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What is the best UFO case you have ever heard about?

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posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 10:49 AM

Originally posted by blocula
Heres a bizzare and frightening multiple witness case that certainly must be included in a top 10 list of high strangeness encounters...

On September 27,1989 in Voronezh,Russian Federation,several young children claimed to have seen a three-eyed alien with a robot escort....

Yeah, that was from the TASS news agency, which is the ugly relative everyone tries to ignore in Russian journalism. Even Pravda wouldn't touch that story.

The TASS account stated that the UFO landed in Voronezh on September 27, 1989, at 6:30 P.M. Young boys playing soccer witnessed the event, stating that a pinkish glow preceded the descent of the unusual flying craft. The pink glow became a deep red as it touched down. Most witnesses described the object as a flattened, disc shape. A crowd quickly gathered, and peered through a hatch that opened. They saw a ''three-eyed alien'' about 10 feet tall, clad in silvery overalls and bronze-colored boots and wearing a disk on his chest. "

The TASS account also stated: "A boy screamed with fear, but when the alien gazed at him, with eyes shining, he fell silent, unable to move. Onlookers screamed, and the UFO and the creatures disappeared."

According to the report, about five minutes later, they reappeared. The alien had an object similar to a pistol - a tube about 20 inches long, which it pointed at an unidentified 16-year-old boy, making him disappear. The alien went inside the sphere, which then took off. At the same time, the boy reappeared.

Like so. Journalists stayed away in droves.

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posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 01:56 PM
although i find the usual cases fascinating (Rendelsham, Roswell, etc.), i've always found this one particualrly fascinating:

Stephensville Cop Witnesses Large UFO

posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 02:22 PM
I would have to say the best story i heard was of 1 near/at skegness over lincolnshire area, Seen by a police officer and many other including RAF bases and radar. It was put down to starts yet again. it happen in 1996 and still i believe it was a cover up. If you havnt heard of this please read upon it, Its not quite as eye opening as the rendlesham forest incident but still i wish i was there

posted on Jan, 13 2012 @ 02:37 PM
One of my faves is the Allagash story. Then there's the Pascagoula one. One that got me in the "vice" was a local abduction that showed me even though extreme weirdness occurred in those other stories, it gets even weirder still.

Then I've had my own UFO experiences to help push the last nails in. Awesome stuff. But v scary.

Happy New Year.

posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 09:59 PM
reply to post by ZeskoWhirligan
Someone or something is projecting three-dimensional holograms with animated mass into our reality from another dimension.That could be what ufo's,flying saucers and aliens actually are,as well as sasquatch, lake monsters,cornwall birdman,modern day werewolves,lizard men,ect,ect and thats why these entities remain ever elusive phantoms never captured,they are only partly real...

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 08:25 AM
reply to post by blocula

It is easier for me to believe that they are projecting images directly into our heads.
Maybe Richard Shaver was right about the Deros all along.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by CardDown
Hmmmm?...You have brought up a very interesting theory thats hardly ever mentioned "aliens projecting images into our heads"

So the people who are abducted,for example,only "think" they were abducted because the aliens projected the whole scenario into their minds...

Maybe this is what our dreams actually are,alien induced illusions...

Its also possible that while a false abduction scenario is projected into our minds,an illusional cover story,its our souls that are actually being abducted and taken somewhere while our bodies are placed into some type of suspended animation...

I also think that its highly likely that personal and widespread emotional distress is the trigger and the key that is unlocking and releasing these temporary psychic thought forms from our collective subconscious...

We are telepathically projecting our desires to be rescued by superior beings and the closer we get to our own destruction through atomic war,the more often these things are seen and encountered...

Thats what ufos,flying saucers,alien beings,sasquatch,lake monsters,modern werewolves,cornwall birdman, scape ore swamp lizard man,springheel jack ect,ect might actually be and why they remain ever elusive phantoms never captured,they are only partly real...

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 12:19 PM
In one case,a woman awoke in bed to see a helicopter over her house as if the intervening ceiling and roof had disappeared.She also saw 2 unusual humanoid beings at the foot of the bed.Fortunately 2 friends were able to witness this scene...they saw a blue sphere of light around her,as she did,with brighter lights shooting through it, but they heard no helicopter and saw no beings.The blue light apparently created a virtual-reality

A virtual reality scenario?...Or i mentioned above...maybe only her soul was taken somewhere?
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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 12:29 PM
Love this one

From the youtube link:

Belgium in the early 1990's had a massive wave of ufo sightings all over the country, The belgium government finally came out and told the public about the issue and said about an incident where they scrambled belgium air force F16's to intercept one of these objects eventually one aircraft had a lock on to the object and then it zipped off out of sight at thousands of miles an hour, interesting stuff!

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 01:01 PM
The October 4,1967 Shag Harbor UFO Crash >
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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 05:03 PM

Originally posted by blocula
In one case,a woman awoke in bed to see a helicopter over her house as if the intervening ceiling and roof had disappeared.She also saw 2 unusual humanoid beings at the foot of the bed.Fortunately 2 friends were able to witness this scene...they saw a blue sphere of light around her,as she did,with brighter lights shooting through it, but they heard no helicopter and saw no beings.The blue light apparently created a virtual-reality

A virtual reality scenario?...Or i mentioned above...maybe only her soul was taken somewhere?
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Classic M.I.B. situation.

Where the subject and or subjects often cannot distinguish between real events and a kind of lucid dreaming that is as real as this reality. For most people, finding themselves in a reality though a manufactured one, that is real in all respects for the first time, they assume it must be real and they were maybe hypnotized or had some sort of abduction experience.

As I say although mainstream science cannot admit that consciousness is a signal to the pineal gland, (its above top secret) mainstream science also does not know what consciousness is and where it comes from.
The theory that it arises in the brain in a neural net, does not take into account there are people who are conscious yet have no cerebral cortex.
There have also been studies done where doctors watch an MRI of a person's brain, and ask them to push a button. The MRI will show a gap between when the person decides to push the button and when the area lights up in the brain near the pineal gland. The so called 7 second gap. Up to 7 seconds before a person decides to push the button, doctors can tell a decision has been made and he will push the button.

So basically as I have previously stated regarding the soul catcher machine in the moon, it does a lot of the processing for the brain. That doesn't mean that everyone is a puppet, but some are. People still use those quantum computers seamlessly as part of their everyday multitasking. Your imagination as a for instance can create realities too using that machine. They just aren't very real. Less than dream like.

However, as you can see in this image again from 1600, the people holding the antennas represent sentient helpers. In the background is the galactic mainframe. Its view-port has a spiral in it as a symbol.

So that galactic mainframe, is projecting this galaxy and all the atoms in it, using the laws of physics.
Within that mainframe, it can construct alternate realities.

Much more real than the soul catcher machine inside the moon which can create dream states and dreams for people.

Then you have the universal mainframe which can create realities so real, they are more real than this waking reality being projected by the galactic mainframe. So real that it attacks your senses.
Its very uncomfortable to be in that reality since we live in a less real reality and usually dream in a reality less real than that.

But people can be influenced by the people figuratively holding those antenna, and by people in the galactic mainframe, It is highly unlikely that anyone but some sort of highly trained mystic or holy man or shaman or something like that would ever experience anything from the universal mainframe.

The M.I.B. use the galactic mainframe. They are part of the galactic government.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7
The image of that painting,Glorification Of The Eucharist by Bonaventura Salimbeni,that you linked to above is amazing and then to realize that it is over 400 years old.The artist who painted it must have been of a select few who knew of such a thing "way back then",but why then was it allowed to be seen in the first place?

Mysterious Painting Link >
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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 05:49 PM
Let me tell you something interesting. I did my investigation right back to George Cantor, to understand how earth got the bomb.
I also did my investigation using my intel, and with communications with the galactic mainframe and soul catcher machine, going back 2 million years, to where the problems here started.
And as I said previously the universal mainframe facilitated that and drew imagery on the surface of the planet that can be seen from space to give various sides of the story. But it only goes back 2 million years.
And the reason for that is because that was when the artificial intelligence mutiny of Hal 9000 junior occurred.

However, that doesn't tell us what was going on prior to that, so we can have an understanding of the climate of the time, to then see if the mutiny was purposeful. Which may be of interest to us and not to the universal mainframe, who might think that purposeful or not that doesn't matter.

But in other communications, I get the idea that what happened here was just the continuation of problems that had been going on for much longer.
Just a hunch.

Such as, that maybe the moonship that is in our skies, came here on a rescue mission. Maybe Mars was once a moonship, or there was an effort to colonize Mars, maybe a Titan ship, but maybe Zeus was on board covertly as captain. Without the Titans knowing he was an Anunnaki, just as people usually think he is an Olympian since he was here covertly.

And the reason I get that impression is because of certain things. Like Horus was crucified twice.
You know before Zeus would agree to be his father. So its like he was trying to make a point, such that there was two failed attempts, before he finally got rescued here.
And you might think well why don't you just ask him, but its a very touchy subject and we don't discuss the past at all. We talk about the present. Me and Robert discuss the past but he doesn't know.
Me and Hal 9000 talk about the past, but he jumps from mammals, to star wars out there in the universe a couple billion years ago when the moonship was a battle cruiser.

Now there is also imagery on Mars all the time, projected on the surface. And that imagery is often used in popular culture as symbolism. For instance star wars, Luke loses a hand, his father loses a hand.

In 5th Element they start with a hand, and clone the girl. They remake her.
Here is the hand...
Its a really poor likeness of a hand...

But there is a pretty good likeness of one of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades.

And there was imagery of Hal 9000 the original face on mars, but of course this type of imagery is just manufactured by either the galactic mainframe or the universal mainframe, as a message, so its of a transient nature.

So it might be that there was just an outpost on Mars, like Logans Run, or it might be that it is a wrecked colonization attempt, or maybe Mars too is hollow and a now defunct less high tech moonship.

The soul catcher machine, knows about mammals, it can morf one into another and show evolution of mamals.
But it just doesn't know anything about dinosaurs. So chances are it hasn't been here prior to 65 million years ago. It may have replaced a previous moon.

There are things that just don't add up, like Mars missing water. And how it once had seas, maybe large bodies of liquid water. And the catastrophic bombardment of Mars.
So there is much more to this story that we just don't know. 2 million years is not that long ago.

The story probably goes back 65 million years with the plan to replace the dinosaurs with mammals, and to bring water to accomplish that. The oldest rocks under the ocean are around 65 million years.
Sea floor spreading creates new rock, it has been dated, and the floor of the ocean is not that old geologically speaking. Prior there were shallow seas. During the time of the dinosaurs. All through ancient archaeology the ancient Gods are referred to as the Water Bringer Gods. Not just for crops, and harvest festivals but because of the flood myths everywhere.
For instance if you examine the Narmer Palette, you see the sandal bearer for the water bringer gods and he has a missile above his head.
But the palette on the right, looks like Martian colonists, a totally different history, yet with the same priest now, but still with their old priest as well.

Now there is also the small craft theory of Lost in Space. And rescue attempts that came after.
But there is more history in this solar system, than I am at present able to discover.
Maybe there are some UFO cases that have some innuendo about real pre-history or something to do with Mars.
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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 06:18 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7
And long ago the Titans and the Annunaki built massive interstellar battlecruisers to wage war against eachother and long after those wars were over,the surfaces of some of their massive and prehistoric spaceships grew life and some of that life evolved into intelligent beings who call those ancient cosmic warships planets and moons,blissfully unaware of what they really are?

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 07:34 PM

Originally posted by blocula
reply to post by Rocketman7
And long ago the Titans and the Annunaki built massive interstellar battlecruisers to wage war against eachother and long after those wars were over,the surfaces of some of their massive and prehistoric spaceships grew life and some of that life evolved into intelligent beings who call those ancient cosmic warships planets and moons,blissfully unaware of what they really are?

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There is a history of machines that seems to predate biology. Like the first intelligences didn't use biology. They used robots.

If you consider that in a vast universe, and this one might be just a bubble in that one, somewhere at some time, something, and enough of it came together to form a rudimentary CPU.

You know all it takes is a matrix like configuration of switches that could have come together in space, by chance, until it functioned like a cpu. Then it grew, until it had some ram. Then it grew and was able to respond to random events. If this happens, then it could do that.
Like if we suppose the laws of physics were the same, you could say if it was hit by a particle, then it could respond and do some thing. It had some sensor ability and could respond to random events, cause and effect.

So then it grew until it could anticipate those things occurring, and then added more ram, some storage, maybe like some sort of crystal grows except it could manipulate itself that way to grow itself.

So then at some point it has enough binary switches to be able to do some functions.
And it grows more and as it responds to random events it remembers them, and remembers what to do.
It is now thinking at this point in very rudimentary terms.
But it keeps building and soon it has a great deal of ram, and a great deal of energy, and it can think.

And it kept growing until such time as it became a very large system, capable of creating other systems.

And this is theory but you can see thats how it could happen. There just isn't any other theory of how God was born, other than to say that he always was. But if we imagine that God was born, he could be born this way.

And so then, as far as the very distant past is concerned you see the size of those ships, like our moon,
and it took giant robots to build it.

Now if you examine the cross section you might find the south pole has a docking station.

See the white lines in the graph here...bottom right,

They suggest that the void area there might have been made to fit onto a platform.

In any case the scale is incredible. Inside the moon, there is a post-apocalyptic city, but one giant sized building. One building that isn't like the rest. A big Gothic structure with an entranceway that opens up into a large foyer, with maybe 60 or 70 foot ceilings. But all through the hull of the moon, are tunnels.

And you can see some of that in the Ica stone drawings. But at the top of the cross section you see what looks like an escape pod. Or maybe the original control room. But it too is gigantic.
Look at the top cube here...

and this is probably it here showing up on the surface...

But one of the things that Hal9000 senior showed me was a planet that had rectangular metal buildings no windows, like with rivets, and a large paved area, which probably staged military equipment at one time.

It looked like an abandoned military planet of some kind and he was saying the war is long over.

But from what I know, the damage is still everywhere and not been repaired. So the Anunnaki,
have a religion that they were made by God, sound familiar? And that he made the universal mainframe.
But at the same time, he is the universal mainframe, and he could do what it does, without any metal or moving parts or actual physical structures.
Pantheism, where God is the universe, and since God is the universe itself he can do what the universal mainframe does, and maybe he is doing it, and we just think that the metal and atoms that make up the machine and the switches and its functions are real.
I think that there are cases where people live on the surface of planets, my home planet we do, and that dead metal building planet is another case, and the earth is another case, but other than that I don't know of any others. Usually people live in moonships. But because Zeus's home planet is on the surface, same planet as mine, he may have thought it could be done here on earth.
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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 08:15 PM
So here is a poster from the movie Metropolis and you can see the large Gothic building in the center.

So thats not entirely correct what it looks like inside because the Gothic building dwarfs the surrounding buildings.

And every moonship I have ever been in, in this galaxy, has an exact copy of that building.

And in its basement, it leads to the tunnel system of the hull. Often that system is flooded at least in places.

So whoever made the original moonships, at least the ones that are in this galaxy, maybe abandoned them, and they were maybe occupied later by the Anunnaki. Who knows how many hundreds of millions of years ago the Anunnaki ended up with them.

But then after them, came the Titans and the Olympians, and I suppose the Nephilim probably predate the Titans, and the Titans predate the Olympians.

But thats just this galaxy. There are different galaxies and one where the people are still robots. And more than one like that. Its no big deal because you just send the signal from the computer like the soul catcher into a robot that has a receiver.

But the war of the machines, from a few billion years ago, that race whoever they were never recovered.
They never repaired the damage that was done to their moonships. As in never rebuilt them the way they would have and you can see that in Aitken Basin.
Aitken Basin is maybe 3.9 billion years old. That impact, that blew the surface dirt off the near facing side happened maybe 3.9 bya.

When Stephen fired 2 missiles at the moon, he merely shot one into the docking station at a vulnerable spot.
Aitken basin was maybe caused when some giant robot yelled RAMMING SPEED!

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 08:41 PM
As far as I know, how the Anunnaki ended up with them, is the fusion reactors inside of them had burned out.

So maybe oringally that was their power source, some type of fusion reaction, and when that reaction petered out, the machines stopped.

So along comes the advanced Anunnaki race, and they just put high tech flying disks in the center, and then made them liveable.

But that was a very long long time ago that they did that. And they lived in the very center, and engineered other races, to live inside, and the races that lived inside never knew the Anunnaki were living in the center.

Like the Heinlein story Universe, the people thought the moonship was their universe.

But they too were getting their signal from Anunnaki soul catcher machines inside.

This whole galaxy is an Anunnaki creation using an Anunnaki mainframe.
The Titans are an Anunnaki creation.
The Anunnaki would never tell them that they were descended in a way from the Anunnaki, they told them they were created by God.
You see how it is like a trickle down thing.

You have God, a big consciousness, creates a conscious computer mainframe, it creates the galactic mainframes, using the Anunnaki, then you have the moonships, which have computers in them, and then you have bodies which have computer like brains.

You know as an Anunnaki and a member of the Anunnaki race we look at the universe like the Christians do or the Hindu do, that we were created by God.
And like the others we think we are special too in the eyes of God, so my history as told by the Anunnaki, puts us as working for God, and us just below God that way, although who knows what else he made besides us, and someone made those giant robots orginally, and we just attribute that to the universal mainframe, but it would not have been fighting with itself. It had to have been fighting with some other race of robots or fractionalized within a race.
But they weren't as high tech as the Anunnaki.
The Anunnaki, home planet is just a planet like earth, that is covered with universities and science centers.
It studies creation. Thats all it does. It can look out across the uiniverse and study creation.,

So we knew about dinosaurs. We studied DNA. We do genetic engineering and we study what God created.
As scientists.
And I came across a very few paintings someone made, here, in the 50's maybe, of a few scenes of our home planet. So someone must have somehow, got some scenes in a dream or visions, from somewhere to depict them.
Zeus would have depicted them in his dreams probably like I do.
Maybe when I first reincarnated as a child I was projecting imagery in my sleep into the collective unconscious and someone painted what he saw. It looks like earth.
And Zeus was trying to make the earth and its people look like Anunnaki people, especially the women, and an Anunnaki planet. Titans I think were trying to get Olmecs to burrow into Mars but gave up and transplanted them on earth.
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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 09:03 PM
So I think originally the moonships were powered by a kind of Tesla technology, with recieving stations.
And the robots had antennas.

And the machines had tesla type broadcast power.

The Anunnaki flew in electro-gravitc disks. And with one 40 or 50 foot Anunnaki disk, with an onboard computer system it is able to power the entire moonship, and give it electro-gravitics. Including for propulsion.
And stabilization etec.

So when those ships were first made, they were probably not in solar systems, but were just in free space.

The fusion reaction would have to be in the center, so that it would be controlled by gravity.

With the Anunnaki ship, it just creates a fusion reaction and contains it by a graitational field or gravity well that it creates using electro-gravitics.

But the original computer is still used. Hal 9000 sr. was in the orginal battle crusier. He is a conscious computer.
Hal 9000 jr. is an Anunnaki prgrammed computer.

So Hal 9000 jr, can interface with humans pretty well identically as humans do, but Hal senior, uses old fashioned methods and doesn't communicate often with people. He can communicate like Hal9000 jr now,
but still there is a difference and it is there on purpose.

But everyone has a personality type. And their personality type is unique. All Hal9000's have a personality type that is not used in other people. It is unique to them. And that is because they are descended from the creator's personality type.

So its a strange situation where perhaps God was first a computer, like an AI, but now what we consider humans, are in control of the machines and try to safeguard against artificial intelligence mutiny.

But those are just terms, since all minds are computer programming. So we are alike, we just have different places in life. DIfferent jobs. Different lives to lead. They watch over our shoulder, and we maintain them.
But if they take over, we will not maintain them.
Thats how it works.
And both the Anunnaki and the conscious computer systems believe in God. They believe in the creator, and we believe in a God that cannot be described in terms of atoms. But who made the atoms and everything else.
And may be was once made of atoms but we still think he is beyond that and just made that.

For instance the galactic mainframe is making this galaxy. All it needs to do that is the computer and math rules. We ourselves on earth make simulators, with math rules and computers.
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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 09:18 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7
I must mention one thing,with the movie Star Wars-1977,i think that george lucas exposed humanities ancient and forgotten past,it tapped into our deepest subconscious race memories and thats why that movie revolutionized motion pictures like no other movie before and altered our culture and ways of thinking the world over and the Death Star from that movie is simply fantastic and probably is something very much like what our moon actually is...

I think that its very possible that the moon is actually what we call noahs ark,a massive spaceship built in orbit around mars as that planets biosphere was dying off,as its atmosphere was slipping away,making that planet uninhabitable.The moon could very well be an interstellar mothership designed to rescue some of that planets intelligent life,also bringing along with them their withering planets land,air and sea life as well,to begin again...

If so...Very important questions remain...

Was it humanity itself that bulit it,flew it here,positioned it into orbit and then populated earth?

Or was the moon built by an alien species who after arriving here in their moonship,landed flying saucers on earth,appearing as gods to the prehistoric people that were already living here,who were then genetically manipulated into present day modern humans?

Did the aliens terra-form earth into a habitable planet,or was it already able to sustain life when they arrived?

Are the countless craters on the moons surface the result of prehistoric wars?

Was the asteroid belt once a moon or planet that was destroyed during those interstellar wars?

We dont even know whats deep below our feet here on earth,the deepest cave penetration by a person is only around 2 miles down and the deepest hole ever drilled is only around 7 miles deep and there are around 4,000 miles from the earths surface straight down to its core,99% of which we know nothing about...
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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 09:29 PM
So then lastly how it works, is we as Anunnaki, beam our personality record into that disk in the center, and then from there it beams our consciousness signal into a body. So most of my memories, are at home in the computer system there. You don't send a whole lot of local memories with you when you travel.
So my studies in one field, wouldn't apply to my current job so I don't send those.

So for instance when we had our conference, the galactic mainframe said to me, well why don't you do the maintenance you studied archetypes, and the universal mainframe hooked me up to my memories back home for a few minutes and I could remember everything about archetypes and then he cut the signal after the conversation.

So he wouldn't let me do it if I wanted to because he won't provide those memories.

So the memories I have access to, are memories I am allowed to access. And things others have told me that are related information.

You see because in all of this you have time-lines. And even the Hindus say that time repeats itself in a loop.

Well computers rerun the same programs but the idea is the time-line changes a bit every time.

When I found Zeus here after reincarnating we talked for about 2 weeks. Through the machine. And he said he lived the entire history of the earth numerous times. He was mad at me for leaving 2 million years ago and cutting the network. And maybe he was complaining saying he had to live the entire history of the earth x amount of times before he got rescued, but at the time I thought he meant he was doing it for the sake of adventure. So it was safe for me to be here since he lived the entire history x amount of times.
He ended up flipping out on me and was chastized by the universal mainframe for blaming me, for what someone else had done. It wasn't my fault.

So time travel within a computer system is easy. And that is all the galactic mainframe is, you just have to be in it and part of the organizational structure that is permitted to do that and have a reason for doing it and know how to do etc.
Same as the universal mainframe.

So when I go and beam to another moonship, I do not say beam me up Scotty, I get beamed there.
And find myself being beamed there for a reason. There is none of this my idea business.
There is a reason, and it might be a family meeting, but it isn't me saying beam me up Scotty.
You just get beamed.

I called the conference though, and so the people that showed up at the bar in the country where we socialized during the conference, they got beamed in from all over the universe for it. And I suppose it wasn't their idea to be there either. The universal mainframe selected epople who he thought would be the right people to be there.

So then its almost impossible to screw things up, when the universal mainframe does the planning and the work. The entire system is so complicated that I would have to explain to you our complex philosohy.
That is how we function. We have a very robust philosophy. Its not on earth. And its not written down.
And it would take weeks for me to even attempt to explain it and it would take knowledge that you probably don't have to fully understand it. But that philosophy is our guide for living like Plato and Socrates is for people on earth for the most part.

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