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ron paul just cutoff

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posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 10:25 AM

Originally posted by mileysubet

Originally posted by freedom12
They are claiming(MSM) that 41% of Iowa voters are "undecided". Really? This state gets credit all the time for how "thoughtful" it's voters are. So a couple days before, Iowans are to cast their votes and almost half are "undecided"???

How much thought have they actually put into it if they haven't made up their minds less than a week before they cast their vote?

So in your mind a fast decision is directly related to a well thought out decision?

Seems a lot like backwards thinking you have going on there.

If you have to hear the candidate in person a some hick-town in Iowa spew his(and her) talking points, just how well-informed are you?

Well good to know just what you think of the Towns in Iowa.

I could show up and tell you the grass is greener if you vote for me or get you motivated to vote for me with some BS and that would convince these"thoughtful" voters? Give me a break!

Isn't this exactly what Ron Paul is doing in Iowa as well?

If you don't know/or haven't checked the candidates out before a few weeks out, you're just another moron American who shouldn't be allowed to cast a ballot!! Go back to your Dancing With the Stars/American Idol/ Bachelor shows and let the real Americans decide who's best to run this country!!

How very judgmental and also naive of you.

Okay Miley, bring it!

1)It's not a fast decision-Some of these guys have ben campaigning for almost a year now. Iowans have been getting calls,mailings, and campaign visits for a year some cases longer. To say you are undecided a couple days before voting is just simply, not doing your job as a voter. Flipping a coin to make your choice doesn't count!

2) My "hick town" reference is to these small towns that no one has ever heard of outside of the area(within 50 miles). Bachmann, Santorum, etc; have went all over Iowa(all 99 counties) and as someone relatively familiar with Iowa, I asure you, there have been visits to some really small towns. If you as a voter went to hear a WELL rehearsed stump speech from one of the other candidates other than Ron Paul, it's akin to buying a timeshare. Mostly lies and rhetoric. I could tell you the shy was red and you'd believe me, but you have to research on your own and not just a stump speech. My "hick town" reference was not to put down the people living there. I assure you, the people living there have a sense of humor and sometimes use that reference themselves.

3) Actually no, Ron Paul isn't doing that which is why he is different. He talks about what is REALLY going on and that is why he is dreaded by MSM . His speeches and talks are HIGHLY different than the other puppets running.

4)Judgemental and naive? Nope, just calling it as it is. As stated previously, if you don't know who you're voting for 2 days out, then you shouldn't bother going. Watching Santorum or Newt attempting to cry on CNN/Faux News the nite before the election to determine who you will vote for is just horrible. Might as well watch those shows I mentioned and don't bother voting.

Go Ron Go!

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posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 05:51 PM
does anybody have the clip I was talking about? the feed from wolf blitzer's show? not the speech itself but what they showed on tv. I have it DVR'd but cant upload it.
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