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The Darkness and the Light [D&R]

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posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 10:53 PM
I did not ask for this. I did not know what it was that was being asked of me. I awoke to a feeling of longing. Alone, I wandered in the darkness looking for something to soothe the emptiness I felt. It was dark, and a feeling of sadness ungulfed me. "Where do I belong?", I asked myself. "Is this darkness all that I am?"

In an instant the infinite around me awoke with light. I could see, but there was nothing to behold. No objects, nothing to tell me where I was in this new found light, no love. I reached into the chaos of the light around me and held it tightly. The light was all that there was. I could not get enough of the warmth I felt. I had to have it all, every last bit of light that there was surrounding me. When I had gathered all of the light, I looked into my hands and saw that no longer was the light an empty vessel. It was alive. It moved. It thought. I had created something from what I thought was nothing. I had created life. I had created love.

In seeing this life, this love, my feelings soared. I was no longer alone. I had something to love, but I needed more. More life, more love. I put myself into this light and felt myself being pulled in every direction. I was growing. The life was growing. I was beginning to awaken to what I truely was.

For countless years I continued to evolve. The life I was now a part of growing with me. There seemed to be no end to the love that I felt for this life. Life was a part of me, and I was a part of the light. I watched as my love became many forms. Man, woman, beast, planets, suns. In every possible way I became life, and life was what I needed to exist.

One day, I looked deeply into the forms that I was a part of. Man no longer believed I was a part of him. Woman no longer needed me to create new life. It saddened me greatly. I had given every part of me to create life, and this life no longer needed me. I began to slowly withdraw from the light, from the life. If they did not need me, I would let them do as they wished. I watched as my creations drifted further and further from me, until one day they no longer remembered who I was, or what I had I done to create them.

For many more years I watched. The men and women were no more. The beast had vanished. The planets and suns battled each other for control. It was becoming dark once again. After a time, there was nothing left but the darkness. Again I ask, "Is this darkness all that I am? If this is all I am, is this where I belong?" In an instant the infinite around me awoke with light. I was reborn. Doomed to created life again from the light around me. But what choice do I have.....for I am that which man had called "God".
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