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Are you surpressing yourself?

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posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 08:02 PM
I read a lot about free energy, here and on other forums. Does it exist? Well at least not in main stream media or knowledge.

We had a few claimers, and some had real merit, but somehow they died, disappeared, got jailed, declared lunatics or else.And ofcourse some are lunatics ;-)

Do I believe it exists? I think there are smarter ways to produce energy as burning oil.
My main inspiration comes from people like Edward Leedskalin and Nicolai Tesla a.o.

I tried a few things already, not because I think I'm smart, just because of the fun, the open mind...and ... you never know how a cow catches a rabbit ; -) I'm not claiming anything, or being a scientist, and there is a lot wrong with my experiments.... But at least I do more then just complain.

I started out with Besslar, the perputeum mobile.. No luck of course, although rumor has it "Sjack Abeling" of the Netherlands had a recent working model capable of powering power plants, but got suppressed ( You did not her that from me). I never came further as some simulations, and demolishing some of the toys of my kids Here is one of my designs:

Most fun is with HHO producing and analyzing, Fun, Fun Fun ! Explosions, Fire, Power, Smiles! (and a hole in my ceiling, a temporary hearing problem) Some of my tests:

In-ex- plosion test:

Some fun, filling a balloon with HHO explosions:

Anyway.. not going to bore you guys with all of my experiments.

Right now I'm trying to get more efficient heating, there are some claims in this field of research exceeding COP !!
So I couldn't resist.. Again: Not claiming anything, just doing something!

So I tried some different setups:

Lets heat one liter of water 92 degrees Celsius in 70 seconds.

Or some instant boiling:

The key is in the kWh ofcourse, so far if been dancing around! COP 1

My whole point is (besides showing the embarrassing state of my experiments) :

Who on ATS is actually experimenting themselves, and if yes, what are you doing and show it! Who is actually ignoring pre-chewed fairytales and tries something, against the odds! And dares to share?

P.S. The only real invention is an open source invention!

posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 08:41 PM
What do you think Leedskalin used to move those coral rocks? I think it was sound. Unless he exposed himself to gamma rays and could turn into the Hulk.
Have you done any experiments with sound? I think acoustic levitation is the actual name.

**warning** Very annoying sounds with this video.

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posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 08:52 PM
reply to post by superman2012

I tried some HHO generation with sound, or better resonance.
Sound is just a name given to a certain resonance we receive as "sound" imho

I tried creating HHO with the use of Zinc-oxyde crystals, while vibrating them at a certain frequency, but that went over my head ;-) Also using sound to tune some of my equipment, to find the resonating frequency of an object.
Again.. just a little hands on fun. No Nobel price, for what that is still worth ;-)

I think Leedskalin did find a way to "magnetize" But not magnetism as we know it, I think he could create opposite forces ( like North - South) on demand in objects, making them repel. as in "floating" temporarily.

Bringing them in another state, resonating... on another level.

Still following? I'm not ;-)

posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 08:53 PM

Originally posted by EartOccupant

Here is one of my designs:

I simply love how the heart of the machine
is a shape just like the Star Trek symbol.

On the subject of perpetual motion.
Newton already defined it when he was developing Physics.

Gravity: "Whither y^e rays of gravity may bee stopped by reflecting or refracting y^m, if so a perpetuall motion may bee made one of these ways." - Newton

From Newton's notebook, page 179
Cambrige: Sir Issac Netwon's notebook online

David Grouchy

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posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 09:14 PM
reply to post by davidgrouchy

Newton was a lot! And one of these things was him being a clever guy ;-)

Gravity is a tricky one.. A force down? Other things going up? Buoyancy ? Are we just like free floating plasma surfing a globe?

Of the physical forces, myself I think the Centrifugal force has interesting potential,could be harnessed with rotating fluid.

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posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 04:14 AM
I guess not many experimenters around here. Or not willing to tell.

I think one of the powers off the internet is that we the people know a lot when we unite. With the knowledge of everyone combined in the open, so there is not a single person to stop, suppress or whatever.

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 04:59 AM

"Danny Boy, you are not going to patent the gadget. what would it get you? Seventeen years at the most . . . and no years at all in three fourths of the world. If you did patent or try to, Edison, and P. G. and E., and Standard would tie you up with injunctions and law suits and claimed infringements and I don't know what all. But you said yourself that you could put one of your gadgets in a room with the best research team G.A. has to offer and the best they could do would be to melt it down and [color=gold] the worst would be that they would blow themselves up. You said that. Did you mean it?"
"Certainly. If they don't know how I insert the -"
"Hush! I don't want to know. And walls have ears. We don't make any fancy announcements; we simply start manufacturing. Wherever power is cheapest today. Where is that?"

-Friday, Robert A. Heinlein

I have always thought that this was something to consider out of all the options available to someone who did invent a better power source. In the novel the quote above is represented as an actual audio recording played decades later during a big in house battle between factions of the Company this man started. Being the biggest company in the world by that time.

So remember, just figuring out how to make it or even wanting too, also makes one responsible to contemplate the consequences. If not just to avoid outright disaster, and develope some precautionary measures before proceeding, but to also have active relationships with the local authorities and rescue personnel. And if nothing else, then to at least see if there isn't a way to repair damage to society by introducing the gadget instead of fracturing society irreparably.

But be carefull.
Inventing perpetual motion could also be inventing a major detonation.

David Grouchy

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