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My Prayer!

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posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 03:07 AM
God if your out there just listen.
Im tired of this world i live in.
I did not ask for this and all that it brings.
A world decomposing from the free will we have seen.
Lost and broken we all are, Seeking a path to find where you are.
I cry out in silence seeking your Guidance, Only to hear your eternal silence.
Are we forsaken? and abandoned here? How much more will you make us endure?
I cant stand this world and all it s Hate, How could you have made this place?
Is this our test to prove our worth? to show you some of us are truly worth the dirt.
Im calling you out right now, Reach down through the the clouds and show us how.
We need your help, i know you can see that we live in this land of misery.
Bombs, Famine, Death and despair, how can you expect anyone to care?
But still we find you even through it all, and manage to love and except one and all.
And that is rare, must of us don't even care.
So i ask you this one last time, find it in your heart to save us in time.

Andrew P. Kirk

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 03:11 AM
Only we can save ourselves. That imaginary man in the sky cant help us.

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 03:25 AM
We have "Jesus Christs" today. Please do not dilute yourself. At this point in "LIFE", we have gotten here without Jesus's help. The dinosaurs lived, the trees lived, the cavemen lived. There was no God to save you. There was food around you, and warm surroundings nearby, and we being highly evolved, adapted. Why would a God put us on a planet that we have to adapt to? Is this how a God works? There is proof of anyone having any knowledge of said God, or any God? A God that would make us adapt to a planet, and then, tell us that one of us is actually his son, but the rest of us are just his creation, only Jesus Christ is some strange spirit in a body that is any different. I hate this word, but Sheeple, there is a reason we envision a heaven of sorts. It is because we have been on this prolonged journey of being miserable. Not all of us, and not some of us. A grand mixed crowd of us. But, we have seen what we can be built to do. Science is directing us towards this heaven we can achieve. Ants, trillions in numbers can coordinate extraordinary things and support all its members. Humans, being so evolved, should be able to easy secure everything and everyone. We can do this, not the people of America, or the people of Mars, or the people in South Africa, but we, humans, a species, should be able to coordinate ourselves to utilize everything to max capacity with more than enough of anything for everyone. I don't know what happened, except for maybe that, along the way, we became too evolved. We could depend on ourselves. We deviated from the system, the system of evolution. We have become something of our choosing. I do not believe in this human race anymore, but I believe whatever makes evolution work, whatever makes life work, whatever created the electrons and all the gases and everything, I hope it has a plan, I hope it can fix any situation that we can create, or that can even exist. This is my "God", the hope that, life is correct, we are uneducated, and somewhere something, knows what it is doing, and what the process of life is advancing towards. Relax, be a human, be a HUMAN, like a dog acts like a dog, act like humans. Please.

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 06:16 AM
reply to post by CitizenAlpha

Have you ever asked yourself what you are being saved from? It's a mystery in many ways. If we just knew the nature of the soul and the origin of our presence here, we might have a reason to see God in a new light. If I had to guess, this is my conclusion on the matter:

We are on a planet ruled by a fallen angel. We know that we are fallen in the same manner. We also know that Satan fell with 1/3 of heaven. We know that our bodies are temporary vessels to hold our soul and God's spirit as a Shepherd. We know this represents His temple. There is a veil over the temple where God resides in us. The veil keeps us from living in fact. Faith is the key to overcoming the veil and seeing God in love and not pride. Pride made Satan and us fall. We are locked in an animal body. We are to overcome the beast (666). LINK All we need to do is see God from love and choose a new master in Christ. Sin and death is ended at this point. We return to God and our debt is paid by Christ to redeem us from this fallen earth. WE RETURN TO GOD! What does this suggest to you about our origin?

There is a conclusion here that shows God loves us for more reasons than we can know. I won't tell you my conclusion right away. What do you see in what I wrote above?

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