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I would be suprised for an Iowa Recount

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posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 10:49 AM
Mitt and/or Santorum and/or Ron will not ask for a recount of votes. Even though its way too close to call "the winner".

Why you ask ?

1. There are no "winners" or "losers" in a caucus. As long as they "placed" they are happy.
2. I don't think any of the 3 is "unhappy" with the results. ( aside from Santorum .. he is now in the Heat box )
3. Santorums Votes will probably goto RP when he drops out ( I think he will for a number of reasons that I will not go into ).
4. Mitt and RP knows that Santorum is an asset to themselves. If they go against Santorum and piss him off..the latter will pick up his "endorsement" when the time comes. Mitt will NOT do this .. RP will NOT do this. They both want his "endorsement" when the Time comes.

Remember though.. if the RNC has enough votes to nominate the Republican party before the Iowa Caucus figures out how many delegates vote for this guy or that will not matter because the Nominee had already been chosen from different States.

Think of it like a shoe horn in delegate vote for the gop candidate in the end ( if its close ).

You did NOT Vote in Iowa for Mitt,Santorum,RP,Bachman ..etc .. you VOTED for someone else that you DO NOT even KNOW. Sure you suspect that the Delegate would Delegate another Delegate to vote another Delegate to Vote or Tap Your "guy". But You have no control after that.. sadly.

They all know this when Running in a Caucus.

I think that is why the MSM suggested that if RP "Won" the Iowa caucus would mean Nothing. .. .. It really would not have unless it was a Landslide Vote.

There would be no Recount IMHO ( and I could be completely off base ).

Response would be welcome.. but please Do Not Derail the Thread with other arguments.


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