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2012 poem

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posted on Jan, 1 2012 @ 12:43 AM
It was 2011 and all was well. In the chatroom everyone was celebrating in their groups
the old men were sitting, talking bout guns and war. Sharing both ammo and flasks of whiskey.
the young ones, new to the world, were chatting up a storm, music playing in the background.
the odd ones, well, we were sitting there throwing comments out, laughing with all.
yes tonight was a nice night, in good ol- uh, good old 2012.

What do we see, sitting here drinking our night away?
Why Locololo sees misery, and cheer on the way.
All those who are sad will be happy for a day, but all those who are happy will be sad for a day. Yes the world will go on normal, for shame for shame, but today, today we drink in merry as we celebrate.

What do the old people see, passing the flask?
Why Sbcinfantry saw a war coming. As with every year, someone had a problem, and with those willing to defend, the problem would soon end. Whether foreign nor domestic, national or universal, there were people willing to help with everything.
The man just laughed at the poor people that took his place, as he passed his drink along.

The young ones? those optimistic people, they saw great things coming in 2012.
Why Mentalistbee is screaming her happiness. Listening to music and daydreaming of days of happiness. She saw the good in 2012, unlike the old and the strange.

Yes, everyone has their wishes, their goals, even their predictions of what shall happen in the next year, but no one can timetravel, so it's best to find a chair.
Sit down, get comfortable, and be ready as the show begins.

Gaah!! Someone got me in poetry mood!!

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