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Using Social Media to Improve Law Enforcement and Engage Citizens

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posted on Jan, 1 2012 @ 02:04 PM
I found this website that can be seen at the source below, but what I found even more interesting were the tools that LE are using to track people of interest without their consent, across the social media world.

I don't recommend using the tools, it's just for educational purposes only and awareness to citizens, as the goal of SMILE states what the title thread outlines.

And whose to determine what the definition of person of interest may be, especially considering the NDAA.

What ever happened to privacy

1. Cnut: With Cnut, put in a Twitter username and you’re presented with all the tweets to, from and mentioning that user. It only shows tweets from the past few days, but is a quick and easy way to get a visual depiction of that person’s latest Twitter activity.

2. Bettween: The second app goes a bit further. Check out This site allows you to put in a Twitter username and it returns to you the people with whom they actually exchange tweets, in reverse order of number. Then you can click to view the conversations.


If there’s a Twitter user who turns into a person of interest, an investigator could go to their Twitter page and see the last few tweets to and from that POI. But it’s easier to just use an app. Here are two quick and easy ways to not only see who someone is tweeting, but also what they are tweeting about.

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