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My Quickie Potion Guide for Skyrim

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posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 05:04 PM
I always keep this handy, so I can make some of the more useful potions.
Thought I'd share.

Chaurus Eggs + Nirnroot (or Vampire Dust or Luna Moth Wing or Ice Wraith Teeth or Crimson Nirnroot) = Invisibility

Namira’s Rot + Spider Eggs = Fortify Lockpicking

Wheat + Rock Warbler Egg (or Blisterwort or Blue Mountain Flower or Daedra Heart) = Restore Health

Fly Aminita + Snowberries = Resist Fire

Snowberries + Thistle Branch (or Moon Sugar) = Resist Frost

Tundra Cotton + Bleeding Crown = Resist Magic

Troll Fat + Void Salts (or Nightshade or Deathbell or Ectoplasm or Falmer Ear or Jarrin Root) = Damage Health

Human Flesh + Swamp Fungal Pod (or Imp Stool or Canis Root or Briar Heart) = Paralysis

Spider Egg + Juniper Berries (or Elf’s Ear) = Fortify Marksman

Charred Skeever Hide + Mudcrab Chitin (or Hawk Feather) = Cure Disease

Chicken’s Egg + Nordic Barnacle (or Hist Carp) = Water Breathing

Skeever Tail + Sabre Cat Eye (or Cyrodillic Spadetail or Giant Lichen or Jazbay Grapes or Silverside Perch) = Ravage Health

Abecian Longfin + Beehive Husk (or Frost Mirriam or Powdered Mammoth Tusk or Purple Mountain Flower) = Fortify Sneak

Glowdust + Glowing Mushroom (or Pearl or Pine Thrush Eggs or Snowberries) = Resist Shock

Salt Pile + Deathbell (or Large Antlers or River Betty) = Slow

Creep Cluster + Giant’s Toe (or Hawk’s Beak or River Betty or Scaly Pholiota) = Fortify Carry Weight

Dragon’s Tongue + Fly Aminita (or Bone Meal or Fire Salts or Mud Crab Chitin or Snowberries or Elves Ear) = Resist Fire

Dragon’s Tongue + Tundra Cotton (or Hagraven’s Claw) = Fortify Barter

posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 05:13 PM
reply to post by Gazrok

in real life i tried to breathe underwater after i mixed a chicken egg and a nordic barnacle , in the end i had jaundice.

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