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2011 A Year in Review- The Year of Protests

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posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 11:27 PM
Well I joined this site this year but these are the major events that impacted my life in 2011!

• On January 8 2011 Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords along with 17 other victims were shot by a crazy man named Jared Loughner in Arizona. Months later Giffords recovered well and even eventually started to talk again! Her speedy recovery is considered by those in the medical field as nothing more than a miracle! Amazingly she returns to congress in August to pass a bill to raise the debt limit

• On February 10 Verizon finally gets ahold of the iPhone. Verizon customers beamed with delight. Throughout the next few months AT&T sees dwindling sales. Six days later Borders Books closes its doors for the last time as it files for bankruptcy.

• On February 14-16 Humanity surrendered to Artificial Intelligence for the first time after the super computer WATSON destroys, Jeopardy Champions Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings on the popular game show. A sign for things to come?

• On February 22 A 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake strikes ChristChurch in New Zealand killing at least 75 people and causing waves throughout the evangelical community that this might be a sign from God.

• Charlie Sheen dominated headlines again this year. Although not many people thought he was “winning!” After bragging about his life living with two Goddesses and his tiger blood to the media and making a fool of himself on a webshow he started. Sheen was rightly fired from his sitcom Two and a half men. The show however, will not survive without him!

• On March 19 the Obama Administration imposed a No-Fly Zone over Libya and started using UAV’s instead of human soldiers for one of the first times in a major military confrontation. “No Boots on the Ground” became a popular talking point.

• After the effects of the release of Apple’s iPad 2, the tech industry got another shocker when AT&T announced plans to buy their rival T-Mobile for $40 Billion in cash!!! The deal ultimately did not go through as the DOJ ruled it would create a monopoly.

• On March 11 a 9.0 Magnitude Earthquake shook Japan and caused a massive 23 foot tsunami to hit the country at full speed issuing tsunami warnings throughout the world! Furthermore, the event caused the nation of Japan to go under Nuclear Emergency as one of their Nuclear Power Stations started to fail. The world feared radiation poisoning and the safety of Nuclear Energy development was once again questioned

• On April 29 nearly 3 Billion People in total watched the Royal Wedding. It broke Youtube and online social media records.

• In April President Obama battles congress for the debt limit and birthers as he releases his birth certificate. Did that please them? Nope.

• On May 1 2011, Osama Bin Laden is captured and killed by US Navy Team Seal 6 in Pakistan. News of Bin Laden’s death also broke social media records as people took to the streets to celebrate the killing of the man behind the 9/11 attacks!

• On June 16 Anthony Weiner posts a picture on twitter and his last name will haunt him forever!

• On June 24 NY legalizes same sex marriage.

• On July 15, the last Harry Potter film was released wold-wide marking an end to the world of Wizards and Muggles to many fans.

• Amy Winehouse dies on July 23.

• The media took the Casey Anthony Case by storm during the summer of 2011. When this young mother was tried for murdering her baby daughter and was found not guilty. The captivated American public was disgusted at their justice system.

• Protestors in Egypt got their wish on August 3 as they saw their former leader finally face charges for crimes against humanity directly from his hospital bed. Many around the world welcomed the humiliation.

• The riots spread to the UK through the use of social media sites like twitter and smartphones like Blackberry. The riots were supposed to be about police brutality but quickly got out of hand in the early days of August.

• Standard & Poor’s lowers the US credit rating for the first time in US history to AA+ on August 5th. Citing, “a gulf between the political parties,” has reduced its confidence in the American Government to handle the situation. Each party started to bicker more about which party was really at fault causing more people to continue to lose faith in the American political system. This causes Investors to lose faith in the economy altogether and the stock market was in free fall for most of the end of summer.

• To make matters worse Hurricane Irene makes a surprising sweep throughout the east coast of the US at the end of August. States and counties that have never seen flooding before were affected almost beyond repair. The Hurricane threatened major parts of the US including Wall Street in NYC, and Washington DC.

• On October 5, Steve Jobs dies after his personal battle with pancreatic cancer. Millions of people around the world and on social media networks honored the Apple CEO. Mr. Jobs will be remembered for his genius and far out ideas, “that just worked!”

• In October you also see the Occupy Wall Street Movement spread around the world fighting political greed, corporatism, social inequality, and preaching redistribution of wealth from the top 1% of Greedy CEOs.

• On October 29, General Muammar Gaddafi is captured and killed!

• Throughout October, November, and December Europe sees itself in decline as member nations talk about leaving the Euro. The Euro-zone faces a debt crisis that if left unsolved could throw the world into another great depression worse than the one in 1930s!

• This year’s scandal happened later in the year, as there were many contenders but I think nothing touches the Penn State sex scandal in November. Maybe Herman Cain’s scandal comes in close second or ties as the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO pulls out of the GOP race amidst sexual allegation charges.

• Is Occupy Wall Street over? The leaders of the movement remain optimistic. On November 15 police started to crack down on Zuccotti Park forcing the two month project to dismantle and move elsewhere. Police Brutality charges continued to scream across the media as the OWS movement slowly faded away. However, on December 14, 2011 TIME Magazine’s person of the Year, becomes the protester!

• Facebook announces a new feature called Timeline in a September conference and released it slowly around November and December

• The war in Iraq ends at the end of December and all troops get to go home and spend time with their families for the 2011 holidays

Happy New Years Everybody.

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