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UK Throwing Weight Now

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posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 07:17 PM

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posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 07:19 PM
reply to post by boymonkey74
As do I mate but what annoys me is that there is no evidence in anything he has posted and so I pointed it out. I hate pointless country bashing and posters that do it without revealing where they are from, shows that they are just keyboard warriors and cowards.

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posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 07:23 PM
reply to post by JoshuaUK92

I find it best to cimply counter such nonsense with fact and logic. As you can see, they promptly shut up when called out on the dubious claims they make.

Maybe now we can address the OP, rather than how crap the UK may or may not be.

posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 09:59 PM

Originally posted by JoshuaUK92
reply to post by Subjective Truth

Your posts are beyond a joke, you clearly like bashing the UK for no apparent reason and seeing as your location is not revealed and also you failed to comply to a request to state what country you are from; this is so you don't have to hear insults about yourself and your country from that poster who, would have been as equally childish had you revealed it. Making up statements about the UK that aren't true have merely made you look foolish and clueless and seeing as you have done this without revealing your own location clearly shows that this is an act of cowardice. I am glad stumason has picked out your posts and pointed out the ignorance behind them.

Please show me were I was wrong instead of calling me names. And if you cant figure out were I am from by my posts in this thread arguing the finer points is going to be hard.

You love your country I get it. But I have news for ya your country does not love you back. Stumason likes to post one liners for everything his posts are annoying to read.

I used to love to argue with Brits but I see the education has also taken a hit across the pond. Instead of arguing the facts it about finger pointing and name calling.

posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 10:00 PM

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posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 10:03 PM

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posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 11:30 PM

Originally posted by D8ncer
That’s the UK stating that they will also respond militarily if Iran tries to close the Strait of Hormuz.

The UK government just can’t help itself.

Financial Times

Er, most of the western world will probably declare war on Iran if it's tries to close the strait of hormuz.
Do you have any idea how important that one narrow maritime passage way is to the global economy?
Something like 90% of the Middle Easts oil exports go through the strait.
Iran it self relies heavily on it. The majority of it's export income is earned from oil exports.
The EU is about to put sanctions on Iranian oil.

The US is not going to back down and stop sending it's carriers into the Persian Gulf, like Iran has demanded.
It's going to be up to Iran now whether it will back up it's threats with force, or do nothing, because the Stennis is in the area and will probably go through regardless of what Iran says.
Will Iran attack an American aircraft carrier?
Because if it does, there is going to be an instant and massive retaliatory strike against Iran.
You think shock and awe in Iraq was big or impressive?
Just wait till they bomb Iran.

They are already talking about $200 a barrel for oil, and that's only if Iran closes the strait.
If war erupts, it will probably go higher then $200 a barrel.

The world economy can not sustain those prices, let alone the western world.
In other words, if you guys want a trigger for WW3, then Iran closing the straits and a war erupting is what you should be looking for.

We are close. People have no idea.
Tensions are rising constantly.
It doesn't mean war is inevitable. But it is getting closer and more likely with each day and week that passes and tensions continue rising.

I mean, Christ, Iran is now threatening the USA. It is telling them not to send carriers through to the Gulf, or they will attack them.

I personally hope war doesn't happen.
I just bought a new car, it's got a 6.2liter V8. I'm going to be extremely pissed off if oil rises to $200 a barrel.

I might have to start brewing my own petrol. It is possible btw. It's just very dangerous, not only for your engine if you don't do it right, but for your personal safety.

posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 11:55 PM
WOW this thread is just embarrassing. Way to make all of ATS look like a bunch of immature nerds.

who care's who's guns are bigger than who's.... none of you really know anything about war or what's going on right now.

can't we all agree on the following:

1. this was sadly predictable, UK and US have been shimmying their way into every possible respective war/conflict since the beginning of the century. we all know why this is, who's in control etc.

2. this war is unacceptable. WHY OH WHY are you guys talking about this as if it's anything other than pure crime???? since when was this whole iran war idea even valid?? now just because it's on the news everyone just takes it on the chin and moves on to arguing about who's warships are better?? absolutely sad. you owe it to the world to not even humor this war concept. turn off the news. don't even so much as entertain talking about it. just say NO.

Not in my name.

posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 11:56 PM

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posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 01:11 AM
reply to post by Subjective Truth

Seriously, he called you a coward (in a mocking tone, not a serious one) and you class that as an attack? That's exactly what's wrong with the world.

Just stop it ladies.....

anyhoo.... I can't believe this whole situation has escalated to this point. We all know sanctions are usually followed by war. For the US/UK to say they will retaliate if Iran stop the flow of oil just proves that our nations are war hungry.

If Iran want to stop their flow of oil then let them. Is it not their choice? Not that it matters, they're keeping this out of sight from the public so the actual war's inevitable.


posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 02:00 AM

Originally posted by LeBombDiggity
Hands up who's scared of Britain. Oh, that'll be no-one then.

Never underestimate the Brits... they are incredibly unyielding people and warriors.

They may eat strange food but you have to respect their high degree of morale.

( - my Grandfather)
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posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 02:14 AM
I know that that we origonally where going to put sanctions, i do know my facts. All im trying to say is, there is no need for us to go to war right, we dont need anymore blood on our hands right now, i think the EU have responded, give Iran the big middle finger because heres Iran saying no to these threats and saying if they would they are going to shut it, and originally the UK and the US saying that they would respond militarilly if Iran where to shut it, howevr now they realising, what if Iran shut it? then they would have to go to war, which they may not want at the moment right ( i could be wrong), so they got the EU to step in saying they will cut of oil coming in instead, trying the fact that they threatened war.

Another thing i would like to mension, nowere on any british media have i read that UK would threaten war if Iran where to shut it? yet it is on american media everywhere, is this one of David Camerons Doings?
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posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 02:40 AM
reply to post by michael1983l

For a start I am not your mate and secondly I have recently served in those said forces for 10 years. What are your credentials to back up your opinion? I stand by what I say, the UK has excellent specialist units but their regulars are a shambles. I have already said they are experienced but at the same time they are mollycoddled and do not recieve the required training due to human rights laws in the UK.

LOL, if your going to act weird man so be it, rather a strange attitude to adopt with a complete stranger on the internet but fair enough. Clearly you have your opinion, your entitled to it, no matter how wrong you may be, its all good.

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posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 03:00 AM
I see the BS is flowing freely here ......

* The story has been reported by the BBC! Look for it.....
* A lot of "news" articles on this subject are nothing of the sort they are speculative journalism (ATS thrives on this stuff)
* My son is in the army so I could on and on about the BS stated about the UK armed forces. There are two things he told me that I find amusing:
1. A British soldier is trained to make every bullet count, US soldiers spray them! (this is why there is a misguided impression about how armed our soldiers are, we need less because we are better trained!!!!!)
2. Ascension islands, stopover point, shared base......US soldiers warned not to confront UK squaddies because they would lose!

This is not a defense of Cameron because he is an idiot intent on destroying the country by creaming off as much money as he can for his millionaire friends in the cabinet and banking industry. So freaking obvious.

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 03:23 AM
the straight of hormuz is part of their territorial waters, if they decide to mine their part in defence of an invasion it is justified.

maybe if the axis of ignorance, the u.s., israel and the uk stopped threatening iran with bombardment and invasion, conflict can be avoided.

why the united states want's world war 3 is beyond reason.

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 03:36 AM

Originally posted by LeBombDiggity
The UK throwing it's weight ? With what ?

No aircraft carriers. Naval destroyers costing a billion pounds apiece ... each armed with one big gun. Helicopters which can't fly in the dark, the rain or the wind. Brand new fighter airplanes being chopped up as spares to fix others ... the list is endless.

Hands up who's scared of Britain. Oh, that'll be no-one then.

Where do you get your information??? You need to give them a slap because they are feeding you first class BS.

If the UK gets involved in the dispute over the straight, and wants to back it up, then we have more than enough naval vessels to deal with it, not to mention the countless nuclear warheads aboard some of the best subs in the world. (I feel this list is relevant to this thread to show that, god forbid, should the UK get involved, we will make an impact.).

Current active Royal navy vessels:

Albion-class landing platform docks

HMS Albion (L14) - in extended readiness
HMS Bulwark (L15) - Fleet Flagship

Invincible-class carrier

HMS Illustrious (R06) (LPH)

Amphibious assault ship (LPH)

HMS Ocean (L12)

Type 23 frigates

HMS Argyll (F231)
HMS Lancaster (F229)
HMS Iron Duke (F234)
HMS Monmouth (F235)
HMS Montrose (F236)
HMS Westminster (F237)
HMS Northumberland (F238)
HMS Richmond (F239)
HMS Somerset (F82)
HMS Sutherland (F81)
HMS Kent (F78)
HMS Portland (F79)
HMS St Albans (F83)

Type 42 destroyers

HMS Liverpool (D92)
HMS Edinburgh (D97)
HMS York (D98)

Type 45 destroyers

HMS Daring (D32)
HMS Dauntless (D33)
HMS Diamond (D34)

Astute-class submarine (Fleet submarine/SSN)

HMS Astute (S119)

Trafalgar-class submarines (Fleet submarines/SSNs)

HMS Tireless
HMS Turbulent (S87)
HMS Tireless (S88)
HMS Torbay (S90)
HMS Trenchant (S91)
HMS Talent (S92)
HMS Triumph (S93)

Vanguard-class submarines (Ballistic submarines/SSBNs)

HMS Vanguard (S28)
HMS Victorious (S29)
HMS Vigilant (S30)
HMS Vengeance (S31)

Hunt-class mine countermeasures vessels

HMS Ledbury
HMS Ledbury (M30)
HMS Cattistock (M31)
HMS Brocklesby (M33)
HMS Middleton (M34)
HMS Chiddingfold (M37)
HMS Atherstone (M38)
HMS Hurworth (M39)
HMS Quorn (M41)

Sandown-class mine countermeasures vessels

HMS Penzance (M106)
HMS Pembroke (M107)
HMS Grimsby (M108)
HMS Bangor (M109)
HMS Ramsey (M110)
HMS Blyth (M111)
HMS Shoreham (M112)

Archer or P2000-class fast patrol boats
HMS Archer (P264)
HMS Biter (P270)
HMS Smiter (P272)
HMS Blazer (P279)
HMS Puncher (P291)
HMS Charger (P292)
HMS Ranger (P293)
HMS Trumpeter (P294)
HMS Express (P163)
HMS Example (P165)
HMS Explorer (P164)
HMS Exploit (P167)
HMS Tracker (P274)
HMS Raider (P275)

Archer or P2000-class fast patrol boats

HMS Pursuer (P273)
HMS Dasher (P280)

Scimitar-class fast patrol boats (Gibraltar Squadron)

HMS Scimitar (P284)
HMS Sabre (P285)

And that's not even a complete list!

Never underestimate the UK.

And lets hope we don't have to use them, war should be left in the past.

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 04:08 AM
Captain Birdseye to the rescue? Is it as silly as it sounds. We in the UK have vast fleets of fishing trawlers which are just sitting empty. As you know the 'others' have stole all our fishy things so what better use of these vessels than to create a blockade?

Sounds strange maybe but with nets cast far and wide and the overpowering stench of fish I don't think they will trouble us to much, unless of course they want to deal with the fisherman's wife. FYI the fisherman's wife is a big girl .

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 04:18 AM

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posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 04:23 AM
Britain won't go near this one. Unless Cameron is purposely trying to spark some sort of dangerous revolt on British streets.

People are sick and tired of war and I can't see any support for these one. Even my friends on the right are opposing talk of war with Iran

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 04:24 AM

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