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You thought 2011 was tough?

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posted on Jan, 2 2012 @ 08:44 AM
(Reuters) - Shaky Europe. Political gridlock. Volatile markets..

Please note that both of the above headlines were from the media sources I got this from.. Primarily Drudge Report for the initial link which lead to this article at Reuters.

Familiar themes for those who lived through 2011, and investors should be ready to revisit them next year. With a spiraling debt crisis in Europe, political upheaval around the world, and crumbling creditworthiness in major industrial nations, 2011 was a tough year to know where to invest. 2012 is unlikely to offer much respite.

It is of course pretty much obvious that 2012 is going to bring with it a lot more economic and political problems. As many of us here know the economy has been used numerous times in the past to orchestrate a crisis which only a few benefit from but many lose out on. My eye, as always, is going to be very trained on the global events of 2012.

China and other fast-growing emerging markets can no longer be leaned on as those economies slow. In 2011's last half, the poorest-performing sectors outside of banks were most connected to global growth - materials, energy and industrial companies. "There is a growing realization that the global economy is in jeopardy," said Bruce Bittles, chief investment strategist at Robert W. Baird & Co in Nashville. "There is uncertainty in every corner of the world."

Some people might consider this scaremongering and it may be indeed but that doesn't change the reality of the situation. The economy is on the brink of collapse.. and it has been planned a long, long time ago. The extent of power localisation has gone a LONG way.

I am almost certain that this "End of the world 2012" hype laundering money magnet machine that has run rampant is actually a very clever plot of someone somewhere. This is a very spiritual time we are going through, the transition is on a mass scale.

If you see this as a dark age then see it as your time to shine.

Don't lose hope. Gain hope. Gain belief. Through positive acts like this we can begin to make great change and fertilise a more healthy transition through these very important years.

Be there for your fellow man and woman.

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