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7 Signs We're Living in the Post-Privacy Era

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posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 04:07 PM
I don't know that this is breaking news - mods please move if necessary.

The goal if this thread is not to discuss any specific item on this list, or even the overall evaporation of our basic rights up to and including our right to privacy. Instead, I wanted to discuss how the MSM is approaching the issue of our loss of privacy - as if it's an inevitability we must accept.

So here we have one of the largest online news sources in the US telling us that we are entering an age where any expectation of privacy should be forgotten about. The article covers items from Facebook privacy, to SOPA, to drones being deployed in US airspace to monitor US citizens. The article doesn't attempt to stand on any moral ground, it simply tells you these things are happening and to get used to it.

While I understand the idea of objective journalism, and reporting the facts only (just the facts, ma'am), this particular article goes on in an attempt tp give us a lesson in how we should treat the privacy of others but does not attempt to reprimand corporate and government invasions of privacy.

As 2012 moves forward, we may not have much control over our own privacy, but we can at least control what we do with the privacy of others.

We have moved beyond the era of eradicating personal rights and are now in the era of confirmation. This is the point where the powers that be (I use this term generally, and not in reference to any specific group, just the establishment in general) are flat out telling us to expect more of the same.

I read quite a bit of news daily, both alternative and mainstream media, and while I'm used to seeing similar articles (although usually there is some activism in the article, this MSNBC article has none), but was surprised to see this all laid out for the every day person on

Does anyone have other examples of the MSM telling us that our privacy is gone?

Am I over reacting to this or does this seem like something new and sleazy to you too?


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