissions are given to negative experiences.

People often wonder why they don't land on the White House lawn or tell everyone. Because earth is a school, and we're not just handed all the answers.

I knew some would return home, and some would be affected by this world and need help overcoming this, also some would graduate to higher levels.

I was concerned that I felt the energy of the craft, and low, closeby, which happens before an abduction, and in the past on clear nights, would often see a craft, but have not sought any of this out for some time now. Don't know if anything occurred while I slept, except that I felt very positive this morning, Good Energy from the CME either surrounded or approaching.

Also a bit of concern, because of the washed up whales in New Zealand the Ring of Fire. Odd thoughts had come concerning, possible Fire Ring area, japan or even closer to my area, the Cascadia region, we have a chunk of Lemuria under the continent here, and Lemuria was a big land mass that had filled up most of the pacific. For some reason started thinking that this area may even rise up at least in part. And also had this very strong impression, that everyone was in safe hands, everyone counts, each and every person, and needs to do the work of throwing off the chains of anger, and greed and ties to this world, at least this lower frequency version of earth, and work being kind and seeking help with faith in Goodness above, by whatever definition we have, or perhaps time to get a definition.

And something about the Ground Crew, keeps coming over and over. Keep feeling we need to get the ground crew out.

I believe people who are waking up and see through the world quickly, for what it is, and don't wish to be a part of the negative structures, some of them may even be in higher up positions here, wherever they are, they need to pull back and get their lives in order, have a lot of kindness for everyone, because some of them are ground crew. To me everyone is though, just all from different family groupings.

I just saw pictures of the town destroyed by the Cyclone, only 2 died. She was undamaged looking on a mattress, as if sleeping and her family had been thrown safely into a pool. I believe she was taken home. So faith in Goodness, and each other is really needed. This was shown me to illustrate that we are all in safe hands, to have faith and think of others no matter what, to seek to wake up more. Think some who are going home, are taken really quickly, in a way that appears one way to their family, yet perhaps to them they just wake up with their greater family, being debriefed.

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posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 12:17 PM

ECETI World Healing Meditation Dec 7 2010

Really like James Gillilands medititations. Normally prefer free from and self directed, or zenmind, using binaurals or hemisync., theta/delta and dolphins and whales. Avoid directed meditations. But his are exceptional, and kind power house way of clearing your aura and ties to any negatives including greys, and praying, calling upon whatever spiritual traditions you are comfortable with, ie. God, Father or Mother, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Peace and Love, and the Good people who help them, and getting in touch with your Higher Self.

This one does all of that and sends wonderful healing energy to planet earth right to the core. And its something really needed with all the CME's that are going on, to really envision graceful healing for earth, without harm, and wake ups for humanity, healing and love.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 12:27 PM
Also this is sharing an experience where a memory came, but has nothing to do with being special. That is something that is opposite to raising frequency. We're all equal and while some might think of everyone as dirt or soil, I say we're all like dandelions, they are rather beautiful in their own way.
Dandelions are Free!!!

Little stars and produce seeds, starseeds! They're just lovely, and free.

The energies coming in for years, and more and more will come, helps wakes us up, but need to do some work, intentions, striving for healing and especially healing relationships, and really caring about everyone on this planet. With Higher Frequencies, more memories come. Though the energies may have this effect on more and more. We're all equal, all starseeds, some have been here longer, and all count very much.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 02:16 PM
Wasn't M. Delicado a woman that claimed to have been stopped by aliens on the road in a snowy winter and they brought her abroad, she saw 2 tall blond men (Nordic), she was invited insude the ship and was being told of the upcoming cataclysms and things like that.

Wasn't she said to be just another attention beggar/money maker out of the whole thing.

posted on Feb, 4 2012 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by Imtor

She certainly was not, whoever said that hasn't a clue. I recognized the energy bouncing off her from the first interview. So the conclusions others reach is of very little interest to me, because its the search for the answers and using what is my guide, energy recognition. She also spoke of a meeting in the woods of children, so much synchronicity as I also recall being taken to such a meeting as a child, though not necessarily the ones she was there for.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 02:57 PM
Might as well file this thought away for future reference because its all a process of learning and some of its guessing.

I've noticed the mountains around here are interesting. When it gets cooler so its more defined in the alpine glacier type mountain tops, I'm going to try and take some pictures here and down the valley towards the coast, near Abbotsford too.

So many seem to have almost pyramidal look, and one kind of looked like a sphynx like sculpture, huge, but the mountains were elevated, upward thrusts of land. And this sphynx like object, was not only mountain top,but tilted backwards.

We have a lot of sitings here, and in the lower mainland in general.

My experiences have been with human and humanoid/greys.

I also suspect the old land masses, what we think of as Lemuria or Mu, in the pacific, millions of years ago, in an age tied into a human type civilization on Mars. The species wasn't regressed by teh annanuki then. While this is connecting dots and subjective ideas, it also is based on windows opening in my soul and remembering things and a past life. Im not sure all the things remembered were corporal even, for there so many realms connected to earth. This is a lower frequency, or more negative polarity gravity realm.

But the mountains right out our kitchen window, our view is of swiss like snow clad mountains in a valley of mildness, rarely snow in the winter. They're beautiful and yet, I've always seen what I call a marker. Well the sphynx is too. But the marker is something that would easily be picked up off planet, with recognition of faces, sculptures weighted against random chance.

The face was a bit like a pokemon, but looked like it had rounded arms draped over the mountain, now that one has melted and lost its features, it rarely melts at all. It's year round, this year its less prominent, though I can stll make out unusual features to the mountain.

But its like twin peaks, the one beside it, is like a Beagle profile, long snout, long floppy ears, even an eyelash fringe at least seemingly. I only noticed it last few months so reformed what I thought of the first one, it is kind of Dog like too. Two Dog like markers signifyng the Dog Star Sirius.

A very active part of ufology connected to this planet is from Sirius, and the Pleiades, Taurus, Lyra and Orion.

So I'm just writing this down for notes.

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