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Job Quest...A Sci Fi Adventure

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posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 05:58 PM
I once had a dream of moving to Florida and becoming an Animator/storyboard writer...this was my Introduction.

Soon found out that it is not an easy world to break into, and I then got a job in the Air Conditioning biz where I still am today.

The sheer talent of those in the industry...deserve all the respect. Of course when you are in the industry, you never get the real chance to do a complete production like this by yourself, and instead assigned to a specific, Shadows, or characters, reflections or backgrounds.

It was fun doing the whole enchilada, from the storyboard to the sound mixing, and even the music creation.

If you took the time to see the whole short film 12 mins of your time...I thank you in advance, for it took 5 months of my life to complete.

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