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92 year old writes a poem of hope for 2012

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posted on Jan, 1 2012 @ 08:35 AM

ONE of Australia's last remaining World War I widows Dulcie Hall has written a touching poem full of optimism to see in 2012.

I read this on our local newspaper and I was so touched by it, I wanted to share it with you all.

I especially like how she states that we have made mistakes in the past but this New Year has no place for them.

This beautiful lady really sees what’s going on in this mess, yet she holds on to hope and prosperity for all of us, as do I and as do most of us here at ATS.

Happy 2012 ATS x x x

Dulcie Hall's 2012 poem - Welcome 2012

We wake with joyful pleasure at sun-up in the morning
And we feel that something magic comes our way
We breathe in the morning air, enchanted with the dawning
Then we realise the true meaning of this day.
It's a day that never comes again for time is slipping past
It fades into the future leaving memories behind
Though you'd dearly like to keep it close and hold it to you fast
You know that it will vanish like the shadows on the blind
It's a brand new year that's dawning and it brings a world of hope
A hope for joy and happiness for all
This sad old world we dwell in is of our own mistakes
And our new year has no place for them at all
So we open up our arms and we open up our hearts
And with song and dance we'll welcome this new year
Father Time will tell us if we're doing right or wrong
And sadly, treating badly, the things we should hold dear
And when this year rolls around
And a new year comes again
When we hope to see a better world
Will we look in vain?

Townsville Bulletin

love and harmony

posted on Jan, 1 2012 @ 08:55 AM
An excellent demonstration of what is real. How often do we (especially us woman) fear age and betray ourselves and specie by undergoing surgery to hide this amazing beauty that can only be reached over time.

I was thinking about it today. Our perceptions are so distorted by the media and we fall flat on our unwise faces for the pressure that mankind has formulated for us to 'look young'.

My thought today was this: i was thinking of my next painting. I can feel a tree in it. So, I visualised the tree. Naturally it will be an old wrinkly tree with loads of branches. Then it struck me that I do not find young trees that attractive. There is something about an old tree.

What about us. There is such great beauty and attractiveness in wisdom. Why do we try to avoid and hide it? Are wrinkles not evidence of our wisdom and gathering of many years of life lessons?

This lady is stunning; a Queen. Her wisdom is precious. It takes many many years to grow.

What a lovely new year's poem! Thank you so much for posting.

posted on Jan, 1 2012 @ 08:11 PM
reply to post by UnlimitedSky

How true you are.

It’s a shame some of us don't see this in ourselves, yet we see it in others.
I don't think we can fully blame the media, as a child i have always felt like the ugly one, yet i never watched much TV or looked at glossy magazines.

It could be that we are just not used to our new body so to speak, reincarnation maybe.

I know from my own experience that when i see a photo of myself or look in the mirror, i don't look what i thought i looked like.

Were just silly humans with allot going on inside us that can’t be explained

love and harmony

posted on Jan, 2 2012 @ 12:34 AM

Originally posted by Whateva69
reply to post by UnlimitedSky

... as a child i have always felt like the ugly one, yet i never watched much TV or looked at glossy magazines.

I know from my own experience that when i see a photo of myself or look in the mirror, i don't look what i thought i looked like.

Look in your inner mirror, Whateva, and you will find that you are absolutely beautiful. Stunning! Feed yourself on that.

It is a very good thing that you do not look the way you think and feel you look. What this is all about, is the difference in body image (the way you physically look to yourself) and self image (the way you feel about yourself.) Self image should ALWAYS be higher than body image! That is very healthy indeed. So, good for you on that one!

I am 43. No I am not!! My body is 43, but I am all of those wonderful life experiences that my life encompasses. Even the hard ones. (Not to forget all the spiritual growth that has accompanied me to this life from all my previous lives. As those are the only things that stay with us forever.)
Yet, I am also a very live, very young, zestful, joyful energy that reaches for the unlimited sky!
So, who am I then? 43, young or old?

In reality, all of them.

Stay beautiful, Whateva!

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 09:52 AM
Beautiful. OP, the replies... a very beautiful thread.

Peace and Love.

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