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new friends!

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posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 10:19 AM
just had a visit from some jahova witnesses.nice folks,one girl was kinda hot!
but it always amuses me when i know more about their religion than they do!

it was actually strange because i was contimplating religion just before they showed up,so i was armed!
told them of the epic of gilgamesh and how it related to moses.they had no clue!
told them the meaning of the 'names' of lucifer and satan,they still had no clue!
i had to explain that 'christ' was not a 'name',and that Jesus was a bad translation from greek to latin(ameraic-yahoshua ben yoshif -joshua son of josef was his name) christ being the greek,meaning the anointed one, or messiah .
they had no interest in the fact that their 'savior' has been repeated time and again in the past (mithra,osirus,dionyses etc...)
anyway, i respect every man's beliefs,and will no harm.
i just wish people would be more openminded about things.
one God,many names!
peace on earth

posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 11:18 AM
reply to post by reficul

Had a couple of those stop by my house last year.
There really is nothing sadder than a salesman that doesn't know what it is he/she is selling. This sort of thing would be comparable to a vacuum cleaner salesman who's never operated a vacuum a day in his life, given a few minutes of verbal instruction, and sent out on his merry way to sell sell sell.

I wonder if they get some sort of commission?

posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 01:38 PM
reply to post by FugitiveSoul

don't worry friend,they have their blind faith!
peace be upon you!

posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 03:06 PM
lol! I'm starting to see a theme here... I should tell you a similar story my mom told might find it entertaining.

So my uncle got a visit from the Jehovah's witnesses when he was much younger, long before my time. A few things you should know about my uncle, so you can fully appreciate the story...

A. He's a biker dude, he's big, and pretty rough looking on a good day. He's got the big pot-belly, he had jet black hair, and usually isn't clean-shaven. He's a quick minded guy, with a pretty sick, crazy sense of humor.
B. That day he was VERY hungover, eyes bloodshot, not having enough energy to get completely dressed, he answered the door wearing some AWFUL cut off bluejeans, and no shirt.
C. When they were growing up, he and my mother both went to parochial school, and had the bible jammed down their throats. They both have it practically memorized, though they're not hard core bible bangers or anything.
D. My uncle had a very, very excitable big black shaggy dog named Clyde. The dog would get cuts on his tail because he was an obsessive tail-wagger and would hit it on furniture and such.

Now keeping these things in mind, he decided to humor them. They all sat outside in the front yard, my Uncle, and two women, who were wearing white from head to toe. So, they do their thing, and start preaching about the bible, and the whole time my Uncle is correcting them. They don't believe him at first, so he runs inside and gets his bible and proves to them he knows his #. Suddenly the dog Clyde jumps through the open porch window and lands between the two women - wagging his tail frantically. They're startled at first but soon calm down and pet the dog absently while they talk, quickly forgetting the little interruption.

They talk some more with my uncle, meanwhile he's still explaining the bible to them, correcting them occasionally. All during this time the dog is standing between the women, wagging his tail, when one of the woman looks at her friend.

"OH MY GOD!!!! You have blood all over you!", she frantically screamed.
The other woman looks down at herself, then at her friend and shrieks, "So do you!"

They were out of their chairs and down the road in a matter of seconds. They never realized it came from the dog wagging his tail. To this day, I'm told he doesn't get bothered by the Jahova's Witnesses, he figures they have a map on the wall with a big red X in a circle around the property.

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