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Mystery of dead fish in Norway

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posted on Jan, 2 2012 @ 01:11 PM

Mystery of the DEAD herring: What made 20 TONNES of fish wash up on Norwegian beach?
Thousands of dead herring have been discovered washed up on a north Norwegian beach - prompting Doomsday predictors to hail it as another sign the world is set to end.
More than 20 tonnes of the fish is currently carpeting the beach of Kvaenes, in Nordreisa, with experts views differing on how they have come to be there. One thing is for sure, it will provide welcome ammunition to those believing the Mayan prophecy that 2012 will bring the end of Earth.
Daily Mail

Another fish die-off. Cause could be last week's storms, or other cause. Another thing is that mass fish and bird die-offs happened same time year ago.
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posted on Jan, 2 2012 @ 01:31 PM
I am shocked, once again, to hear of another case of dead wild life washing up on shore. It is a "mystery" that has yet to be solved.

There are many instances where this could occur: HAARP, disease, global warming, radiation, pollution, migration pattern shifted, and to the ultimate thought of suicide of the fish.

I eat fish occasionally. After observing world events from Fukushima and pollution from asia, I rarely eat tuna nowadays. I used to love eating pickled herring, but now after reading this article, my appetite has been curbed because of this event.

I don't know what caused their deaths, but for one I will support not eating these fish for two reasons:

1) cause of their death is unknown and could be suspicious
2) i hope that one day their stock in the oceans could be replenished so we have fish in the future

Thanks for the post...*S&F* for you!

posted on Jan, 2 2012 @ 01:51 PM
This is already posted I'm afraid


But I still wonder why this happens?
And isn't it weird that it doesn't get more attraction in the media/web, like it did last time?
Its like "well, it all happened before, lets get something new".

I live in Scandinavia (Denmark), and we got very weird weather here.
Last year it was -15 Celsius in day time, and this year it is 5-10 Celsius in the daytime.

Mother earth is sure changing!

posted on Jan, 2 2012 @ 01:53 PM

The incident in Norway is not the only mass death mystery over the New Year. On Sunday, 200 blackbirds mysteriously fell from the sky in a small Arkansas town - although officials now believe the birds were targeted by someone with fireworks, experts say. Last month 25 dead horses were discovered at the bottom of a cliff near Glenn Innes, New England. And similarly bizarre and unexplained massacres took place on the opening days of last year, with millions of spot fish washing up in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, more blackbirds dying in Arkansas, and masses of marine life dying in a Louisiana bayou. Read more:
Ok, kind of a de-ja-vu of last year

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