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chemtrails over Florida 01-01-2012

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posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 12:44 AM
What's up with the x formation then??? And no, I didn't teach my kid they were chemtrails, but we did agree that were a big x.

posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 01:00 AM
reply to post by bottlenoze

Just look at any road map.....eve see highways that cross at an angle?

The routes that airplanes fly also can be at any angle. They're called Jet Airways.

Here's an example image, it's not very good (first screen grab I tried):

All of those black lines are the Jet Airway routes. They intersect usually at a navigational fix, a "beacon" that transmits a radio signal, called a VOR. Sometimes they (the Jet Airways) will simply cross over one one another.

Here, the image above is an actual aeronautical chart issued by the NOAA and FAA, and this website has them all uploaded to view:

They have a video tutorial on their site --- or, you can follow these instructions. You want to see the "High" altitude charts, because all contrails form from at least 25,000 feet and higher.

On the site is a globe icon....hover the mouse over it, and a drop-down menu appears. Look for the "High Enroute" tab, and the USA map will change, showing the outlines of the various Charts.

For Oregon, click on "H-3" or "H-1"......H-1 covers most of Oregon and all of Washington, H-3 the lower third or so of OR, plus Northern California (and areas East too).

Zoom in or out (like Google Maps or Google Earth) and find your location, and then see the types of Jet Airways over your area.

Here, I found out how to link......I picked a part of H-1 (already zoomed in a bit), with Eugene, Oregon in view....near the bottom..... zoom out or in, slew with the mouse, etc.

Enroute H-1

BTW...although awkward, each of those charts has a legend on the side panels, at one end (easier to read them when you have the real things in your hands), but the legends will explain the symbols and decode a lot. Also, SkyVector has a range of other Aeronautical Charts to view as well.....these are for Instrument flying, the others for Visual flying, and show landmarks and stuff......Like this. Here's Eugene on the VFR Sectional Chart:


[Eugene just picked randomly, for example]

It appears from your post that you are in a suburb of's the VFR Sectional centered there:


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posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 01:09 AM
That's all very interesting. Thanks. I'll have a closer look at it in the morning.

posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 04:03 AM
reply to post by bottlenoze

Your experience is typical of what Chemtrail trollers rely on. The average lay person, with no direct interest in aviation, cannot be expected to know much about air routes and traffic frequency, neither are they going to pay too much attention to what happens higher up in the atmosphere beyond what affects us directly, such as is it raining etc. They can realistically be expected to know even less about changes in aircraft fleets and engine types, that is definitely the area of expertise for professionals and geeks.

Therefore it is of little surprise that noticing a big, loitering 'X' shape, or other,in the sky appears strange and raises questions.

I find those who then swoop, professing to know with absolute certainty that this is caused by a mysterious and secret spraying operation by persons unknown for reasons unknown that's been going onfor years and that this is proven merely by the fact the trail is there to be, at the very least, mischievously dishonest. When they then follow that up by attacking fellow members who are actually professionals in the field and trying to discredit their explanations with wild accusations of being paid agents etc, they take on a much more sinister look.

Still, all anyone can do is read both sides of the debate with an open mind and decide for yourself. That's how I first came to this board.

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