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How many of you have seen a UFO, but said nothing through fear of ridicule?

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posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 07:12 AM
The only thing to do is to give absolutely no f...s. I don't care if someone ridicules me if i say i saw a ufo. If they don't believe me, its their choice and i can't change that.

I was once with 2 friends of mine comming home from a bar and saw a huge orange glowing orb that moved fast and silent over the night sky. By the time i got my phone out to film it or take a picture it was gone, it took off like in hyper speed. We stood there watching and when i said it was a ufo they started laughing and calling me crazy although they saw it and couldn't believe their eyes. But i just never talked about it to them. No fear to speak, no harm done. (i can detail this if you want because it is stranger than that)

Another time i was with more friends camping and me and a friend were just sitting and watching the sky when we noticed that a lot of the stars (and i mean a lot of them, like 40-50) were moving in random patterns across the sky and fast. I said it again "UFO" ... but they started to ridicule me again although the guy that saw it too didn't say anything and acted like i was the crazy one ... but it never talked about it with them ...

So don't be afraind to be ridiculed, if you are just get up, dust yourself off and walk away.

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 07:50 AM
I mentioned to my friends that I've seen three very fast orange lights in the sky during the day over the last couple of weeks.
Since they were during the day, it was surprising to me, since they were a: VERY fast, almost blink and miss it fast, and b: VIVID orange in colour, almost as if it was a street light burning high in the sky.
Apparently they were 'just Chinese lanterns' or 'shooting stars' but even shooting stars don't move that fast, and wouldn't be seen in the day, and whats the point of releasing a Chinese lantern in the middle of the day?

I tend to keep my sightings to myself now.

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 11:38 AM

Originally posted by SilentE
I have seen things in the night sky that I haven't been able to identify.

Not saying it's alien, just that I personally couldn't say what it was.

I don't talk about it just because I have no proof.

This is kind of the point. When a person knows what they have seen, and yet you expect people will be distrustful, in spite of them knowing your character. If they are close to one, and there is an expectation that they will require proof that is a form of fear. Which I think is quite understandable.

It is true you would want to have proof to make a scientific claim or scientific statement, but to tell a story of a personal experience you should not need proof (it sure would be nice to have), and yet it seems like you perceive it as if you need proof.

I think your position is quite common, and it would be great if we lived in a society where you could talk about something like this (purely from a personal perspective) without expecting demands for proof or doubts on your character.

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posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 02:48 PM
I am not sure. I saw two "stars" move very quickly across the sky once. At first i thought it was a plane, but no it was too fast for that. Then I thought oh shooting stars. But do they come in twos parallell to each other? So I am on the fence to what I saw that night.

If however I did see a classic UFO and I knew there was no argument over it, would I mention it? Yes. It is less of a taboo subject now than it was say ten years ago. People need to know. United we stand, divided we fall as the old saying goes. In other words, the more we discuss things openly the less the fear factor will become relevant.

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 02:56 PM
i saw a flying disk and i was pretty close to it and every time i bring it up in conversation...its a problem so it was never brought up again

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 04:02 PM
This is my first post on this site (though I've been a lurker for a good 3 weeks or so!). Either way I hope I'm not judged too unfairly on my first post

I absolutely do agree with the OP. Having experienced 2 UFO sightings myself within the last year, as well as an abduction case (which I can't prove physically, but I can see the face of the being fresh in my mind as if it were a person I'd known all my life! I'll never forget that face)

I have been ridiculed for sharing what I've experienced by my relatives and close friends - the only one who seems to really believe what I told them was my older brother. Still, I tend to shake off the doubt and questioning and avoid bringing up the subject with them anymore.

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 04:28 PM

Originally posted by BethJ92
This is my first post on this site (though I've been a lurker for a good 3 weeks or so!). Either way I hope I'm not judged too unfairly on my first post

I absolutely do agree with the OP. Having experienced 2 UFO sightings myself within the last year, as well as an abduction case (which I can't prove physically, but I can see the face of the being fresh in my mind as if it were a person I'd known all my life! I'll never forget that face)

I have been ridiculed for sharing what I've experienced by my relatives and close friends - the only one who seems to really believe what I told them was my older brother. Still, I tend to shake off the doubt and questioning and avoid bringing up the subject with them anymore.

Welcome to ATS. I for one accept your story without question, not because I am a believer, but because I don't take a personal description of your experience to be a challenge to my perception of reality, whether it matches yours or not. I, for one, have never seen a UFO, and have never been abducted.

This is at the core of the problem in dealing with this subject, people tend to take a story of a personal experience as a challenge to their reality, a challenge that needs to be dealt with by defending their reality or demanding proof. There is a difference between a subjective experience and a scientific declaration. I do not mean to diminish your experience by calling it subjective, rather I believe *all* experience is subjective, and we seem to forget that. Lack of physical evidence for your experience does not invalidate it. It simply makes it hard to correlate to the perceptions of others. But it is not your responsibility to convince anybody either. That is up to each and everybody to figure out, not by defensiveness, but by curiosity and seeking answers, that is a choice for the skeptic to make. A skeptic that is defensive, or a skeptic who wants to know more. Guess which one learns more?

The world would be a better place if more people could recognize that all of what they call "reality" is subjective, and only as objective as we are able to find agreements between our stories. Reality makes no promise to maintain that agreement. We are perfectly happy agreeing on which color is which, and yet who knows how each person perceives each one.


posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by rickyrrr

Thank you

Of course, I believe everybody is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs - Unless a mass alien visitation took place I can't see everybody believing my experience
But I'm cool with that

The thing that frustrates me most of all is that *excuse the pun* I feel it alienates me from the people I care about most, as they've never had any experiences like it so to speak - there isn't anybody I would feel comfortable talking to about it without dreading their reaction, if that makes sense.

And I absolutely understand what you're saying about it being subjective - heck, I can't even begin to comprehend some of the things I saw - I wouldn't expect someone over the internet not to atleast doubt or question what I say - the inquisitive humans that we are!

Thanks for your welcome rickyrrr - It's nice to finally be involved in ATS

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 05:02 PM
One night, my son and I were getting ice from a vending machine when he called my attention to an object rising from the horizon. It moved slowly and deliberately in a straight line. It looked like an orange orb rising, and I thought at first it was just a firework or lantern. As it passed directly above our heads, I could tell that it was actually a diamond shape and seemed to be on fire at the bottom or maybe emitting fire? It continued silently on in it's straight path until it disappeared behind a row of buildings. We attempted to look for it, but didn't have any luck. Let's just say that I have never known a known object that moved the way it did or appeared like it from the underside. For me, it was a ufo. Unidentified and flying.

We told my husband who dismissed us as crazy. I reported it to MUFON and there were other reports of similar orange orb type objects that night in our state(IL) and the next state over(MO).

posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 08:23 AM
reply to post by Griffo515

I agree with you and think you really seen something,
i witnesse a ufo sighting back in 2008 but have never posted any pics before or talked about it
until now, i have (i think!) attacthed a picture of what i seen back then.

posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 09:32 PM
i have seen a UFO i live in white piont in sanpedro CA i was looking at the stars and saw a small light moving i thought i was trippin but it was real it looked a small star moving for its altitude it was moving fast it went half way across the night sky and stopped it blended in with the rest of the stars I will never forget it i dont speak of it because people dont get it but i saw it !

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 03:53 PM
OP I understand exactly where you are coming from. Its a hard choice to make when ridicule can come from so many places these days.

However that being said there are places like MUFON where you can at least report your sighting and at the same time see if anyone else in you area saw something of interest.

As for myself I saw "something" when I was in my early teens. I told my parents. My parents know me as a person believed me. They called the police the next day and the police said that there had been many strange sightings that night up and down the main road I lived off of and where the sighting had occured.

A second sighting (if you call it that) occured summer 2011 during a major power outtage that effected much of northern IL. I reported it to MUFON as best I could (a bright light angled upward against the cieling of my dining room, thing is though that room backs up to a low lying natural area and nobody had power so where did that light come from?)

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by davesmart

my father and i have witnessed two events,in my mind what can only be the sighting of a ufo,i like to tell the story of these events however my dad dose not.the first time was in a field at night back in the late 80's what appeared to be a star rapidly moved accross the sky and seemed to follow us and then a portion of the field glowed orange like a ciggaret end dose in the dark only much larger in size an area say as large as a this point we started running home i was about 13 yrs old.the second time was in the 90's and was with my dad and a friend we were going camping in a woods near to were i live only to see 4 rectangular lites in the sky above a field, about the size of 2 football pitches! these lites were covering the whole area above it and were revolving all 4 lites then seperated into 2 more lites slimmer in width but still covering the area of the field so now eight rectangular lites in total.we tried to see if there was any possible alternative light sorce that could be produceing them but two no avail,we then drove back home to tell of our exsperience only be told( yer really ) wich is what we exspectide so i got my girl friend in the car and five mins later we were back at the field infront of the woods.the lights were still there but fading slighty into the laying cloud my girl freind wouldnt even get out of the car. just wanted to share.

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 11:50 PM
Oh thanks for this topic!
I created this account just to share what we saw last night.
And I've posted this on some blogs as well lol.
We didn't even bother to take pictures at all, because we were just admiring what we were seeing. ^^;
And proving what we saw was never in our minds, we saw what we saw.

My family saw them last night (Jan. 5, 2012 PHT - Philippine Time), they had orange lights and was quite far on the horizon. The sky was very very clear, and we were on our second floor terrace.
At first there were 4 and were hovering, just above the trees and were shining bright.
When one by one they started to move, dimming their lights first then moving very very slow on a straight path.

Then came 2 more from the same place, they just appeared like that and then moved again to the same direction as the first 4.
And then another 2 came, but this two flew very near us that we could actually see they were aircrafts!
The last one was practically above us, so it was the clearest we saw.
It was amazing hehe, the last one was black and diamond shape. It had unblinking orange lights in the front I think, but there were smaller blinking lights on their sides and the back (around them) and they were blinking in a pattern. That was the most awesome part for me, seeing how the lights were blinking one after another, starting from the side, the back, then the other side and starts again on the first side.
You know, like how usual movie UFOs light up.

Also they were not that silent, there was a faint hum.
All in all there were 6 orange lights from afar, and 2 aircraft that came near us.

I started to look online for more info about the orange lights/diamond aircraft, but I think most people have seen the lights only? While we actually saw the aircraft.. and there were a lot of people who saw them too, not only my family.
They really were like planes because there was no erratic behavior and they flew normally like they were minding their own business lol, except for the speed, the lights, and the shape.

now that I've read more sightings of the orange lights, I'm regretting that we didn't take a picture.
It was such a clear night too.
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