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VIDEO - US Soldiers blow up Dog just for fun!!

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posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 01:30 AM

Originally posted by Awoken4Ever
reply to post by Equidae

Completely false statement. Since I am ex-EMS, grew up with a Nurse for a mom, and have known many doctors and nurses I don't agree with you at all. I personally never got use to it, and cried my eyes out every time a kid died. The best nurses in the world are the ones who never become detached from it. Does it mean that it doesn't happen? In more cases then not, yes it does. I have especially seen it in police officers over the course of a career. We are talking about a dog here, but I have seen much worse videos coming out of there and how "detached" they are. I understand what you are saying, but the end doesn't justify the means.

A lot of these kids think they are sitting behind a joystick and playing a video game. I don't want to derail the thread with other videos, but there is plenty of supporting evidence to show just a thing.

Maybe if we didn't go in there and wipe out 66,000 civilians (which is more than the soldiers we killed) the dogs would have owners so disease wasn't so rampant to have the dogs turn on the children from the claims here in the thread. Step away from the canvas and look at the complete picture not just the pixel you are staring at because you are too close to the painting. The dog is irrelevant at the moment.

We keep talking about temporary problems and solutions, not talking about how to fix the MAIN problems at all.

NOT a completely false statement. This may be true for you, but I know several nurses and EMTs who express the opposite mentality as essential to keep doing their job well and without burnout.

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by MushroomWig

I've met more dogs I would trust than own experience and I'm going on 59 years as of this month.

posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 10:54 AM

Originally posted by Clisen33

They didn't respond because it occurred in 2008 and the Daily Mail are behind on times...

Here is the post back in 2008:

Posted (six) on June-14-2008

edit on 3-1-2012 by Clisen33 because: (no reason given)

Did newspapers report on the incident in the past, and did the Army respond?

posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 02:35 AM
figures they burned the ones with the women and children being blown up..

and let this one be released!

posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 09:19 AM
You liberal idiots are always so right, aren't you? In society there are numerous cases of people slaughtering their entire families and you don't bash the entire population for their actions but yet when some idiots who are enlisted make a stupid decision, the entire military is scrutinized for it.

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